Batsi Harbour on Andros Island in Greece

Greek Island Holiday, Beach Guides, Walks and Photos.

Megalo Seiothani Beach on Samos. Crete fishing boats at Agia Galini - Greece.

There are rather a lot of Islands to chose from if considering a holiday out on the beautiful Greek Islands and it's surprising just how different each of them can be.

No matter which Greek Island you chose to go too for your holiday you can expect to be greeted by friendly local islanders. Offering good food and wine, Greek tavernas are often situated along the fishing boat harbours or beaches and it's easy to spend relaxing evenings in them.
In addition you will find scenic countryside often with stone walled moni-paths, hillside villages with narrow quiet lanes and alleys, numerous churches and lots of monasteries where you are usually welcome to look around and particularly on the smaller islands quite likely to be invited to sit down and have an ouzo or a coffee. There are many Archaeological sites dating back centuries and castles which date back to the Knights of St. John to be found on islands such as Crete, Thassos, Kos and Rhodes.
If you are into looking at windmills and towers then islands such as Symi, Patmos, Paros, Naxos and Santorini have a good selection to enjoy. There is something to suit everyone on a Greek Island Holiday - not of course forgetting the beautiful Greek beaches - noisy ones as well as remote deserted beaches - plus of course that excellent summer holiday sunshine.!
The above photos are Agia Galini on Crete early in the season hence the beautiful clouds and Megalo Seiothani Beach on Samos.

The following shows the main Greek Islands covered - generally each Island item has links to related pages about walks, beaches, holiday guides and so on.

Dikeos Church of Christ up the top of Mount Dikeos on Kos. Aghia Triadha on the Greek Island of Sikinos. Symi Beaches - Vasilios Beach overlooked by a small church. Small church on Vitali Beach - Andros Greece.
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