Lesbos Greece Walks and Photos

An Anaxos Circular Walk on Lesbos, Greece.

This is a simple walk going from Anaxos out to Skoutaros and back - including a short section of old walled kalderimi to walk on.

From the Anaxos seafront take the tarmac road which goes inland between tavernas and soon pass the Anaxos Hotel on the left. Follow the road as it turns sharp right and goes up to meet the main road by Billy's bike/car rental. Turn right along the main road passing a small church on the right and a bus stop opposite. From here take the second track on the right which is marked "Ambelia". Stay on this main track - after crossing a stream the track bears right and rises up to meet a t-junction signed Ambelia, Skoutaros and Anaxos. Note a rocky path opposite which will be used later on the walk. For now turn right on the track and simply follow it on down to the church and the stony beach at Ambelia (where there is a small taverna).
A church just outside of Anaxos, Lesbos Greece.Lesvos small stream to walk beside near Ambelia.Lesbos and it's beautiful countryside.Ambelia pebble Beach on Lesvos, Greece.
Rising rocky path near Ambelia on Lesvos Greece.Walled and tree-lined path on Lesbos in Greece.Megali Tsikhranda beach on Lesvos, Greece. Approachin Megali Tsikhranda on Lesbos in Greece.
Return back up the track and at the junction take the fore-mentioned rocky path leaving on the right. This path is a little difficult to walk due to the rocky surface initially but soon becomes a lot easier - on reaching some large pale coloured rocks go right and follow the now narrow dirt path until you come to another rocky area on the right. Here bear slightly left by the remnants of a wall and climb gradually up over a very rocky area keeping to the main path - this then flattens as it continues between stone walls and eventually arrives on a dirt track with a farm barn on the right. Ignore the track on the left and continue straight ahead on the track which winds down to reach Megali Tsikhranda - another heavily pebbled beach with lots of seaweed. Skoutaros Churchand clocktower -  Lesvos, Greece. There is small church on the right ideal for stopping for a drink and a short rest - to the left of the beach there is a taverna but note you may have to paddle over a stream to reach this and this may be awkward if the tide is in.
To continue, return up the track and then back along the path all the way to the signed junction - this time turn right and head towards Skoutaros on the track. This nice track has particularly good views to the left as it goes through the countryside, then finally climbs steeply to pass a church on the right and then arrives at the main road by the old olive factory. Continue on the road opposite - shortly take narrow steps on the left which soon widen and bring you into the village square where there are several small tavernas/cafes and the village church. Go left to pass the church and then right up the narrow street - turn right again onto a cobbled street by house no274 then simply continue on through the houses - as you reach the end of the village take the clearly obvious steep path leading up to the wooded cemetery. This is a worth while diversion since you get great views and it is heavily wooded so you get a nice "cooling down" opportunity as well.
Nicely paved walled path to walk along on Lesbos. Lesvos countryside Beautiful Lesvos countryside near Skoutaros, Greece. Just outside Skoutaros Town on Lesvos, Greece.
Return back to the square, keeping the church on your left pass a yellow post box also on your left and at the t-junction turn right by a small shop. Take the next left and continue down to the main road. Turn right and follow the main road - passing a bus shelter, continue on round several bends and as the road crosses a stream bed and bears left look for a path on the right. Take this initially rocky path as it zig-zags upwards, goes through a small pine woods and then crosses a levada.
narrow path LesvosLesvos old Levadas - Greece. Just after the levada the path bears left and soon becomes a dirt track - continue on this main track ignoring a track going up on the right and also another track on the left. The track runs almost parallel with the main road and then swings inland - when it appears to end it actually turns left to cross a stream.
Once across the stream go left on a bulldozed track (you can see the remnants of an old kalderimi and broken walling on the right). Continue until the track ends and then turn right to go onto the old walled kalderimi (let's hope THIS does not get destroyed). Follow the kalderimi - which becomes a rocky streambed - to eventually arrive at the main road, turn right and now it's a short distance back to Anaxos.
Beehives on Lesvos Greece.A straight flat bit to walk along for a change on Lesvos walled kalderimi between Skoutaros and Anaxos on Lesvos Island.Some of the best paths to walk near Anaxos on Lesvos, Greece.

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