Lesbos Greece Walks and Photos

A Circular Walk from Paraskevi to Paraskevi on Lesbos.

A lovely walk on the Island from Ag. Paraskevi via Moni Taxiarchis and Kremasti Bridge then back to Ag. Paraskevi on Lesbos, Greece.

We really enjoyed this 12 km walk which apart from nice track and path walking had an added bonus.
Lesbos dogLesbos church Not only did we have our own collie dog with us (well the dog adopted us for this walk and walked all 8 miles with us) but we also spent an hour at the Taxiarchis monastery where the resident monk showed us round the inside of the monastery and also round his extensive herb and fruit gardens. Note there are no tavernas etc. available on this walk so take drinks etc.. Also you do have to cross two rivers - if there has been heavy rain then possibly be prepared to get your little toes wet. This circular walk starts at Ag. Paraskevi - from about halfway along the Kalloni saltpans road take the small road which goes across to Ag. Paraskevi. Just as you enter the small town note a yellow church on the right - park as near to this as possible. For guidance just as the road bends sharp right heading into the town we found it easy to park by going straight across onto a small road at the bend and left our car in a parking area a little way up on the right.
Out in the Lesvos countryside - Greece Start the walk from the small yellow church and take the small road opposite which is signposted to "Klopedi" - this road goes between houses for several 100 metres and then climbs up to a crest where it becomes a dirt track. Continue on the track - great views all around - pass a small church on the left and then the track drops down to a t-junction with a farm seemingly in the middle.
Go right and follow the track round and at the next junction go right again. Continue along the track to reach another track junction - turn left here on a concrete bridge to go over the river. Turn left again and stay on the track, now with the river on the left, the track soon climbs up through olive groves and turns itself into a grassy track
Farm buildings on Lesbos Island Greece Lesbos Well and Trough small stream on Lesvos Lesbos Island hills
. Go through a gate and quite shortly afterwards come to a small church slightly below you on the left. From the church take a very narrow rocky path on the right which goes up to a high wire fence and a building - this is the Klopedi Temple building and presumably the entrance to the site, but the gate was locked. We found the way to continue was to follow the site's high wire fence clockwise until we spotted a track - by this time another smaller fence had joined in the fun so we climbed over this and continued to follow the site's high fence on round now walking on a track. A little way along we came to a gate in the fence which we were able to open and thus go into the site for a look round.
Lesbos very small Greek church under the trees. Lesbos Greece - Klopedi Klopedi on Lesbos, greece Lesvos Greece - Moni Taxiarchis
From the gate turn right and continue on the track which bends to the left as it passes through a small parking area, turn right at the next track junction and keep going to quite soon get a view and then shortly after reach the Moni Taxiarchis. With the monastery gate behind you take a path on the right which goes down immediately alongside the monastery wall - i.e. do not continue on track. This stony path is walled at times and winds down into the bottom of the valley to meet a river - follow the river for a while and then at a wide and very stony area look for stepping stones and cross over to the other side.
Go left, initially alongside the river (which is now on your left), the very stony path gradually leaves the stream and eventually becomes a walled track - in May this was really great to walk along with flowers and shrubs as well as the birds and butterflies etc.. The track starts to descend and then the Kremasti Bridge comes into view, at the track junction turn right and just over half a kilometre from the bridge turn right on a track - there is a farm on the left and up on a rise to the right lots of smaller buildings - also about 2 million yapping dogs. Fortunately OUR sheepdog sorted them all out so we were well protected from the vicious beasties - joking since the dogs were all little yappy things.
path leaving from Moni Taxiarchis on Lesbos Island. Very nice little Lesbos stream Lesbos shaded track Lesbos Greece - the beautiful Kremasti Bridge
The track now continues through farm land - bends to the right and then at a t-junction by a stone wall turn left - this was quite a smelly, muddy and rutted track for a while, cross a stream bed and turn left at the next junction to go onto a nice walled moni-path. Pass farm buildings on the left and then turn right at a t-junction - this path then takes you back to the river. Do not cross here to a visible path opposite, instead go left alongside the river and after about 100 metres then cross over on stepping stones - this crossing is way-marked. Walk up the steep rough track - once up to the top of the rise this changes into a walled path and soon reaches the main dirt road..
Kremasti Bridge on Lesbos Island in Greece arch of Kremasti Bridge, Lesvos another rocky lesbos stream Lesbos Greece countryside
Turn left and follow this road - there are good views of the Lesbos countryside and Napi along here - on reaching the tarmac road turn right and follow this back into Ag. Paraskevi. Make you way back through the small town to your original start point - there are plenty of tavernas and cafes available if it has become time for a drink.

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