Walking on Alonissos Visiting Ghialia and Votsi.

A walk from Patitiri on Alonissos visiting several churches, Ghialia Beach and Votsi Harbour and then walking back to Patitiri.

With your back to the sea there are two main roads which go inland from Patitiri harbour - the road on the right is where the taxis and buses congregate and the one on the left (near the town beach) goes up passing the tavernas and shops - take the road on the left. The road climbs a little and passes a garage on the right and just after this look out for the start of the moni-path on the left - this is very clearly marked with a notice board and map - the path is marked 4. Follow the path as it starts climbing - stay on the main path ignoring side paths until you reach a concrete road and house directly in front of you, turn right in front of the house to continue along the moni-path - do not take any side paths and eventually you arrive on at dirt road.Aghios Fanourios, Alonissos Island, Greece. Cross the dirt road and continue straight ahead on the moni path until you come to the main road.
Turn right and lookout for a small concrete road on the right - just before a fence take a path again on the right which takes you to the small church of Taxiarchis - the church is quite buried in foliage - there are good views of Chora from here too.
Return back to the main road and turn right - continue along now with the aerial farm visible quite high up above you and the church of Aghios Fanourios on a small hillock also in front of you. At the road junction take a small path opposite which goes over scrub up to the gates of the church.
Track Alonissos Alonissos Greece and a view from Toukovighia. Alonissos - flat walking track for once Alonissos
View of Chora, Alonissos Island, Greece. Aghia Soitra, Alonissos - Greece. Panaghia Sto Vouno, Alonissos - Greece. Vrisi Panaghias springs, Alonissos Island, Greece.
Panaghia Sto Vouno, Alonissos Island, Greece. Panaghia Sto Vouno - Alonissos, Greece. Note we found the gates locked when we visited - if this is still the case it might be worth walking clockwise round the outside wall to see if access can be gained round the far side... Back down to the road junction, turn right and follow this initially tarmac road - marked to OTE - and then after around 300 metres the road forks, go on the right hand (now dirt) road and follow this as it winds on up to the aerial farm. There are good views from up here (altitude 245 metres) of quite a lot of Alonissos as well as it's neighbouring islands as well as a nice large shady tree to cool down under.
Profitis Ilios, Alonissos Island, Greece.The aerial farm is at GPS reading N39°09'45" E023°51'30". Return back down the track - when it starts to bend to the right take a small track on the left - this brings you firstly to the small church of Aghia Sotira which is hidden in amongst trees on the right and then to the springs at Vrisi Panaghias and then finally to the church of Panaghia sto Vouno - the area around the spring and this church is particularly nice. Return back to the main road junction (where the OTE sign is marked) - now take the dirt road on the right marked to Ghialia (or Yialia), just as the dirt road starts divert to take a small track on your left which goes up to the small church of Profitis Ilias.
Return back to the main dirt road and continue along it as it winds down hill. On a sharp bend take a small track on the right - it does not go to anywhere particularly but is a really pleasant track to walk along - has a nice spring and the foliage is excellent.
Ghialia, Alonissos Island, Greece. Megha Nero track, Alonissos Island, Greece. Megha Nero, Alonissos - Greece. Votsi, Alonissos Island, Greece.
Walk this as far as you fancy and then return back to the main dirt road, turn right and continue on down towards the sea. Further down the dirt road splits, keep right and eventually reach the beach with it's restored windmill. This beach is nothing to get excited about really and when the tide/wind is in the "wrong" direction can be rather scruffy with debris etc. We found this to be the case and only stayed a few minutes but a couple of walkers we met said when they visited earlier in the week the sea was lovely and clean/clear so it's perhaps pot-luck.
Return all the way back up to the main road (the OTE junction) ((but remember that spring mentioned earlier if you want a quick splash on the possibly very hot way back up)). At the road junction take the dirt road virtually opposite then further along take the second track on the left - this is another really lovely track which is bordered with flowers, blackberry bushes, shrubs and perhaps surprisingly lush ferns.
When the track splits by a water cistern stay left and ignore any further side tracks until you reach a tarmac road. Turn right and then right again at the next small track - this will take you to the Megha Nero spring - watch out for the wasps - follow the path left passing the spring to rejoin the tarmac road.
Votsi Harbour on Alonissos, Greece. Votsi Bay, Alonissos - Greece. Patitiri, Alonissos - Greece. Lovely Patitiri Town, Alonissos Island, Greece.
Go right and follow this to shortly reach the main road - go right here and then on the bend take the road into Votsi with it's small harbour, beach and several tavernas. Leave by taking the steps up through the tavernas to the tarmac road - go left and then shortly left again along a dirt road - as you reach a house on the left (maybe still being built/refurbished) go left to follow a path round the headland to reach some steps which take you into Rousoum Ghialos.
We liked this Alonissos beach - there are a few tavernas - however this beach seemed to be a great favorite with local islanders and gets quite busy in late afternoon - in fact very busy. To return to Patitiri take the steps at the far end of the beach which go up past apartments and through houses to reach the road then turn left to soon reach a main road junction. A nice way to get to Patitiri harbour is to turn left and follow this road down to where it ends then walk down the steps on the right. There are so many pots filled with flowers etc. here it's quite amazing - the walkway is covered with them - this way brings you down to the road just outside the harbour which you soon reach by turning left.
Tourkoneri Bay, Alonissos - Greece. Alonissos - Tourkoneri Bay Turn right along the track and continue on this eventually passing the spring and then a little further on look out for a more open area in the pine trees and a footpath sign on the right pointing to Aghi Anarghiri. Take this path which goes through pine trees and then olive groves - look out for a very small path on the left which takes you down to the house and track near the old ruined spring. Turn left and follow the original route back to Patitiri.
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