A stone bridge on the Beautiful Greek Island of Andros.

A walk from Apikia to Gialia Beach on Andros Greece.

This Apikia circular walk passes a few springs, the old spaghetti factory and goes via Stenies Town down to Gialia Beach on Andros Greece.

This walk is fairly straightforward with good views of some of the large villas in Stenies, goes mainly via steps and paths, gives you an opportunity to have an inside look at the spaghetti factory (ruins) and ends up at the beach at Gialia (possibly not the best beach on this Greek Island..).
Stone-walled path at Apikia, Andros Greece Lovely countryside to walk through between Apikia and Stenies - Andros Greece. Starting in Apikia by the springs and bottling plant, facing the sea go left and after a short distance you see some steps going down on the right - these are marked in red. Follow the steps down through the houses, quite soon the this changes to a grassy track/path and winds round to cross a small stream. The path doubles back and goes along varying from cobbled steps/moni path to field paths and has red 8 indicators. Stay on this path then when you have gone down a quite long fairly straight stretch of cobbled path go left by a house on the corner to cross a track and onto a stone track which has a large red arrow pointing to the left - a few metres on go left again to divert to the spring and old wash basins.
A small house beside the path at Apikia in Andros Greece Quite overgrown path outside of Apikia on Andros Island. Bistis-Mounelas tower - Andros Greece. Beautiful area around Stenies - Andros, Greece.
A levada near the Spaghetti Factory, Andros Greece Return back to the track (which is now marked with red dots and arrows) continue along - passing the Bistis-Mounelas tower on your left - when you come to a bridge ahead of you take the path on the left (do not cross the bridge) - this now marked with a red 8 indicator again. A little way along you will just about see in the trees on the right the old spaghetti factory, with its large iron wheel (this will be visited on the way back). Continue along the marked route until you join the road - turn right and just after a very large and expensive looking villa turn right again and follow this down to the river - follow the path along the river to the beach (there is a taverna on the beach to the right).
Spaghetti Factory machinery near Stenies on Andros Island. The interesting ruins at the Spaghetti Factory - Andros Greece. Part of the old Spaghetti Factory - Andros Greece Stone wash-basins - Andros Greece
An old stone bridge near Stenies - Andros, Greece.Return back along the river and up to the road by the villa, turn left along the road and then back down the original path. Just after passing the spaghetti factory (now on your left) come to a t-junction, turn left and after crossing the bridge the track splits, the route continues right but first go left and after a few hundred metres you get to the spaghetti factory - which you can go right into and investigate - you can see the horizontal grind stones plus the remnants of the pulley systems etc. Return back down to the junction and keep straight on - this now marked with red 8 - the path is concrete and has a stone wall on the left and an unusually big levada running alongside - presumably once a large volume of water was needed to drive the wheel at the factory. The path ends up at a really nice stone bridge - cross the bridge and then follow the marked path to soon reach the large red arrow marker near the wash basins diversion. Turn left up and then right up by a house to take the long straight path up and then round the village eventually arriving back at the start point.
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