Alonissos Island Greece - a Melaghakia Circular Walk out in the Hills.

Melaghakia - Aghios Konstantinos - Aghios Georgios - Melaghakia Walk out in the Alonissos hills on beautiful paths and sometimes streambeds.

Walking along a foliage covered Alonissos track in Greece.Alonissos Island and a beautiful scenic path to walk along.We had to use a car to do this circular walk since no public transport goes this way, although it should be possible to get a taxi to the start and arrange with the driver to pick you up again at a nominated time - the taxi drivers are happy to do this. This Alonissos walk is not strenuous and only has one steep descent (to Aghios Konstantinos) and climb - is mostly on rocky paths and has open areas as well as lots of trees and foliage - and plenty of lizards etc.
Park at Meleghakia [N39°13'46" E023°55'11"] right on the hairpin - there is a large parking area here and a notice board and map (path yellow 13) clearly indicates the start of the path (the path has frequent path markers all along it).
Threshing circle on Alonissos Island in Greece. Alonissos - very rugged and rocky path. Alonissos - rocks everywhere on this walk on the Island. Aghios Konstantinos Church - Alonissos Greece.
The path goes alongside a dry river bed and is actually more of a track than a path to start with - once the dry river bed ends the "track" changes into a proper path and makes it's away down the island towards the church at Aghios Konstantinos. As you walk along you from time to time come into more open field areas (called Lakka) and glades - don't miss looking at the old threshing circles just before Xouna. From Xouna the path goes through more wooded areas and goes into and out of several deep cuts at the bottom of which are old river and stream beds - it really is very pleasant walking through here.
Alonissos Greece and a beautiful ravine.Alonissos Greece and yet another moni path to walk along. The path comes out on top of the cliffs above Aghios Konstantinos - you then have to wind your way steeply down to the church - there is a fireman's seat/roof here which is a good spot for eating lunch or of course you can sit outside the church along with the lizards etc. From the church continue along a dirt track to reach a track junction [N39°12'49" E023°53'33"] - turn left and after a few metres look out for the cobbled path on the left which is the start of path 12 to Aghios Georgios. The path starts off on a quite rocky surface - at a junction go right (path marked 12) via a more grassy area - keep on this grassy path and continue along soon going through woods and then more open areas.
Alonissos Greece shady woodland path. Alonissos - cool fairly shaded path. Aghios Georgios Church on Alonissos Island, Greece. A stock watering hole on Alonissis Island in Greece.
When you eventually get to an open area with a building in front of you the path goes to the right and is lined with high foliage and is pleasure to walk along. The path comes out by a seat and parking area and located down on the left is the tiny little church of Aghios Georgios. From the car park turn left on the main road and follow it back (fortunately downhill most of the way) to the original starting point. (look out on the right for a very large pond or livestock watering hole maybe ? which might well have loads of birds messing about on and around it).
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