Lesbos Greece Walks and Photos

Beaches and Places on Lesbos Island in Greece.

The following shows a few pictures plus comments about some of the beaches on Lesbos.

Kambos Beach on Lesvos - normally deserted especially early in the holiday season.

Kambos Beach is a really wild and very long beach and seemingly hardly a soul in sight. There are no tavernas around so it's just perfect for stripping off and having a naturist swim and then a short naturist walk to dry off without disturbing anybody else. Another nice thing about Kambos were all the various birds whizzing around amongst the shrubs to give us something to watch whilst globally warming ourselves up in the sunshine.
Lesvos Greece - rugged Kambos Beach. Kambos Beach on Lesbos Island in Greece. The sandy beach at Kambos - Lesvos, Greece. Quite empty of people but lots of birds at Kambos Beach - Lesbos in Greece.

Photos of Ambelia Beach (twice) and then Megali Tsikhranda and Anaxos Beaches on Lesvos Greece.

We did a walk to both Ambelia and Megali Tsikhranda Beaches - these two Lesbos beaches are mostly pebble and were pretty mucky with seaweed and other flotsam but possibly they get cleaned up as the season gets going. The beach at Anaxos is a long sandy stretch which offers chairs and sun umbrellas for hire.
Lesvos Island and a few waves at Ambelia beach. Ambelia Beach on Lesvos Island, Greece. Lesvos - Megali Tsikhranda beach can be quite scruffy. The long sandy Anaxos Beach on Lesbos, Greece.

Below from left to right - Lesbos beaches at Eftalou, Sigri, Kagia and along the Petra Coast.

Sigri beach is probably even longer than Anaxos's beach - the entire place was virtually empty although there were various sections of beach umbrellas etc. set up and and several tavernas available. Apparently Sigri is mostly deserted apart from August when it bounces into life with lots of people from the Greek mainland plus many from Italy descending into it for their annual holidays. The beaches around Petra are sandy and at least before the main tourist season do suffer from lots of weed.
Lesvos -  Eftalou Beach. Sigri Beach on Lesbos Greece. Lots of sand at Kagia Beach on Lesvos, Greece. Petra Beach - Lesbos Island, Greece.

Towns, Villages and Places of interest to visit whilst on holiday on Lesbos Island Greece.

Narrow stepped alley at Molyvos - Lesvos, Greece. Molyvos Town - Lesvos, Greece.

Molovos Town and Harbour on Lesbos Greece.

Molovos is a fairly busy place - quite a few people seem to like walking between Molovos and Petra or vica versa. Molovos is a pretty little port with fishing boats and so on plus the to Petra runs from here. The port's cobbled streets are great to walk around, there are lots of tavernas but the shops seem to be pure touristy (to be expected really). Similarly to quite a few others on holiday on the Island, we made the climb up to the castle but could not get in since it only opens until 1430h but maybe this changes during the Summer.
Molyvos fishing boats at the harbour - Lesvos, Greece. Molyvos Port - Lesvos, Greece. Molyvos Castle and Town on Lesvos. Molyvos - Greek Island of Lesvos.

Visiting The Petrified Forest on Lesbos Greece.

This is an interesting place so well worth a visit and has only small entrance fee - there is a cafe where you can buy drinks and snacks. We found it was extremely hot when walking the several kilometres down and round the petrified trees even in mid May so wearing a hat and taking a bottle of water with you might be advisable.
Petrified Forest - Lesvos, Greece. Lesbos's Petrified Forest - Greece. One of the trees at the Petrified Forest on Lesbos. Lesbos Greece - Petrified Forest.

Skala Sikamineas church on Lesbos, Greece. Skala Sikamineas Harbour, Lesbos, Greece. Lesvos Greece, Skala Sikamineas boats. Skala Sikamineas. This nice coastal village is well known for it's fish tavernas, has a great little harbour and an unusally named church which is perched on a rock - "Panagia Gorgona" - The Virgin Mary Mermadi.
Lesvos Greece - Sigri Town. Sigri harbour in Lesvos, Greece.Sigri Castle on Lesvos, Greece. Sigri - Lesbos. Not much further along from the Petrified Forest and certainly worth going too especially if you are using a hire car. Sigri is a nice pleasant place to visit and has a museum and castle to look round. There are quite a few tavernas and also quite a decent beach on one side of the town. Don't miss taking a look round the port's main defences which can be seen from the castle wall.
The church at Sigri, Lesvos, Greece. Lesbos Greece - Sigri Castle. Sigri - Lesbos, Greece Sigri and an old rusty army tank - Lesbos, Greece.

Going to take a look at some Waterfalls on Lesvos Greece.

The track going down to these Lesbos waterfalls starts from the road about 3kms south of Achladeri. There is quite a large parking area and a sign in Greek "PYRGI PESAS" but this track is very easy to miss as you drive along, or initially drive past it in our case. This is an easy walk of 3kms and perhaps takes around an hour to wander around.
Walk down the track (ignore a track to the right just after starting off), then at the next track junction ignore the sign telling you to go left - instead go right. Continue down to another track junction, turn left still going down until you come to a bridge over the river. Turn left just before the bridge on a path and now simply follow the stream back up through initially open country, then woodland. The path becomes more rocky as it goes above the stream (which is protected with a wooden fence). Continue on up the path then turn right to reach a viewing platform. Return back to where you turned right but this time keep straight on, follow the path which eventually becomes a track to reach a track junction. Turn right here and walk on back to the parking area.
Lesvos waterfalls - Greece. Greek Island of Lesbos waterfalls Lesvos rock-pool and waterfalls, Greece Just about some water in the Waterfall at Lesvos in Greece.

Wildlife on Lesbos Greece including one or two Snakes.

Without doubt on Lesbos there are quite a few snakes around even in the towns and villages. Out in the countryside they are often to be seen. For instance when walking in the hills you are likely to see sometimes quite large ones including several nose-horned vipers (worth avoiding to say the least). However most of the snakes on Lesvos are either Montpelliers (still somewhat poisonous but not lethal), Lesvos Greece and a once Leopard Snake.whip snakes and rarer leopard snakes. As mentioned the snakes are not restricted to the hills but are also down in the villages. We stayed at Anaxos (near Petra) and they were certainly around there too (usually just small snakes though). Generally when out walking the noise made by our boots on the rocks and undergrowth scared them off but sometimes vipers (the only dangerous snake on Lesvos) especially seemed a bit reluctant to move. On two occasions my wife (in the lead on a rising rocky path) literally walked over a viper which then decided to move just as I arrived. On another occasion whilst hiking along a track up in the mountains my wife pointed out a very large (and seemingly grumpy) viper with it's head up in strike position slithering alongside me for several yards and only about a foot away - sadly it went off before we could get a photo.

Lizards were around including the quite large Balkan Green Lizard. Near the various springs and streams the air was full of many different types of butterflies. No sign of wasps but maybe just a little early for them to become a pest but there were plenty of very large bees around. Birds. Where to start - we saw Black Storks, eagles, buzzards, flamingos, bee-eaters, lots of gold finches and swallows and even a Hoopoe. Lesbos island is a major attraction to bird watchers of course - particularly in early Spring. And for the first time ever on a Greek island we actually saw several foxes.

Lesvos Flora photos: To finish off find below a series of photos showing some of the flowers and flora which can be spotted and enjoyed whilst wandering about on Lesvos (before things get too hot of course).
Lesvos flowers Lesvos fauna flowers and shrubs in Lesvos, Greece. Lesbos - various fauna

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