Lipsi Greece - Holiday, Beach, Walks and Photos Guide.

View across Lipsi Greece and it's harbour

Lipsi is a lovely quiet little Greek Island with excellent beaches, loads of churches and plenty of easy walks to enjoy.

We visited the Greek Island of Lipsi (also known as Lipsos) as the full holiday season was thinking about really starting i.e. early July - we were in fact having a mini Greek Island Hop and on our way from Kos Greece to Patmos Island when the Catamaran stopped there briefly. Basically we took one look and had no option but to stop over - it just looked so beautiful and peaceful and exactly how you might expect (and hope) a Greek holiday Island would be.
Travelling to Lipsi.
Flying. There is no commercial airport on the island - just a heli-pad which is there for emergencies.
Ferries. Lipsi is on the high speed Flying Dolphin service and even faster Dodekanisos Express Catamarans routes and they all arrive regularly. The local Patmos Express also visits the island frequently plus there are day trips arriving from neighbouring islands which could be used if necessary - for instance as part of an island hopping holiday. Apart from these Aegean area ferries there are also regular visits by the much larger long distance ferries too.
If you want a hectic night life then generally speaking Lipsi is probably not the island to pick for your Greek Holiday - however if you appreciate what some especially smaller Greek islands have to offer - i.e. serenity, beautiful surroundings, good food and a completely layed back atmosphere then Lipsos is an excellent choice. Add to this some really nice beaches which in most cases can easily be walked too from the town (there is also a mini-bus service to take you to beaches located a little further away), plus the opportunity to have a little bit of hiking around on the reasonably flat island - what more could you ask for?.

General Information - costs etc. whilst on Lipsi Island in Greece.

One of the tavernas at Lipsi by the harbour area Greek Island of Lipsi - flower covered taverna Lipsi Tavernas - there are several tavernas bordering Lipsi's harbour (the main town bears the same name as the island) - we used several of them and they all gave good value for money - well cooked food, lots of it and some nice wine. The views of the harbour as you sit and enjoy the atmosphere are free of charge. Costs were pretty much in line with what you will find on other Greek Islands i.e. you are quite pushed to spend more than around 30 Euros for two people on your food and wine.
Supermarkets. There is a really well stocked supermarket about 250 metres from where the ferries dock. We only saw one ATM - this is located across the open area from the supermarket just below the older part of the town.
Getting Around and About on Lipsi. You can hire scooters/mopeds and we think even a car if you wish whilst on the island - however there is also a mini-bus service wandering around parts of the island so getting about is not a problem. The way we like to get around is by hiking on paths and tracks etc. and Lipsi is a friendly island for this activity.

Lipsi Greece Rooms and Hotels.

Only a short distance from where the ferries arrive there are several places offering studios, rooms and other types of accommodation. In fact the owners are often present as each ferry comes in - they have brochures showing their rooms etc. and will give you a good price usually - particularly in the early part of the holiday season. As a guide we stayed at a really nice place which had a spacious bedroom, really fully equipped kitchen area and excellent bathroom and shower - plus a patio area which was surrounded with pot plants, a lounger and so on overlooking the harbour. This cost us 30 Euros per day which was an absolute bargain but room prices always reflect supply and demand of course.
The older part of Lipsi Town is located at the opposite end of the ferry terminal - it is dominated by a very large church however the village is quite small and just wanders it's way up the hillside for a while - great to stroll around in the evening after a nice meal in a Lipsi taverna. One thing that you really do notice about Lipsi (the village) apart from the peace and quiet are the huge number of churches everywhere - and also the island seems to possess some very snooty looking goats.
Harbour front at peaceful Lipsi, Greece Lipsi fishing boats street in the old part of Lipsi village The huge church at Old Lipsi

Beaches on the Greek Island of Lipsi.

