Batsi Town Harbour on Andros Island, Greece.

The Greek Island of Andros - Batsi Walks.

Walks to enjoy while on holiday on Andros Greece which are centred around and start from Batsi Town.

The three circular walks vary in difficulty in relation to the distance covered and how much climbing or otherwise is involved. Bear in mind that walking out in exposed areas and even for moderate distances during the hot Greek Summer weather can really cause a problem if you are not careful. This does apply to the 22km long Katakilos walk described below for instance where taking plenty of water, having something reasonable on your feet and also wearing a hat are really required.

Walks on Andros - Batsi area

Batsi circular Walk on Andros going out on Ipsili Headland visiting several beaches - easy walking of about 6kms.

From Batsi square and facing the sea go left along the front - where the road bends sharp left continue straight on past the war memorial on a concrete road - this soon becomes tarmac. Continue along the coast on this road - passing a small untidy beach (called Stivari) below you - then as you top the hill you will see two more beaches below. Continue until the road ends (it skirts the back of the Anerousa Hotel), and take the steps down to Aga Marina beach which is a narrow sandy beach. Walk across the beach and then (probably accompanied by the local duck population) cross the rocks at the end and then climb up the steps to reach a track beside a pink house.
Aga Marina Beach near Batis, Andros Island in Greece. Walks on Andros - Batsi area Batsi area Walks on Andros - Batsi area
Turn right to follow this track on round the headland - at the junction [N37°50'40" E024°47'27"] continue right - a little way along you can divert to climb up on a goat track to the rocks - Aga Marina Bay beach steps on Androsthis is well worth doing because the views of Batsi are good and also you can do a little goat spotting too. Back down continue on to the road via grassy track and path to arrive by a small church - this area is an archaeological site but there is no access.. Take the steps down to get onto the track below the road and turn left. Keeping on this track go back round the other side of the headland to arrive back at the junction mentioned previously - turn right and go back to the steps at Aga Marina beach. Re-cross the beach, take the steps back onto the road, but at the bend on the road continue straight on - this will take you down to Delavoyas beach. This beach has a taverna which was being built/re-opened - Delavoyas beach is also the unofficial naturist beach. Next to the taverna by a stream take steps back up to the road. Turn left and retrace you steps back into Batsi

Batsi Harbour on Andros out to visit Moni Zoodochou Pigis - a total climb of around 640 metres and walking distance of 11kms.

From Batsi square and facing the sea go right along the road, cross the bridge, pass the scooter hire and Andros Travel and take the next road on the right. At the end of the road go left and then go right onto a very rough track. Follow this track round as it goes uphill - at a T-junction go right up some steps to reach the main road - cross the road to go onto a track opposite. Stay on this track until you reach two new white houses (the track passes to the right of these houses).
Moni Zoodochou Pigis Walk Andros, GreeceMoni Zoodochou Pigis Walk Andros, Greece Go to the left just behind these houses where you can with a bit of difficulty climb up onto a moni path - the first few metres are in poor condition but soon the moni path becomes a really lovely path. Stay on this path climbing up to eventually rejoin the main track in front of you. Turn left and heading towards the aerials high above you come to another white house which has really lovely new dry stone walls - just past the house turn sharp left onto a grassy track and follow this until you come to a derelict building on the right. Just after this is a small open area - turn right here and the follow the sometimes faint path as it winds down to cross a small stream and then arrives at a hidden church [ N37°52'16" E024°46'45" ].
Moni Zoodochou Pigis Walk Andros, Greece Moni Zoodochou Pigis Walk Andros, Greece Moni Zoodochou Pigis Walk Andros, Greece Beautiful mon-path near Moni Zoodochou Pigis on Andros, Greece.
Passing the church (but have a look inside first) take steps which lead down via quite heavy undergrowth to a spring - a very soggy area. From here -on the right - climb up a couple of steps to join a faint goats path and continue on this as it meanders around but basically heads in a northerly direction to then pick up a moni-path.
Moni Zoodochou Pigis Walk Andros, Greece Moni Zoodochou Pigis Walk Andros, Greece Moni Zoodochou Pigis Walk Andros, Greece Moni Zoodochou Pigis Walk Andros, Greece
Follow this moni-path (although in places it is very overgrown and sometimes it's easier to stay right of it and walk in more open ground) - always stay in the same basic direction and do not take any paths leading downwards. The moni-path arrives at a track with the Moni Zoodochou Pigis looking quite forbidding up above on the right, turn right to walk up to the main track. Turn left to pass behind the monastery and continue along to reach a track crossroads by a concrete water cistern. Take the right track to walk on up to the aerials [N37°52'38" E024°46'53"] and here also you will find a small church; the views around are really good and it's a great place to have a picnic.
Moni Zoodochou Pigis on Andros, Greece. Moni Zoodochou Pigis Walk Andros, Greece Moni Zoodochou Pigis Walk Andros, Greece Moni Zoodochou Pigis Walk Andros, Greece
Walk back down to the junction and this time go straight across (the first right-hand track would take you back to Batsi). Just after passing under power lines take a track on the right which heads back downwards - just before the second pylon turn right alongside a wall - this is now a case of finding a way down to another track visible below - there are various goat paths to help you do this but be careful of the scree in places. On reaching the track turn left - take note of a church slightly to the right and look out for a grassy track leading to this church. Passing in front of the church - now on a goat's track - go through a wire gate and continue down to pick up a track by a small farmhouse (watch out for the friendly dogs and killer geese). Turn right and follow the track as it winds on down passing lime-workings (?) to eventually reach the main road. Turn left and follow the road down to reach the river by a bridge - turn right to walk back into Batsi beach by the town bridge

