Beaches Guide for the Greek Island of Lekfada.

Photos and about several of the Lefkada beaches to perhaps use whilst on holiday - including the excellent naturist beaches at Ghialos and Kathisma.

The Lefkada beaches shown below were visited during an early season holiday (May) - as can be seen from the black clouds on some of the photos below the weather on Lefkas was somewhat wet, thundery and even stormy at times with often heavy clouds covering the mountains in the centre of the island (and these clouds frequently spilled over onto the island's coast). Anyway this meant that the beaches shown do appear a little dark on some of our beach photos.
We think the best Lefkas beaches by far to use are located on the western side of the island - with a whole stretch of beaches available more or less starting a little south of Aghios Nikitas.
The beaches north of Aghios Nikitas are quite pebbly and some are subject to beach debris though possibly they will be cleaner than when we visited which was early season May.

Once you get to Kathisma Beach the really great Lekfada beaches occur going down as far as Meghali Petra.

These Lefkas beaches are sand and shingle mix and are actually more or less connected depending on the tides. They offer facilities varying from taverna and beach chairs and so on through to nothing at all - just wild Lefkada beach. Therefore the possibilities for chosing a bit of beach for whatever type of sunbathing and swimming you fancy i.e. naturist or not, are widely possible. Certainly on the south side of Kathisma's long beach area we enjoyed being able to strip off for some enjoyable naturist sunbathing and swimming (along with just a few other people).
Nidhri Beach on Lefkas Island in Greece.
Nidhri Beach
Nidhri Beach, Lefkada, Greece.
Skala Ghialou Beach, Lefkada Greece.
Skala Ghialou Beach
Skala Ghialou Beach, Lefkada, Greece.
Skala Ghialou Beach

Nidhri and surrounding area beaches on Lefkada.

Apart from it's own beach there are several beaches to the north of the town of Nidhri which are mostly a pebble and sand mix - Skala Ghialou is a pebble and rock beach and Skala Ghialou is quite remote and rugged. Potisies Beach offers sunshades and sunbeds for hire and more or less joins up with Pefkoulia** to the south. Aghios Nikitas Beach has plenty of tavernas and gets really busy on weekends. (If interested in naturism we have also been informed that the north end of Pefkoulia beach (near the village of Agios Nikitas) is pretty deserted early in the season (i.e. June), the beach is easily reached and excellent for nudists to use without bothering anyone else).
Kathisma Beach - this hugely popular Lefkada beach has plenty of sun umbrellas and beach chairs for hire situated on it's sandy beach. You can get to Kathisma beach by road and there is plenty of parking available - but this is needed especially on weekends. We used the beach at Kathisma a lot - although the first part of the beach is very much sun chairs, umbrellas and so on and not naturist, should you walk along south a little and go past several huge rocks which are sat on the beach you can then strip off without bothering anybody. Our Lefkada holiday was taken early in the season so things were very quiet anyway but presumably the beach does segregate itself into naturist and not-naturist areas once things get busier in July and August
Potisies Beach, Lefkada Greece.
Potisies Beach
Aghios Nikitas Beach, Lefkada Greece.
Aghios Nikitas Beach
Lefkas - Kathisma Beach
Kathisma Beach
Kathisma beach on Lefkada Island in Greece.
Kathisma beach

The really beautiful possibly naturist Beach at Kathisma on Lefkada.

