A stone bridge on the Beautiful Greek Island of Andros.

Chora to Menites Walk on The Greek Island of Andros.

With a total climb of 980 metres this walk goes from Andros Town (Chora) out into the hills to Menites via Panachrantou Monastery.

This walk involves an easy start alongside a river, followed by track and monipath, and then a continuous hard steep climb up a monipath to the monastery - M. Panachrandou - (a final climb of over 500 metres). Then walking back down the monipath and wandering across to Menites and it's really lovely springs followed by a meander back into Andros town.
Simple bridge crossing a rocky stream near Chora, AndrosPleasant walking alongside a broad stream near Chora, Andros. Picturesque old bridge over a stream on Andros, Greece. The walk starts from the car park in Andros Town (on the main island road into Andros Town just after the pedestrian only area the road swings right and then left and the car parks are clearly marked from here on the right). The path leaves from the corner of the car park and heads inland passing down through houses - at a path junction turn left and continue down to the river, cross the bridge and then turn right along a concrete road (this is the road from Paraporti to Livadia) which then follows the river with houses and orchards both sides of you - this tree lined area is full of wildlife including herons. Continue along here until you come to a road bridge at Livadia, go over the bridge and then go immediately left on concrete track this time with the river on your left. This quickly changes to a track - the river is underground along here and when the track splits stay on the main track ignoring a rubbly river crossing - after this the track becomes smaller and then becomes to mostly grass and the river is back on the surface so is soon quite pleasant to walk along.
When the track bears left you come to a river crossing which has stepping stones (at this point if you look in front and behind you will now see the start of the red arrow markings.
Cross the river and turn immediately right onto a very overgrown path which you may have to fight your way through for a several metres - as you continue along the path it varies from being obstructed by fallen wall to sometimes heavy foliage but it is passable. When you come to a more open area the path bears right and then left by a wall (the wall is now on your right and is marked with an arrow). From here on you follow the cobbled path as it zig zags often very steeply up - it is quite overgrown in places but not a problem to follow.
Andros Greece and a shallow rocky-strewn stream. Stream crossing point (ford) on Andros Greece. Heading towards Moni Panachrantou on Andros Greece High walled thorny path on Andros, Greece.
Rocky path with accompanying stone wall on Andros, Greece.When eventually you come to a t-junction (remember where this is because it is part of the return journey) the path is now marked with a red 1, go left and soon pass a footpath sign which points you up to the monastery or to the village of Falika. Take the monastery path and now just keep going ever upwards - marked with red 1s all the way up to the monastery.
There is a small abandoned church near the monastery (in fact you see it and then walk just above it on the final part of the walk up) and this can be reached by walking down the track past the monastery a little way and then over long grass. This is a nice shady spot for a picnic and cool down and lots of company from 100s of spiders as well as lizards and everything else.
Moni Panachrantou moni-path on Andros Greece. Moni Panachrantou walk on Andros Greece A really well hidden little church on Andros, Greece. A beautiful old spring on Andros Greece
Andros Greece and a really beautiful old stone bridge.Another nice stone built bridge - near Menites, Andros Greece.Turtles in a wild pond on Andros Greece Return back the same way but when you get back to the junction continue down slight left following the red 1s - you will eventually come to the river and a delightful stone bridge, cross the bridge, turn right and look out for the terrapins lazing and swimming around the rocks here. This part of the path is very overgrown and in fact had been blocked by branches - having removed these we proceeded along the river and then had to climb up to find the path again - finding the path was quite easy though.
Moni Panachrantou walk - Andros Greece Quite dense foliage to walk through near Moni Panachrantou walk on Andros Greece Approaching Menites during a walk on Andros Greece Walking into Menites Village - Andros Island.
Now continue on the path until you come to a road, cross over and continue on the moni-path opposite to then come to the main road. Turn right and after a few metres go left and walk down to the levada - you are now at Mesaria. Turn left along the initially concrete and then grassy path and keep going along the valley heading towards Menites with the levada (and it's welcome cool spring water) bubbling alongside. Menites Springs on Andros, Greece. Andros - Menites Village in Greece. Ignoring any joining paths on the right eventually the path swings round to cross a river, turn left and continue past springs, small levada waterfalls, up steps and then via old ruined buildings and also houses. Eventually the path seems to come to a dead end however there is a spring (very overgrown) on the left and you can get through here. Continue to a t-junction where the marked path red 1 continues right over the bridge, however turn left at this t-junction and then right to walk up into Menites. Menites is very much worth the visit so see the several springs - they are easily the best on the island - also there are a couple of tavernas here. Return is by following the levada back on the original path all the way to the main road at Mesaria and then turn left to walk back down into Andros Town.
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