Lefkada's Waterfalls - walking to them from Nidhri.

Starting near Nidhri this circular Lefkada Walk goes via Rachi into the countryside to look at the waterfalls.

This walk is of around 8km and starts off on the north side of Nidhri - the walk is on quiet roads and also note that there is unlikely to be much "waterfall" to see once you get into June.
However the area around the waterfalls is really nice with lots of foliage and rock pools and of course the gorge's rocks.
Nidhri outskirts, Lefkada Greece. From the north end of Nidhri follow the narrow road which goes alongside the concrete stream bed heading inland and soon passing/crossing the end of the by-pass - the area is full of olive trees etc and makes for quite pleasant strolling. Around 1.5km along you join a more main road just outside of Rachi, turn right and then right again - the waterfalls are clearly signposted. Stay on the road eventually walking alongside a small stream to arrive at the waterfalls area where there is a small taverna. Continue ahead and take the fenced rocky path to reach an area of small pools now at the start of a small gorge. Cross some stepping stones and then through a huge arch of boulders to reach the first part of the falls.
waterfall walk - Nidhri Lefkada Nidhri - Rachi - Waterfalls walk, Lefkada Greece. Waterfalls walk Lefkada waterfalls entrance path Lefkas, Lefkada Greece.
On the right hand side there are some (possibly wet and therefore quite slippery) steps which lead up and over a rocky outcrop - you can follow these to reach the actual waterfalls. However you need to be really careful because the side barriers may be brocken/non-existant and rocks may have fallen thus making walking quite difficult - also if there is water in the streambed the whole surface is extremely slippery.
Nidhri waterfall walkway, Lefkada Greece. huge rock guards entrance to Lefkas waterfalls, Lefkada Greece. Return all the way back to Rachi - here you can either go back the same way otherwise you may wish to have a walk into Rachi village for a look round and return to the coast a different way.
To do this turn right at the junction and then shortly afterwards right again on a climbing small road which takes you into the village proper. From here return back out of the village, turn right and wander along the small road - at the next junction continue straight ahead now on a very narrow road through trees. At the next junction turn right - this small road climbs to reach a church and then rejoins the main road. Turn right to pass another church and continue into Aghios Christoforos. At a road junction by a taverna turn left and follow a narrow lane which initially goes steeply downhill. The lane soon flattens as it heads towards the coast - keep ahead at a junction and then later where the road splits (with a tree in the middle)
Lefkada waterfalls Lefkas waterfalls near Nidhri, Lefkada Greece. Aghios Christoforos, Lefkada Greece. old yacht - Nidhri, Lefkada Greece.
take the left fork and continue on down to reach the south side of the bypass near a garage. Cross the usually quiet bypass and probably much busier road and continue on a narrow lane opposite which goes past the right hand side of the garage. When you reach some holiday accommodation walk past it inside the walled area and soon reach the sea - turn left and wander back along the coast to walk back into Nidhri itself.
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