Places to visit on Lefkada Island, Greece.

Sightseeing on Lefkas visiting small fishing ports and also villages up in the Lefkada mountains.

Vassiliki Town on Lefkada Island - Greece.

Vassiliki is located close to the bottom of Lefkada Island and the town and harbour are very orientated towards yachts etc. There are plenty of tavernas and some shops - there are several stoney beaches scattered around the immediate area of the town.
There did seem to be a lot of "villa" building going on so presumably the location will just expand - assuming buyers can be found for all these so called villas of course.
Vasiliki fishing boat, Lefkada Island, Greece. More boats at Vasiliki, Lefkada Island, Greece. Vasiliki harbour, Lefkada Island, Greece. Fishing boats and nets at the quayside Vasiliki - Lefkada Island, Greece.

The nice little Lefkada Town and Fishing Harbou of Nidri.

Nidri is around half way down the island and sort of sprawls along the coast for a while - however it is not a maze of streets etc and actually a really pleasant town.
small Lefkas house - Nidhri, Lefkada Island, Greece. tavernas line the harbour front at Nidhri, Lefkada Island, Greece. Nidri - Lefkas Lefkada Greece - Nidhri Town.
Most people use the original road for going through the town - this is located one street up from the front. The outside rim of the town has it's own by-pass - sadly this never quite got finished and does not actually do anything useful apart from make it easier for the herders to move their sheep and goats around. During the evening a fair part of the road on the front is closed to traffic - well as per usual this depends on who you are of course. There are lots of tavernas along the front of which we tried 7 different ones and found in each great menu choice, lots of well cooked food served and the usual Greek Taverna friendliness of the taverna staff was fit and well still. House red was in plentiful supply although there was quite a variation in the price - and we found that the quality varied quite a bit and not particularly dependant on the price if you follow.
Very nice fishing boat moored in Nidhri harbour, Lefkada Island, Greece. moored yachts at Nidhri - Lefkada Island, Greece. Nidhri near dusk at Nidhri - Lefkas

Lefkas Town view - Lefkada Island, Greece.

Lefkas Town on Lefkada Island in Greece.

Mentioned for obvious reasons i.e. because it's the Island's Capital but of the three attempts made to visit the place the heavens opened and we had thunder & electric storms - perhaps a divine hint to stay away but we did not get much opportunity to look around. There is of course no reason to think that the Town is not just as good as anywhere else on the Island for good tavernas and food etc. etc. Much of the town is pedestrianised and you have to walk in from one of two municipal car parks located either side on the way in. (pedestrianised of course means that nobody should be driving around etc. - although this does not apparently include local Greeks..)

Aghios Nikitas - Lefkada Island, Greece. Lefkas - Aghios Nikitas, Lefkada Island, Greece. The Beach at Aghios NikitasLefkada Island, Greece.  narrow pictureseque streets at Aghios Nikitas, Lefkada Island, Greece.

Aghios Nikitas fishing port and small beach.

. This is actually a small fishing port with a stoney beach - absolutely packed with fish tavernas and incredibly busy on weekends - you have to park off the main road (there are various bits of car parking around but in typical Greek fashion cars are often parked where they roll to a stop). A narrow road goes all the way down to the front - this road is meant to be a pedestrianised zone so full of cars of course. There are more beaches either side of Aghios Nikitas and also along the main road the rocks are being blown out for some substantial villa andapartment building. Actually as you go along the main road the rocky side was well netted to keep rocks off the road however the builders seemed happy to have their apartments/villas being built into these rocky sides - perhaps these villas have very strong roofs.

Saltpans near Lefkas Town, Alexandhros, Sivota Bay, Nikiana and Egklouvi and Liadhitis Bay - places to tour round on Lefkada Island in Greece.

Alexanders Saltworks are located to the southwest of Lefkada Town - much of the salt workings no longer exist and even the internal banking containing the saltpans has now eroded away. The area is nevertheless worth a visit - not least to enjoy the variety of birds that are around.
Alexanders Saltworks, Lefkada, Greece. Lefkada Greece and a view of Alexanders Saltworks Aghios Pandeleimon Church at Alexanders Saltworks - Lefkada Alexanders Saltworks - Lefkada
Alexandhros - this Lefkada mountain village is quite deserted with lots of fairly ruined houses etc. although some are starting to be renovated now. Really worth while place to visit whilst out and about sightseeing the island.
A small church at Alexandhros on Lefkada Island, Greece. Lefkada Greece - Alexandhros mountain village house. Lefkada Alexandhros old taverna Lefkas - Alexandhros church, Lefkada Island, Greece.
Sivota Bay.
Sivota Bay fishing boat, Lefkada Island, Greece. Sivota church - Lefkada Island, Greece. Another nice fishing boat at  Sivota, Lefkada Island, Greece. Sivota house with lots of flowers - Lefkada Island, Greece.
Egklouvi - way up in the mountains this is the highest village on Lefkas - the whole area is dominated by several high points including the little church of Profitis Ilias and several huge concrete military reflectors.
Egklouvi Church, Lefkada Island, Greece. Profitis Ilias high above Eglouvi - Lefkada Island, Greece. Egklouvi village Square, Lefkada Island, Greece. Egklouvi narrow cobbled and walled alley, Lefkada Island, Greece.
Nikiana fishing boat - Lefkada Island, Greece. quayside at Nikiana fishing port on Lefkada, Greece. Nikiana Harbour - Lefkada Island, Greece. A variety of moored boats at- Nikiana - Lefkada.
Porto Katsiki. The little port and beach are really nice and the cliffs and the colourof the sea around the area are amazing. Not to be missed.
Porto Katsiki beach, Lefkada Island, Greece. Beautiful coastline around Porto Katsiki - Lefkas, Greece. gorgeous cliffs and sea at Lefkada's  Porto Katsiki. The very scenic Porto Katsiki cliffs - Lefkada Island, Greece.
Liadhitis Bay. The bay is amazingly scenic with it's lovely sea colour contrasting against the deep green hills.
Liadhitis Bay - Lefkada Island, Greece. Lefkada - Liadhitis Bay looking serene. Liadhitis Bay on Lefkada Island, Greece. peaceful Liadhitis Bay, Lefkada Island, Greece.
Nea Plagia (just over on the mainland from Lefkada Island)
Nea Plagia Church, Lefkada Island, Greece. Nea Plagia Harbour fihsing boats, Lefkada Island, Greece. not gone fishing - Nea Plagia harbour, Lefkada Island, Greece. fishing boats at the quayside - Nea PlagiaLefkada Island, Greece.

Various Flowers and Wildlife photos seen whilst wandering around Lefkada.
natural Lefkada natural Lefkada natural Lefkada natural Lefkada
natural Lefkada beautiful wild flowers - Lefkas Greece Lefkas poppies in the rocks busy swallowtail on Lefkas Greece
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