The deserted Ateni Beach on Andros, Greece - fine for naturists.

The Greek Island of Andros - Beach Guides and Photos.

Sand spit at Achia beach on Andros in Greece

Andros Beaches Guide and Photos showing some of the excellent beaches - including naturist beaches - to visit on the Island.

There are an enourmous amount of beaches to try out whilst on holiday on Andros however this is quite a large island and quite a few of these beaches are somewhat remote and involve either a very considerable walk or some can be reached by car. Andros beaches are either sand or very small stone/pebble and quite comfortable to be on - though the ones we saw did not have much or any shade. The beach tavernas were only just being painted and organised when we visited in May and most were not open. The sea water was crystal clear and very good for snorkelling but using jellies or similar on your feet is a good idea because of sea-urchins in some places. The beaches were also just being cleaned up from the winter debris of seaweed and flotsam - as mentioned our visit was in May which is quite early for the Greek Islands holiday season - on the several more remote beaches we went to it was unusual to see anyone else around - so going nude was not a problem. The sort of unofficial naturist beach on Andros Greece is situated just on the edge of Batsi by Blue Bay - this is quite a small beach but very pleasant to be on.
Incidentally we never saw one snake on the beaches we visited and we were certainly looking since we like to photograph them.
Andros - Greece - beautiful Achia Beach These first series of Greek island of Andros beaches are photos which were taken around Achia Beach - we thought it the best beach on this generally quiet Greek Island. There is no particularly easy way to get to it since you have to take a long winding descending dirt track if you are driving there. We did walk to it - partly along a nicely walled moni-path - as explained on our walking to Achia Beach on Andros. On our visit we found only a couple of people there and they left after a while. So it was just right for stripping off and having a nice swim - followed by our picnic and then a laze around getting various parts of us nicely globally warmed up before having to think of the longish walk back.
Sourrounding area Achia Beach on Andros Island, Greece Lush foliage around Achia Beach, Andros Greece moni path to reach Achia beach on Andros in Greece Achia beach freshwater stream - Andros Island

quiet Vitali beach on Andros - ideal for a naturist swim

The Excellent Vitali Beach on Andros, Greece - sandy and remote and usually fine for naturists.

Vitali Beach is quite isolated and is a perhaps typical really scenic type of Greek island beach you come across from time to time whilst wandering the islands. You can enjoy the sun and have a nice swim without worrying about wearing your swimming costumes if you want too on this really good Andros beach.
Vitali Bay (and it's Beach) is located towards the top north eastern side of the Island and does take some getting too - the track do it is very brocken in places but the scenery on the way is fantastic.
The Church on Vitali beach on Andros, Greece caves on the beach at Vitali, Andros, Greece. some sandy areas at Vitali Beach on Andros Greece Vitali Beach, Andros Island, Greece.

Other Beaches to discover on the beautifully scenic Greek Island of Andros.

Andros Greece, Aga Marina beach
Aga Marina
Andros Island
Andros Town west beach - not worth it
Andros Town beach
(west of town)
don't bother with it.
The Nicer Andros Town beach
Andros Town beach (the other side) - much better and quite scenic
Ateni beach on Andros
Ateni Beach
this is a really nice
Andros beach
Andros Greece -  Ateni beach
Ateni beach
Andros Island
Andros Greece, Chalkoliniona beach
Chalkoliniona beach
Chalkoliniona Beach on Andros Island, Greece
Felos beach, Andros Greece
Felos - there is plenty of room for everyone on this long Andros beach
Andros beaches - Felos beach
Felos Beach
a lovely sandy beach
and surroundings
Andros Greece - Ormos Beach
Ormos Beach
Paleopol beach on the Greek Island of Andros
Paleopo Beach
Greek Island of Andros - Zorkos Bay beach
Zorkos Bay
Andros Island
Isolated Zorkos Bay, Andros Island Greece - had a nude swim here
Zorkos Bay - a really beautiful beach and surroundings
Zorkos Bay and beach on Andros, Greece
Zorkos Bay - naturism is ok on this beach
usually it's deserted.
Isolated Zorkos Beach, Andros, Greece
Zorkos Bay involves
a long bumpy trip to get
to it but worthwhile.
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