Alonissos Island Greece - a Remata Circular Walk.

Alonissos circular walk in the Remata area starting at Meghalo Chorafi which goes to Aghalou Laka Beach and back.

You either need to have a car for this Alonissos Walk or you can get a taxi to drop you and pre-arrange a pick up time. Take the main road out of Patitiri heading up island and just before the junction to Steni Vala where the road bends a track goes off on the left to Meghalo Chorafi - there is a small parking area and also a path marker board - this area is called Remata and is where the walk starts.
Meghalo Chorafi, Alonissos - excellent tree-lined path. Follow the tree-lined dirt road to reach a junction after around 0.6km, turn left and continue on the main track as it climbs up to eventually reach a 3 way track junction - here take the track to the right. Keep going until you get to an open area which is Meghalo Chorafi - there are quite a few tracks and paths marked here - it's sort of like a path-spaghetti junction. Take the furthest path away on the left marked Yellow 7 - take this stony path and follow it as it descends through Toufoto Pournari with views of the coast and the Islet of Stavros. Wind your way on down through the olive groves to reach a main dirt road - turn right here and follow this road as it winds round the coast.
Alonissos Greece view of the coast  near Aghalou Laka. Alonissos Alonissos Greece coastline around Aghalou Laka Beach. The deserted Aghalou Laka Beach on Alonissos Island in Greece.
As the track heads inland you can see Aghalou Laka beach down below you. Look out for a map board with path 14 marked on a bend - this will be your return route - but first continue on the track passing a house and immediately take a small track on the left which goes down through olive trees to reach the beach at Aghalou Laka. This small stony beach was really clean - the water crystal clear and ideal for snorkelling - there are no facilities here - little shade on the beach but plenty under the olive trees.
Return to the main track, turn right and go back to the previously noted path 14 board and take this path via a gate and olive trees to another gate. (This becomes quite a hard climb out from the beach - don't believe the 45 minutes mentioned on the path board - what with the sometimes very stony path surface coupled with the heat and then the sometimes very steep path this was quite a difficult climb out back to Meghalo Chorafi).
The tiny pebble beach at Aghalou Laka, near Remata, Alonissos, Greece. Alonissos Greece path going through livestock gates The path is in fact a dry river bed and winds through olive groves and stone walls which you have to zig-zag to pass - when the path comes to the end of the stone walls continue in the same direction climbing out on the now quite narrow path on the left side of the gorge. As the path nears the top it makes a sharp turn to the right - at last the path is marked again - and although still a very stony surface does start to level out a bit - eventually reaching a water cistern and a track, turn right and very soon you are back at spaghetti junction. Turn left and follow the original inbound track mostly downhill - ignore the two tracks on the right and at the next junction go right to return to the start point.
Countryside walks Alonissos Greece. Alonissos Greece walking in the hills through the trees. Alonissos Greece and a difficult path underfoot on the way back to Remata. Rock strewn path on Alonissos Greece.
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