Batsi Town Harbour on Andros Island, Greece.

Various Places on Andros Greece.

A variety of locations on the Greek Island of Andros which might be of interest to visit - with photos.

The scenery on this Greek Island is outstanding - the island is full of old sometimes ruined buildings, old water mills and so on; the moni path walls have been built in an unusual way, i.e. conventional rock stacking but they also use huge slabs of flat perpendicular rock in between. The amount of churches dotted around is unbelievable - some of them are very old, possibly there is one church for each islander? The wildlife (do you count sheep and goats??) can be seen everywhere - from buzzards, eagles, kestrels to smaller birds, millions of lizards which scatter off just in front of you as you walk up a path; snakes are around dozing on the paths and rocks in the sun but they are quite small (the largest we saw was about 18 inches) and anyway they clear off quickly when they hear you coming. Then there are huge bees, butterflies and moths as well as the usual wildlife found near streams, springs and wet boggy areas. In some of the island's villages there are quite long levada runs - these are always so fascinating to walk along as well as being great for a quick splash/cool down when the weather is hot. Along the paths you are often accompanied by what must be totally miles of small rubber pipes which are used to transport the water intercepted from the springs high up in the hills back down to the villages and farms.

Ormos Harbour and Bay photos - Andros, Greece.

Ormos Bay Church - Andros Island, Greece.
Ormos Bay Church
Ormos harbour area, Andros, Greece.
Andros Greece - Ormos
Fishing boats at Ormos, Andros, Greek island
Quiet Ormos harbour
Ormos Bay, Andros Island, Greece.
Andros - Ormos Bay

Andros Greece and some photos of the ruins of Moni Sotoris.

view from above Moni Sotiros on Andros Island, Greece.
Moni Sotiros
The quite ruined Moni Sotoris on Andros, Greece
Moni Sotiros
Moni Sotiros - Andros - still a beautiful building
the ruins of Andros's Moni Sotoris, Andros Island, Greece.
Moni Sotiros

The beautiful Moni Aghia Irini on Andros Island in Greece.

Andros Greece - Aghia Irini Monastery
Aghia Irini Monastery
Moni Aghia Irini - Andros Island, Greece.
Springs at the monastery
Andros Greece, Moni Aghia Irini monastery
Moni Aghia Irini
Moni Aghia Irini on Andros Island, Greece.
Moni Aghia Irini

Moni Aghios Nikolas and the excellently shaped Aladino bridge - Andros, Greece.

Aladino Village is in the centre of the island and south west of Batsi - it could be visited to see it's gorgeous bridge perhaps during an island day trip drive to for instance Ormos.
Andros Greece - Moni Aghios Nikolas
Moni Aghios Nikolas
Moni Aghios Nikolas on Andros Island, Greece.
Moni Aghios Nikolas
Lovely Aladino Bridge on Andros Island, Greece.
Aladino Bridge
Andros Greece and the beautiful Aladino Bridge.
Aladino Bridge

Some of the beautiful old Churches, Andros Towers and Dovecots which can be seen on Andros Island in Greece.

Andros Greece - Aghios Petros Tower
Aghios Petros Tower
Large white Andros Church, Andros Island, Greece.
Andros Church
Ano Gavio Church on Andros Island, Greece.
Ano Gavio Church
Andros Greece - Xirokambos dovecot
Dovecot at Xirokambos

The following are of a few of the many Springs which can be looked at on the Greek Island of Andros plus photos from Ateni Valley.

Walking on the island is particularly good and quite a few of these springs, dovecots and so on can be seen as part of hiking trips on Andros.
If you go for a drive and tour around around the Andros - which is one of Greece's larger islands - you often pass through a variety of valleys. As is seemingly always the case on Andros everything is all very scenic - the very last three pictures below were taken around the beautiful Ateni Valley.
Andros Spring at Aidonia
Aidonia Spring
Aidonia Springs - Andros Island, Greece.
The Springs at Aidonia
Agh Gheorghios Spring on Andros Island, Greece.
Agh Gheorghios Spring
Mousionas Spring - Andros Island, Greece.
Mousionas Spring
Livadia Spring - Andros Island, Greece.
The Spring at Livadia
Difficult access to Ateni Beach, Andros Island, Greece.
Ateni Valley sheep
Ruins along the Ateni Valley, Andros Island, Greece.
Ruins in Ateni Valley
A Church in Ateni Valley on Andros Island, Greece.
Ateni Valley Church
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