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A holiday on Alonissos Island Greece offers excellent beaches both deserted and full of amenities, good food and wine for the evenings and lots to do.

This guide is based around a holiday on Alonissos Greece during the last couple of weeks of June i.e. just before the Greek summer holiday season really kicks off and the weather on the Islands is still not too hot for sightseeing and walking. Alonissiso is a really excellent Greek Island with plenty to look at and do - it's easy to take loads of photos there. If you enjoy walking then Alonissos has lots of paths many of which are way marked and also they are mostly clear of heavy undergrowth and thus very useable - also there are an extensive amount of tracks to hike along too.
The beaches on Alonissos are mostly a pebble / sand mix and many are set in beautiful suroundings.
The beaches can quite often involve a bit of a walk and/or climb to visit - some really only accessible by boat in fact - whilst others are only reachable by track or path. With just a little effort you can easily find your own private bit of beach and therefore wear as little or as much as you wish whilst sunbathing.
Chora - AlonissosTourkoneri Bay AlonissosThe sea around Alonissos's coasts is unbelievably clear and very colourful and snorkellers should find it a delightful experience to be in.
There is no airport on the island, just a heliport, so the way most tourist travel to Alonissos is via hydrofoil or ferry usually from Sciathos - it's around a 65 minute trip by hydrofoil. Alonissos's neighbouring holiday island of Skopelos is only around 15 minutes away by hydrofoil but the boats do leave quite early each morning - at time of writing this was at 06:15, 06:45 and 07:15 - then a gap to 11:30.

Alonissos Island Buses and Taxis and Ferries.

Taxis operate out of Patitiri down by the harbour - remember it is essential that your taxi fare is agreed before you go. The bus (only one bus does it all) goes to Chora and in the morning and at time of writing was leaving at 0900, 1015 and hourly until 1515, once the main holiday season is in full swing they operate a service in the evening as well; there were only two trips to Steni Vala leaving at 0945 and then 1445. Above Patitiri Town Alonissos GreeceThese times may well have changed now but do offer an idea of frequency.
Car Hire. (and noisy scooters too I suppose). There is not a great deal of metal road service on the island, the main road goes from Patitiri to the top of the island - Gherakas Bay, from Patitiri to Steni Vala and onto Aghios Dhimitrios, and also from Patitiri to the Old Town Chora. There are other bits of metal surface but basically the rest of the island is accessed by dirt tracks - and although these tracks are shown on the maps as driveable we did walk quite a few of them and the surfaces are not too good - ok maybe for 4-wheel drive but not so good for small cars with low ground clearance. There was little sign that the authorities were skimming the tracks regularly and many showed deep ruts from water damage over the winter period. Car hire easily available from Patitiri where for example we paid 90 Euros for 3 days - but the insurance is not brilliant since best we could find was a 600 Euro excess if the car was damaged or an accident was our fault etc. Scooters were around 12 Euros a day and again there were several hire places in Patitiri. Certainly these prices would have ever increased of course.
Alonissos Snakes, lizards, jellyfish, sea-urchins, bees, wasps and mosquitos. We saw a few whip snakes - sadly several on the road where they had been squashed - but happily we did swerve and avoided the one that crossed in front of our car on one occasion. We saw several more on the tracks and paths doing what snakes do - i.e. dozing in the sunshine - but they quickly slithered off into the undergrowth. We did not see any vipers although we did walk in the more remote, higher parts of the island - nor did we ever see any of the small snakes which are apparently found in the grass and undergrowth and which have an unpleasant bite. We did not see any jellyfish or sea-urchins at all. Mosquitoes were appearing more frequently during our second week on Alonissos and we started getting a few bites around our ankles especially in the evening whilst using the quay side tavernas.
Lizard seen on Alonissos Alonissos flowers Greek Bug - Alonissos Alonissos Bug
Some of Skopelos famous green-eyed bees must have grabbed a free ride over to Alonissos on the ferry since we did see a few of them around but they only nip a little and are not a problem at all and certainly should not be swatted/killed - just ask them politely to go away or something since they are a lovely looking bee. There were a few wasps around and these were a nuisance at times particularly on the beach - they seemed to go for us mostly whilst we were still wet from being in the sea and not bother us once we had dried off somewhat. Also there were "beach-flies" which also seemed keen to have a nibble now and again.

Alonissos - Patitiri Patitiri busy road, Alonissos - Greece.

About several places on Alonissos Greece - Patitiri, Steni Vala, Chora and Rousoum.

Patitiri is the main port on the island and has a quite nice little harbour with lots of shops, tavernas and cafes - and also a pebble beach. One side of the harbour is somewhat spoilt by the new docks which the large ferrys use - this is a large dusty concrete area. The tavernas offer a good selection of food but trying to avoid chips with everything is the usual pain - also and of course related to this (chips) is the lack of vegetables available with your meal, although vegetables are on sale in the shops so freely available to the tavernas should they wish to offer them. As you walk round in the evenings the various taverna owners sometimes approach you to try to get you into their establishments but they are not at all pushy and easily accept a "no thank you".
Rousoum is very close to Patitiri and easily walkable in 10 or 15 minutes - Rousoum has a pebble beach which is quite heavily used by the local islanders especially around late afternoon onwards. It has several tavernas along the front of the beach where it is great to get out of the heat and relax a little with a drink or whatever.
Steni Vala is a small Alonissos town which once again has a quite small pebble beach (although there is a great little beach just a small walk away round the coast which we have described on our walks page). Popular with yacht flotillas quite a few yachts and boats overnight/stay here and the taverna prices reflect this a little.
Votsi is a short walk away from Patitiri - the village has a nice fishing harbour, a small beach and several tavernas.
Chora - Alonissos (the Island's Old Town) Chora is located fairly high up above Patitiri - probably nearly everybody visiting Alonissos Island on holiday will take a trip up here to walk round the narrow streets. These photos were taken around this pictureseque small town and show how nice it is there. The town was badly damaged by earthquake but a lot of rebuilding has and still is being carried out - apparently British and German buyers are busy snapping up the houses and not so many islanders live up here any more. Chora has several tavernas some of which offer really good views of the surrounding hills and countryside. There are morning and evening bus services from Patitiri up to Chora but by far the nicest way to go there is to walk up the moni path - which is a real pleasure since the well-marked path is in an excellent condition and very scenic/pretty.
Chora - Greek Island of Alonissos Alonissos - Chora Chora Old Town - Alonissos Chora - the Old Town on Alonissos

Alonissos Greece Walking and Hiking - with walks to beaches, out in the hills and to gorges easily possible.

Alonissos has a good network of paths many of which are quite well signposted and couple this with an Alonissos map like the Topo 1:25.000 (WGS84) then getting lost should not be an issue - the Topo map is available for sale both on Sciathos and on Alonissos itself. Patitiri streetWhen we placed path and track GPS tracking back onto the Topo map we found nearly all routes to be very accurate apart from the Kastanarema Gorge. You can also get a smaller map which shows many of the paths etc. - Road Edition no.219 ISBN 960-8481-96-1 but this is 1:40.000 and unlike the Topo does not include the path numbers. Various locations and places names (as often happens on Greek Islands) can be spelt quite differentl depending on the map in use so all below are based on the Topo map - also we have sometimes used area names as opposed to place names on our walks because there are no specific places to name. As far as the actual walking areas available - the top of the island has few possibilities with just one tarmac road going up to Gherakas Bay but there are plenty of paths and tracks from Kavakia south (as well as the Kastanarema Gorge to the east). Please see further below for our topics on walks on the island.
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