Kos Island Greece - Sightseeing and Touring around Kos with Photos.

Tours and things to do on Kos including visits to Kos Castle - The Ancient Agora - Andimachia Castle, Asklepieion, Monasterys, Churches, Beaches and Villages.

The Greek Island of Kos is well known for it's quite extensive archaeological sites and it's castles as well as of course the large amount of beaches available to holidaymakers. The island in truth is not particularly scenic when compared with other Greek Islands like Crete, Paxos, Andros and Lesbos to name a few. The island is mostly quite flat and in the summer months can look fairly dull although without doubt earlier in the year during the Spring there are obviously loads of flowers and shrubs around. However one part of Kos is very scenic all year round and that is up in the villages (Zia and Old Pyli), hills and the mountain areas around Mount Dikeos. Our photo guide just shows some of the things to look at if you hire a car or scooter and want to do some sightseeing whilst on the island. There is also a really nice walk described out of Zia up to the top of Mount Dikeos and back - it's beautiful up there.

Kos Town - visiting Kos Castle (Castle of the Knights).

The massive castle which is situated next to Kos Harbour was built by the Knights of St John and was designed to control the narrow strip of water between the mainland (Asia Minor) and the Island and also to defend Kos Town - the castle was originally surrounded by a moat and was thus in effect an island.
Kos Castle and it's Impressive battlements, Kos Greece
Kos Castle
The huge castle at Kos Town - inner battlements
Kos Town - Castle
Kos Castle inner walls and  battlements
old relics seen at Kos's Castle in Greece
Kos Castle
Kos Castle, Kos Island in Greece.
Kos Castle, Kos Greece
Kos Castle
Greek Island of Kos - the Town Castle - Inner towers - some coats of arms just visible
Several old cannon at Kos Castle, Kos Greece Inside Kos Castle - Kos, Greece The castle's inner keep and battlements were begun around 1436 by the Venetian Governor of the time and were completed by 1478 using materials taken from other ancient sites on the island as well as possibly from a pre-existing Byzantine fortress. The Outer Wall was began in 1495 and completed by 1514. The various Commanders, Grand Masters and Governors involved in the construction of Kos Castle are reflected by the different coats of arms on the walls.

Places to visit in Kos Town in Greece - The Ancient Agora, The Odeum and The Western Archaeological Site.

Agora - Kos Town, Greece
Ancient Agora
The Agora - Kos island, Greece
Ancient Agora
Kos Greece - The Agora
The Ancient Agora
Kos Greece - The Ancient Agora
Ancient Agora
The Ancient Agora - Kos, Greece
Ancient Agora
Kos - The Odeum
The Odeum
Kos Town - The Odeum
The Odeum
Greek island of Kos - The Odeum steps
The Odeum

Kos Town - visiting the Odeum.

Built in the 2nd Century AD the Odeum had to have thick walls built around it as there was no natural height availabe to create the amphitheatre. Originally there was marble seating available at lower levels for use by the rich and influential whilst everyone else had to use simple stone seating - quite of lot of this area at the Odeum has been restored now.
Kos sites to visit - The Odeum
The Odeum
Kos - collanaded streets - The Decamunus
Europa House - Western Archeological Site, Kos Greece
Europa House
The Gymnasium of Xyston at Kos, Greece
Kos - Gymnasium
Gymnasium - Kos, Greece
Kos Town - Gymnasium
Lots of old pots at The old Gymnasium, Kos Town, Kos Greece

Visiting The Asklepeio on Kos Island.

