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The Greek Island of Lesbos (Lesvos) - Holiday, Beach Guides, Walks and Photos.

There is plenty to do and see while on holiday on the Island of Lesvos in Greece - beautiful beaches, walks to try out and places to visit on day trips.

The Greek Holiday Island of Lesbos (which is sometimes spelt "Lesvos") is located in the Aegean Sea and is the third largest of Greece's Islands - it's nearest neighbour is Turkey. Lesvos airport is located just a few kilometres south of Mytilene and has frequent direct flights to Athens. During the summer holiday season there are many direct flights arriving from countries including Cyprus, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Germany and the U.K. There is a Greek ferry service running all year round which originates in Pireaus - which includes stopping off at Lesvos. Once the holiday season gets underway there are considerably more ferry services available from Lesvos to a variety of islands including Mykonos and Samos.

Lesbos Island is particularly good for anyone who likes walking and hiking - lots of beautiful paths and tracks are available for long and short walks.

At the end of our two weeks holiday we had trekked more than 250km - both on paths and tracks - and reckoned Lesbos had given us the best walking we have ever found on a Greek Island - well maybe Andros is about as good too. Since we were staying in Anaxos quite a bit of walking was done from there in the form of circulars but also we used taxis to get out into the island a little way and walked back. Other walks were done from Agiassos and from Kalloni - we just did not have the time to go down to the south of the island where there many more paths and tracks to walk shown on the maps. Also we walked out of the Agiassos area on several circulars including a wander up to the top of Mt. Olympus (where should not be issues about vertigo).
These are our Lesbos/Lesvos Greece items:-

Getting Around and About while staying on Lesbos Greece: Taxis, Buses and Car-hire.

There seemed to be plenty of taxis available on Lesvos with even smaller towns having a taxi rank. As always it is best to agree a price before departure. Take a look at Lesvos Taxi Service - the owner Theo speaks English and can provide services such as port and airport pickups and sightseeing trips etc. around Lesvos. For getting out to our various walks we found the taxi drivers very flexible and happy to be shown "somewhere" on a map and then take us there.
Buses. The bus services were barely starting up when we went on holiday to Lesbos but this was early season (May). Towards the end of May a bus service was apparently about to commence between Anaxos - Petra - Molivos.
Driving on Lesbos. Generally speaking the roads are well surfaced. The trip between Petra and Kalloni is just full of hair-pin bends and should you get stuck behind a coach or lorry then there are only a couple of short stretches where overtaking is perhaps possible.
Beware of several things in particular - flocks of sheep which are regularly moved around on the roads and also farmers driving in pick-up trucks. The farmers (as is quite typical on Greek Islands) simply stop their trucks where they want to be and if this is on a blind bend or a double white line road then so be it.
Another road block of sort is courtesy of the military which are quite often on the roads especially by Kalloni and on out past the saltpans. The lorries they use seem to be totally worn out - hardly able to move above a few miles per hour even on the flat and belching out incredibly horrible and smelly black diesel exhaust fumes.
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Books and Maps for Lesvos: Sunflower Books Lesvos - isbn 1-85691-237-x
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