Lesbos Greece Walks and Photos

Walking up to Mount Olympus on Lesbos Island, Greece.

Starting out from Agiassos Village this walk takes you up to the top of Mount Olympus and returns mostly on a beautiful cobbled path (kalderini).

This Mount Olympus walk might be considered as Moderate to Strenuous because of the climb, temperature and heat if walked in Summer. Doing this 14km on Lesbos Greece is necessary if you feel the need to get to a "highest point" - the walk is mostly on tracks on the way up and comes back mostly via a really nice kalderimi. The top is very populated with the aerials and buildings etc. but you are rewarded with great views of the island, a small church to look at plus several bench seats to collapse on for your picnic. Incidentally there are no problems at all with vertigo on this walk unless you try very hard to find such.
The start of the walk is in Agiassos Village at the car park (which is also the bus stop and taxi area). Walk slightly up and through the end of the car park into the village passing several tavernas, turn right just past the library (which is situated only a few metres from the end of the car park).
Pass to the right of Zoodochou Pigis church and bell tower, then turn left along a small road between houses to arrive at a junction by garages, turn sharp right and then right again up the sign-posted cobbled path (kalderimi) - this very quickly becomes a dirt track. Pass a small concrete/breeze block building on the left and continue on the dirt track as it swings left and steeply up - stay on the track as it winds mostly up but sometimes down passing through really lovely woodland.
Zoodochou Pigis Church on Lesvos Island, Greece. shady paths to walk along on Lesvos, Greece. shrub and flower lined track on Lesvos, Greece. Distant Mount Olympus comes into view on Lesbos, Greece.
Eventually the track climbs quite steeply to reach a dirt road [N39°03'55" E026°22'51"], turn right and continue steadily up - now with good views of Mount Olympos away to the right.
At a track junction (around 1km along) keep left then descend very steeply to reach another wide t-junction. Turn right at this signposted junction and go even further down to reach another track junction - go left (i.e. stay on the main track). The track now starts to climb and winds it's way round the hill - on a bend pass a concrete water tank and trough - just keep going up as the track goes away from the mountain but then bends sharply to head directly back towards it.
Up to Olympus with rolling hills to walk through on Lesbos, Greece. Lesbos Greece - Mount Olympus aerials and  Profitis Ilias church. Lesvos countryside Lesvos Greece
Ignore a track coming in from the left - after levelling out the track then descends to meet a dirt road and then shortly afterwards another road joins - but just keep going on your track to arrive by a large building on the left. The track then winds steeply up to the summit. Return back down to pass the large building - go left up the track and after a short distance look for a footpath on the left [N39°04'08" E026°21'11"] - this is by some rocks and is marked.
Just continue on down this really nice stony path to eventually come out on the track by the previously passed concrete water tank and trough. Turn left and walk back down the track for about a kilometre, when the track levels out look out for red markings on a pine tree and a path leaving downwards on the left [N39°04'11" E026°22'05"].
This stony path starts off between trees and bushes, ignore any side paths and just stay on this main path to reach a dirt track.
Lesbos cobbled path heading upwards - again! Gorgeous walking path near Mt Olympus, Lesbos, Greece. Cobbled paths for excellent walking on Lesbos, Greece. A Beautifull Lesbos cobbled path
Go right and after a few metres climb down on the left (this area has been heavily bulldozed) via a gate and fence to reach the kalderimi. Generally this kalderimi is in really good condition - simply stay on this all the way back to a track where you turn left and retrace your steps back into Agiassos.

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