Picturesque Mountains and Valleys on Naxos Island in Greece.

Galanado to Ano Potamia Walk on Naxos Greece.

This walk on Naxos Greece starts off near to Galanado and goes via Kato Potamia and Messi Potamia to Ano Potamia.

This Naxos walk takes you through really nice countryside, includes ruins to explore and features moni-patis with really lovely stone walls and one of the oldest churches in Naxos which dates back to the 9th Century. It starts on the Galanado to Chalki road, just outside of Galanado pass a petrol station on your left and then you come to a parking area on the right by an unfinished building (perhaps it's now finally finished!). On the other side of the road is a wide gravel track but the path you want is a very narrow rocky path on the right of this track - it descends often quite steeply into the valley - note it also has an abundance of thorns.
View of Kato Potamia on Naxos Greece. Archbishop Mamas Abbey ruins on Naxos Greece. Naxos Island and Agio Mamas. Agio Mamas on Naxos, Greece.
At the bottom bear right and climb the wall by the side of the old portal - make your way across a field and then scamble down to join a now visible track - go right on this track to the ruins of the ArchBishop's Abbey (but note the track on your left which will be your ongoing route). At the Abbey you can see the ruined church of Agio Mamas but to get to it you have to return along the track and now take the path on your right - after a few yards turn right again to walk to the ruins. These are interesting ruins and well worth going to.

Naxos and the peacefull Kato Potamia area. Kato Potamia Village on Naxos, Greece. From here make your way back across the field to the track and go right - cross the stream bed and then follow the moni-pati up between stone walls - this is a really nice path which goes through olive trees. Continue straight on at a junction and carry on down into a small hollow and then up to Kato Potami. There is a church (which has a tap available) and a taverna on your left but to continue the walk bear right into an alley and continue on through the village. Several hundred yards out of the village you come to a junction, go left uphill - walking through olive groves and with picturesque old buildings and walls to enjoy looking Messi Potamia Chapel, Naxos Greece. The village of Ano Potamia on Naxos Island. at - when you reach a path junction (by a basin) turn left passing a well and then into the tiny village of Messi Potamia. Keep going uphill passing a chapel and then when you reach a small church with a tiled roof on the right leave the track to take a small path by the side of the church which then winds downwards, and crosses a river. Take a now visible wide stepped path up and at a junction turn left into Ano Potamia.
If you carry on through the village you will find a taverna just down to your left. On the above described walk we returned the same way as we came but it is easily possible to carry on to the Apano Kastro and then onto Tsikkalario and Chalki.
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