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A Walk to Agiassos on Lesbos Island in Greece.

Lesvos broad tree-lined walking track going to Agiassos, Greece Lesvos Greece and the  Roman Aqueduct.

Lesbos Greek Island one way walk which starts outside of Lambou Myli, passes by an old Roman Aqueduct, continues via Karini and then on to Agiassos.

This 17km Lesbos walk starts at a parking area on the main Mytilini - Kalloni road just outside Lambou Myli. From Lambou Myli and going towards Kalloni after around 3.7 KMs look out for a gravel parking area on the left in trees - there is a sign marking the track to the aqueduct. This walk is one way - i.e. you walk to Agiassos and then need to take a taxi back to the start point.
Set off down the track which descends gently through the forest with the valley to the left getting increasingly lower - around 2.75kms along reach the remains of the Roman aqueduct visible through the trees and below on the left. There are several steep paths leaving from here which you can use to get right down to the valley floor if you wish. Continue along the track which bends round to the left and then right to finally reach a track junction. Leave the main track here and take the track on the left - this quite muddy track goes round a farm, through a gate, then passes a small white church on the left to reach another gate. Turn right and walk along this walled track which winds through olive groves until it reaches a river. Go left a few metres and then cross the river via a bridge.
Once over the bridge go right and follow the path which climbs up through olive groves - near the top the path is concreted. At the top of the rise meet a track junction - straight on goes to Karini but first for a diversion. Turn right and follow the track down through more olive trees - this then flattens out with lots of terraced walls etc. - about a kilometre from the junction the path leaves the olive groves and meets a junction by a small stone bridge on the right.
A pleasant small stream on Lesbos, Greece Walking Tracks on Lesbos, Greece. Don't cross the bridge but instead stay on the main track which climbs up now with the stream below on the right. Around a kilometre from the bridge reach a track junction - there are two narrow tracks almost together on the right - take the second of these - now follow this down and then along with the rocky stream very close by on the right - a really nice walk through woodland. Cross a low concrete bridge to eventually arrive at where the stream crosses the track - this is about 1.5 KMs from the previous junction.
The way ahead had been blocked with trees and since the water flow was quite high we ended our diversion here. The only reason we went along here was because it looked a nice area and we are nosey.
Lesbos Olive Groves alongisde the  track, Greece. small stone bridge on Lesvos, Greece. Lesvos sheep hiding from the Sun, Greece. cool shady spot on Lesvos, Greece.
Walk back to the track junction and then back to the bridge and then back to the Karini track junction. Turn right - this goes initially steeply up hill and then wanders down into Karini. Karini is a very shaded area with a taverna, a stream and also a very large but hollow tree which you can walk into and even sit down in since they have chairs inside. You may need the sit down because the next part of the walk up to Agiassos is a climb of around 345 metres or 1120 feet. Cross the road to another much smaller taverna, go left and take a path which leaves the road a few metres along on the right going alongside the walls of the olive oil factory. The path bears slightly right and then turns into perhaps one of the best and most intact cobbled trails we have walked on - the trail has low stone walls and the flowers and fauna growing here were really good in May. The trail just keeps climbing steadily, no flat bits to speak of, until it reaches a main road just over 2kms from the taverna. Cross the road and continue on the cobbled trial opposite - keep going on still up for about another 2 KMs to walk into the top of Agiassos by a derelict oil factory (you can go inside and have a bit of snoop if you wish).
Karini Taverna stream on Lesvos, Greece. Karini mill on Lesbos, Greece. Continue in the same direction to quite soon arrive at the town square - there are seats, shops and tavernas here - quite a busy area. From the square go to the right of the church and take a cobbled street going down all the way to the bottom of the town where there is a large car park, bus stop and taxi rank. Use a taxi from here to take you back to the start point - it is useful therefore to have a map so you can show the driver where you want to be dropped off - our trip cost us 10 Euros and we were treated to a nice bumpy trip across the dirt tracks rather than the road.
cobbled wide hiking path on Lesvos, Greece. Kalderimi (cobbled path) on Lesbos, Greece. Lesvos Cobbled wide path Agiassos Village church on Lesvos, Greece.

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