A stone bridge on the Beautiful Greek Island of Andros.

A walk to Achia Beach on Andros Greece.

A really scenic circular walk on Andros Island which goes through beautiful countryside down to Achia Beach.

Determined to somehow walk to Achia Beach we discovered a track part of which is not shown on the maps - this allowed us to visit the beach and then walk some of the moni path back towards the Moni. Ay. Nikolaou. The road from Vourkoti passes the Monastery and then continues round a sharp bend - a track goes off to the aerial masts right on this bend - but then a little way further along the main road another track leaves it from the left - park here.
Gria Cape - Andros, Greece Platanos Cape, Andros, Greece. Walk on down the track heading towards the coast - ignore a track going off to the right (this fork goes down to Platanos Cape) - and again ignore a right hand track further along which goes to nowhere in particular. Shortly after this, with the church of Panaghia which is situated on a rock in the sea now in view - take a track off to the right and almost immediately go left staying on the lower very rough track. This track goes round the side of the hills and eventually becomes a dead end - the views of the rocks in the sea below are really good just here and obviously a haven for birds - also you can now see Achia beach to the left and below you plus a lighthouse on the cliffs (Gria Cape) above the beach.
Distant view of Achia Beach on Andros, Greece. Freshwater small lake at Achia Beach, Andros, Greece Stream arriving at Achia Beach on Andros in Greece. A tiny church right on Achia Beach, Andros, Greece.
Somewhat wrecked stone walls along a nice path on Andros, Greece A Greek goat watching over his goat's path on- Andros, Greece Goats path leaving Achia Beach, Andros, Greece A goats path goes straight on from the end of the track but note this is very thorny and quite indistinct in places. With care - especially keep away from the cliff edges - make your way down to the small church at the end of the beach - and then scramble down onto Achia beach. This is a lovely beach - it has freshwater streams coming into it and a large freshwater lake situated just on its edge. There are reeds and so on round the edge of the lake and loads of birds, freshwater fish and everything - a great place to have a picnic. From here the moni-path starts by the church and heads inland with a steam on your right - this path is quite walkable and in spring it's full of wild flowers with bees and butterflies etc. everywhere around you. Stay on this moni path until it appears to come to an end in a grassy area with a ruined building on the right, ignore a farm track on the left but go through the gate next to it to continue on the moni path - this winds round until it comes to a track (please read this note). Go left on this track and almost immediately go through a gate and then continue along ignoring any side tracks to arrive at another gate.Continue on through this gate and follow the track as it climbs gently out of the valley. Having walked on the track through the hills you eventually re-join your original track and can therefore continue back along it to where you started the walk.

Out to Vourkoti and Back - a there and back attempted walk for another way to Achia on Andros Greece.

Walking through Vourkoti Village on Andros Island. We wanted to do this Andros walk on the moni-path from Vourkoti via M. Ay. Nikolaou to Achia beach which is shown on the map but this was actually impossible to undertake as the walls have collapsed in and also the thorns and other foliage are too thick. (The local villagers in Vourkoti were also insistent that the moni-path was un-walkable). We decided however to walk the track from the end of Vourkoti village heading down the left side of the valley towards Achia in the hope we could do a "scramble" to try and pick up the moni-path further down, However in fact the track becomes a dead end and there was no way we could see of getting to the M. Ay. Nikolaou or to Achia from it. We could see the Vourkoti end of the moni-path from this track and it was truly collapsed and obviously infested with thistles and thorns etc. (see the Achia walk above for an alternative walk to the beach.)
Vourkoti Village i Andros, Greece. Along the valley outside of Vourkoti - Andros, Greece. An Andros Greece snake - a small viper. A green walking track at Vourkoti - Andros, Greece
Beautiful rocks and scenery outside of Vourkoti,- Andros, Greece Looking down into the valley at Vourkoti - Andros, Greece Park beside the road near the bus stop**** which is located above the village and quite near the village church - there is a spring here and steps lead down into the houses. The way through the village is marked with arrows and these will take you on down to the start of the track.We saw a couple of snakes on the way including a quite unconcerned viper which kindly posed to let us take a photograph - also the usual loads of small lizards as well as hunting and other birds. As mentioned, this is just a case of staying on the track and going until it ends a while down the valley - this is a quite pleasant walk with good views of the countryside and eventually M. Ay. Nikolaou and Achia beach appear tantalizingly not so far away in the distance. ****Incidentally On the opposite side of the road a moni-path leaves going steeply upwards - this is the route if you wish to walk up to the highest point on this Greek Island.
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