Kathisma beach then connects all the way down (heading south) to at least Stous Pilous by beach walking. On the way there are several other lovely beaches - for instance Ghaidharos Beach and then Theotokos Beach which offers some shady areas under the trees. Lefkada's Stous Pilous beach has plenty of space for everyone and there are plenty of beach-let areas along this coastline. Kavalikefta Beach is excellent - it's a wild and rugged beach however by car or bike reaching it involves a long twisty drive down from the main road. Kavalikefta has some parking available and then it's a steep walk down to the beach - and a steep walk up later!. The last of the beaches which sort of connect along the coast with Kathisma is the quite often deserted Meghali Petra Beach.
Lefkas Beach at Kathisma, Lefkada Greece.
Beach at Kathisma
Kathisma beach - Lefkada Greece which has lots of room for naturists.
Kathisma beach
Ghaidharos Beach, Lefkada Greece.
Ghaidharos Beach
Theotokos beach, Lefkada Greece.
Theotokos beach
Lefkas - Theotokos Beach, Lefkada Greece.
Theotokos Beach
Stous Pilous Beach, Lefkada Greece.
Stous Pilous Beach
Lefkas - Kavalikefta Beach, Lefkada Greece.
Kavalikefta Beach
Lefkada Beaches - Kavalikefta Beach
Kavalikefta Beach
Meghali Petra Beach, Lefkada, Greece.
Meghali Petra Beach
Ghialos Beach, Lefkada in Greece.
Ghialos Beach
Lefkada - Ghialos Beach
Ghialos Beach
Ghialos - deserted Lefkas Beaches
Ghialos - deserted Beach

Ghialos Beach on Lefkada Greece.

The usually deserted beach is excellent but it does involve a long drive to get too it - Ghialos is perfect for nude sunbathing and (with care) swimming and just what a Greek Island beach should be like. There is surfaced road so far out of Athani but then it's track - this is ok to drive but the track winds a lot and to get to Athani in the first place you have a huge drive to do especially if you are travelling from Nidhri or Vassiliki. One thing to think about if going to Ghialos is that due to the proximity of the mountains the weather can change rapidly.
Deserted Lefkada Beach at Ghialos
Beach at Ghialos
Egremni Beach
Egremni Beach
Lefkas Beaches - Egremni
Porto Katsiki, Lefkada, Greece.
Porto Katsiki

Egremni Beach is another delightful and really beautiful beach to try out on Lefkada.

However once again it is so isolated from just about anywhere. Getting to Egremni involves around a 3km track drive down to the beach. Porto Katsiki is even further down the Peninsula but this time on a metal road. The colour of the sea is fantastic at Porto Katsiki and it's a really scenic spot - not to be missed during your holiday. Still further down we visited an Un-named beach near Aghios Nikolaos Monastery - this had lots of sea debris and was heavy shingle so perhaps not worth worrying about visiting.
Lefkas - Port Katsiki beach and cliffs
Port Katsiki beach
Lefkas Greek beach with no name
Beach with no name
Pondi - Vasiliki beach, Lefkada Greece.
Pondi - Vasiliki
Amouso Beach - Kastri Bay, Lefkada Greece.
Amouso, Kastri Bay
Afteli Beach - Lefkada, Greece
Afteli Beach
Mikras Ghialos Beach, Lefkada, Greece.
Mikras Ghialos Beach
Dhesimi Bay, Lefkada, Greece.
Dhesimi Bay,
small beaches at Dhesimi Bay, Lefkada, Greece.
Beaches at Dhesimi Bay

Pondi and Vassiliki - the beaches stretch between these two towns then Amouso Beach and Kastri Bay with it's small shingle beach.

Afteli Beach is quite scenic and has a small stoney beach.
Roudha - Mikras Ghialos Beach - This is a scenic Lefkada beach which is tucked deep inside Roudha Bay. Around Dhesimi Bay there are several small shingle beaches to be found alongside the track and at the Santa Maura end of Dhesimi Bay there is a nice beach with tavernas etc. plus at the time of our visit a camp site.
As for dress code on Lefkada's beaches, those that arrive first set the scene - i.e. if naturists arrive first then the beach or at least that bit of it will probably be a nudist beach for the day. Some of these Lefkada beaches are so long that there is plenty of room for all, for instance the apparently separate beaches from Meghali Petra going north to Kathisma are pretty well all joined up so in reality the whole stretch of coast is in effect one huge lovely Greek Island beach.
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