At 22kms this is a long walk from Batsi which goes round the Katakilos area of Andros in Greece.

The total climb on this walk is around 1100 metres so add in the distance plus hot weather and the walk is strenuous. From Batsi square and facing the sea go left along the front and continue on the road until you reach the ring road.
Batis - Katakilos, Andros Batis - Katakilos, Andros Turn left and then take the road on the right marked Katakilos - follow this as it winds steeply up. After about half a kilometre ignore a track on the right going to a house but take the next one on a slight bend which goes off almost directly in front of you. This goes up and winds round and after the 3rd hairpin find a somewhat hard to see moni path leaving the track on the left (next to a house). There is a small cairn and also a hard to see red dot on a stone. Follow the moni path to a t-junction, turn left and this will bring you to the spring. Continue ahead and at the next junction go right - this path now goes up between two walls - at the next junction go left (the stone wall now on your left). At the next junction go half left - in effect continuing on the same path. (do not take an overgrown path joining sharply from the left). Carry on up the moni path which opens out quite a little and then becomes more of a grassy track - this eventually reaches a dirt track by a church [N37°51'39" E024°48'18"].
Batis - Katakilos, Andros Batis - Katakilos, Andros Batis - Katakilos, Andros Batis - Katakilos, Andros
The views from here are really good and also you can see nearly all of the rest of your walk before you - it's like an amphitheatre. Take the track opposite - this winds you down through the valley to the river - great views and wildlife (and goats) - there is also a small and very old church which can be reached by a very steep down track on the left.
Batis - Katakilos, Andros Batis - Katakilos, Andros Batis - Katakilos, Andros Andros Katakilos walk
Return back along the valley to the main junction and turn right going past the church and follow the dirt road down to the tarmac road - turn right and almost immediately right again on a concrete road then left down to the main road and then turn right into the village of Kato Katakilos and it's nice cool stream and square.
Out on the Katakilos Hills on Andros Island, Greece.Katakilos trackContinue on the main road out of the village as it winds up to a road junction - go right along the road to Katakilos - as you get towards this village you can see a large church and it's bell tower above you. To cut walking the whole (hairpin) road look out for a moni path which leaves the road on the right by a bend - on regaining the road turn right to continue up to the church. From the church continue up the track which winds round - with the cemetery on your left - and then comes to a track junction. Take the right-hand track and follow it as it winds round the hill and stay on this right up to near the summit - a couple of rough tracks go to the left here (there is a wrecked bus parked and a couple of other wrecks) - the track ends and so just climb over rough scrub to reach the high point of Rachi which is at 618 metres [N37°51'26" E024°49'36"].
Return back to the main track and continue along it heading towards a small church. The track splits - take the right fork which passes on the left side of the church and follow this round the hill - stay always on this track ignoring the several joining tracks and later walking behind a huge rocky outcrop and eventually arriving back at the church. Turn left and take the original track and then moni-path back down to the main road - turn left and look for a concrete path on the right - this takes you down to the bypass road. Cross this and take the steps back down into Batsi.
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