Alonissos Island Greece - Walking Kastanarema Gorge.

Alonissos Greece Gorge Walk which takes you through the Gorgeous Kastanarema Gorge, down to Strovili and Mourtitsa Beach then winds back uphill to the start.

Kastanarema Gorge Goats on Alonissos, Greece. The only realistic way to walk this beautifull Alonissos gorge is to either take an organised walk or otherwise you need to organise transport to get you too and back from the start and finish. The walk is not at all complicated to follow and only involves one climb of any note, but it is quite hard going walking through the gorge because of the sometimes huge boulders and rocks.
You do really need to wear something decent on your feet for this walk and also definitely need to take plenty of drinks because it gets very hot in that gorge. Also there are several more significant bends etc. on the path through the gorge itself than that indicated by the Topo map so the walk is a little longer than that map makes it appear. It is also worthwhile letting someone know that you are going to be out in the area walking - just in case of some sort of mishap - especially important if intending to walk this gorge on your own.
Take the road from Steni Vala to Aghios Dhmitrios and just as the tarmac road ends park just ahead on the dirt track. Start walking along the track -- it bends left and then sharply right and just when it comes off the bend look for a very faint track going up the bank on the left - there is a yellow path-mark post a little way up (path 11).
The path starts off quite overgrown in places and quite steep too (no vertigo problems) and then changes to a more stony surface as it winds and climbs up to the top of the hill. At the top the path levels off and passes through olive trees and bee hives - to reach a track - cross over the track (another path marker here) and continue on the path as it now winds back down to eventually reach another dirt road. The onward track to go into the gorge is a few metres along on your right [N39°14'03" E023°56'22"] but first walk on over to the well on the left and maybe use the bucket to get at the nice cool water.
Scenic Alonissos Countryside Alonissos - difficult thorny path Alonissos - old stone well Alonissos - a well trough
This area has lots of lizards and there are butterflies flying around everywhere - none of them wanted to pose for photos though. Below are a series of pictures of the fantastic rocks you can see from the gorge area - we took loads whilst walking the gorge.
Alonissos - gorge difficult walking on Kastanarema Gorge Alonissos - heavy boulders  Kastanarema Gorge on Alonissos
Having refreshed yourself at the well go across to the gorge track - it is not an obvious path to start with and is not way-marked - it basically follows the dry river bed - although it starts off going via a more grassy area into olive trees with the river bed on your left. At a fence go left and over the river bed and take a gate on the right - a narrow path lets you now walk back onto the river bed itself. This is now simply a question of following the river bed with it's very heavy rocks and quite difficult walking surface at times - until it eventually widens out as it gets closer to the sea at Strovili.
Alonissos - cliff top Alonissos - Mourtitsa Beach From the beach the path continues a little way above the sea shore but it is a little difficult to find - it is there though so just keep looking. The aim is to reach a path above a hut which is actually visible from the beach but not once you start walking towards it since the area is quite heavily overgrown. When you reach the top fence above the hut (there is a nice tree to sit under with some very welcome shade) go through the fence/gap and walk half right on a path now clearly going across the field - this then brings you onto a much more defined path which is far easier to walk on - and then this path turns into a dirt track. Follow this track back to the start point.
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