Temple of Apollo Pillars at The Asklepieion, Kos Island - Greece
Temple of Apollo
The Asklepieion - Kos Greece
Asklepeio - Kos
Kos - nice old arches at The Asklepeio
The Asklepeio - Kos, Greece
Asklepeio - Kos Island, Greece
Asklepeio at Kos Town
Kos sites - The Asklepieion
Asklepeion - Kos
The Asklepieion, Kos - Greece
The Asklepieion - Kos Island, Greece
Asklepeio - Kos
Located near Platani around 3.5kms south west of Kos Town the Asklepieion - which translates to "healing temple" dates from the 2nd century BC and is named after Asklepios who was the God of health and medicine. The Asklepieion is built on three levels - the first terrace had a colonnade with rooms behind - these were beleived to be a school of medicine. The second terrace is reached by 30 steps and has baths and also an altar to Apollo Cyparis-sus. The third terrace is up another 60 steps and has ruins of the temple of Asklepios

Going out to Andimachia Castle - located a little outside of Kardamena on Kos Greece.

. The castle is reached by a metal road so lots of people drive up there You can also easily walk or cycle to the castle as it's not very far from Kardamena. If you head for the cemetery which is located on the outskirts of Kardamena and continue along past it you arrive at the start of a re-built path. This undulates a little but mostly climbs up to reach the old car park just outside of Andimachia Castle. Andimachia Castle walls from the outside remain visually very impressive however once inside much of the area is in poor condition.
Kos Sightseeing - the path up to Andimachia Castle
Path to Andimachia Castle
View from outside of Andimachia Castle in Kos, Greece
Outside Kos Castle
Imposing walls at Andimachia Castle, Kos
Andimachia Castle Walls
Andimachia Castle Gates - Kos Greece
Andimachia Castle Gates
Andimachia Castle - a short distance from Kardamena on Kos
Andimachia Castle
One of the churches inside Andimachia Castle, Kos
Church at Andimachia Castle
Once magnificent walls but now crumbling at Andimachia Castle in Kos
Crumbling walls
Another church inside Andimachia Castle, Kos
Andimachia Castle - church
Signs state restoration in conjunction with the EU has/is taking place but apart from one of the churches looking like it has had some attention there is little sign elsewhere. However this huge castle does have lots of interest and is worth visiting - just use your imagination to picture what it was once like.

Out and About around Kos Island - visiting the ruins at Asfendiou Village.

On leaving Zia and back towards the main road you come to a large church called The Church of Our Lady of the Annunciation which is located by a road junction. Apart from having a closer look at this interesting church - if you turn right at the junction you will shortly arrive at the village of Asfendiou. There are lots of really interesting ruined buildings and things to look at especially on the top outer edges of this village - some of these buildings are now being renovated.
Kos Sightseeing - Lady of the Anunciation, Kos, Greece
Lady of the Anunciation
Kos Greece - Asfendiou grinding stones
Asfendiou - grinding stones
Kos - Asfendiou - ruins of an Old Mill
Old Mill at Asfendiou
Kos - Asfendiou Village old Press
Press at Asfendiou
Kos - Asfendiou ruins
Asfendiou ruins
Kos - Asfendiou ruins
Asfendiou ruins
Kos Sightseeing
Kos Sightseeing at Asfendiou
Kos - Asfendiou village ruins
Asfendiou Kos
Kos - restored house at Asfendiou Village
Kos Greece Sightseeing - Asfendiou ruins
Kos Asfendiou - St Georges
St Georges - Asfendiou

A few other pictures taken around Kos.
Kos plant Kos Beach Goat Kos Sightseeing Kos Greece Sightseeing
Kos Sightseeing Kos flowers A Flower - Kos, Greece Kos Greece Beach House - bit drafty though
Kos Sightseeing - Kos Beach sunbathing perhaps? Kos Greece - Agia Katerini Church The newly built Panagia Palatiania (Kos, Greece) Kos Island - the original Panagia Palatiania
From Kamari if you take a drive heading south you can visit the ruined church of Panagia Palatiani and also a new church which is situated close by. We do not know the name for the new church - it might now have the ruined churches name - who knows.
When the roads split the left fork winds you through countryside and ends at the monastery of Agh. Ioannis - this monastery is no longer occuppied but is in a really nice setting.
Moni Ayios Ioannis's Church on Kos Island Moni Ayios Ioannis, Kos, Greece Kos Greece - Moni Ayios Ioannis Moni Ayios Ioannis on Kos, Greece
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