Picturesque Mountains and Valleys on Naxos Island in Greece.

Walking from Chalki to Moni on Naxos, Greece.

This Naxos Island walk goes from Chalki on nice paths up a ridge via churches and a monastery to visit the hill village of Moni.

The walk starts right in Chalki by the church (Panagia Protothronou) and perhaps before starting the walk take the path by the side of the church and have a look at one of Naxos's many towers - the Grazia Tower.
Naxos Greece and Chalki Church Gratsias Mansion on Naxos Greece. Back to your start point, opposite the church there is a tobacco/drinks kiosk - take the road to the right of this kiosk and then quite soon the second (very narrow) lane on the right. Go straight across the next junction, where the (now) path bears left you will see a water cistern on your right and just as you pass this turn right along a lane to Rachi. Cross a usually dry river bed and keep left round Rachi - passing the church and soon after find a small footpath on your left - this goes down the valley - passing a ruined church on your left. Continue up the other side of the valley to reach a wide track. Turn right here and follow the track straight along the side of the ridge - keep your eyes out for various ruins amongst the often heavy undergrowth as you walk along.
Beautiful views outside of Chalki on Naxos. walking within the hillsides around Chalki, Naxos Greece. An old stone built building near Chalki, Naxos. Naxos hills
Naxos Greece and Panagia Drosiani Monastery. The track eventually becomes a narrow sometimes rocky path - as the path detiorates and goes off the left into another valley, locate and take a faint track on the right which goes steeply down to a stream bed at the bottom of the valley - cross this and then climb up the other side (something of a scramble).
At the top go right and make your way round the ridge eventually arriving at a small field - cross the field and you arrive at another well marked path - follow this sometimes very brambley path to arrive at a road. Cross the road and you are at the oldest church on Naxos - Panagia Drosiani.
Panagia Drosiani with it's beautiful stonework - Naxos Greece. Moni Panagia Drosiani  - Naxos Greece. outside the Panagia Drosiani Moni on Naxos Greece Naxos Chalki to Moni hiking through the hills.
From the church take the moni pati and stay on this path to a junction, turn left and follow the monopati uphill into Moni. Moni is a lovely quiet little place and great to wander around - it has some small gift shops and a couple of tavernas. We returned to Chalki via the main road, which was not at all "main" in that it was typically mostly traffic free so very quiet and quite enjoyable to walk along. To reach the road from the village return via the moni-pati, pass the junction on the right and simply continue to the road - then turn left to return to Chalki.
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