Sadly we only had a few days on the island as actually stopping there was a last minute decision so we did not get to see very many of them - instead we did some nice walks to see the coastline etc. The nearest beach is located just a short stroll away from the ferry terminal area - head round the harbour and very soon take the first road on the left which crosses the island and you will find this beach which is tree-lined and sandy. You can see from there that there are several other beaches located further around the cove within easy walking distance - as well as not so surprisingly more two churches.
The Town beach just a few 100 metres from Lipsi Harbour
The nearest beach
to Lipsi harbour
More beaches as you go on around the cover at Lipsi, Greece
More Lips beaches as you go on round the cove
Greek island of Lipsi's Monodendri beach
Monodendri Beach -naturists use this
Beach on Lipsi with no name near Monodendri
A stoney beach -no name- near Monodendri Beach
View from above Ayios Nikolaos beach
Ayios Nikolaos beach
on Lipsi
Tourkomnia beach on Lipsi, Greece
Tourkomnia beach,
another busy Lipsi beach
Kouloura Beach
Kouloura beach
Lipsi, Greece
Lipsi - Greece - Kato Kimisi beach
Kato Kimisi beach
- a beautiful beach
Anyone going wandering off to these Lipsi beaches should remember that there are almost certainly no facilities available - you need to have a hat plus plenty of water with you.
You are also unlikely to see anyone else the further away from Lipsi Town you get - perhaps just the occasional naturist wandering the coastline.

A shortish circular walk on Lipsi Greece from the town which goes via Monodendri.

This is just 8.5kms or so long with a few short climbs. Start from the village square by Lipsi's large church of Agios Ioannis and with the church on your right and with the Post Office in front of you cross the square and take the lane on the left, then shortly turn right by the Bakery.
Almost immediately turn left down some steps onto a road - then turn left along the road to reach a junction and a nice church on your left. Go right at the junction and follow this lane which climbs very steeply out of the village and eventually reaches the small church of Ag. Ioannis at a five-way road junction. Go straight across and shortly after passing the reservoir (which is on the left and probably dry) take a dirt road on the right - follow this as it meanders through countryside and passes a stone chapel - continue on to reach a track junction. Continue straight ahead then after a short distance you will see some signs up on the left by a fence indicating the route to Monodendri - make your way up to one of the signs and then follow along the fence to reach a gate.
Lipsi - Town Square Ayios Ioannis - Lipsi These are very important Lipsi Goats Stone built church in the Lipsi countryside
Gate to the Monodendri path on Lipsi Monodendri Peninsular and it's lone tree - Lipsi Three white islands - Voria Aspronisia - near Lipsi Greece Ayios Nikolaos church and beach at Lipsi
Continue through this gate and walk on downhill to reach the beach. On reaching the coast go left along the path and through more gates and head for the lone tree on Monodendri beach. Return back along the coast this time following the path as it more or less hugs the coast, crosses one large stoney beach and goes through several gates.
When you reach the walls of a large holiday house you have to go left almost to the sea and scramble down through a gap onto the beach - then go onto some steps and continue along the coast. You eventually reach the peninsula and the chapel of Ayios Nikolaos and the tree-shaded beach - there is a bit of a wall to sit on and watch very little happening for a while.
Nice view and countryside as the route returns into Lipsi views as you walk out of Lipsi Turning point from the road onto the rubble track - Lipsi Nice Lipsi path heading into the hills
Walk out of the peninsular on a track which goes along Tourkomnia Beach - ignore the first track on the right which just goes back to the holiday home, but take the next track about halfway round the beach. Follow this sandy track as it undulates a little and swings round to the left and continues with quite soon Kouloura Beach visible over on the left. The track reaches a concrete road - turn right here and then when this concrete road reaches a tarmac road turn left and follow the road as it drops quite steeply down and then climbs back up to and over a ridge to at last drop quite steeply back into Lipsi Town.

Higher up, the Lipsi path flattens a little Annex and Guard Goat at Lipsi's Stavros Chapel

Lipsi Greek Island Walk to Kato Kimisi and Apano Kimisi and back.

10.5kms - fairly strenuous especially in hot weather. From the harbour where the ferries dock head along the harbour front and then take the first road on the left - this soon crosses over to reach Lipsi's Town Beach and perhaps not unsurprisingly two more of Lipsi's many churches come into view nestled in the hillside. Continue past the beach and stay on the main road heading inland (ignoring a track going off to the left around the bay). Continue uphill to reach a road junction - just to the left is the start of a rough path - take this rubble steep path staying always close to the wall then after around 100 yards the path goes right where steps have been cut. Still climbing on a this quite loose surfaced path you reach a gap in a wall - from here onwards the path is much easier to walk on. There are fairly frequent red dots marked on the route so you cannot go wrong. The path goes through another gate and then passes into open countryside where there are quite high shrubs and some trees. You eventually reach a tiny church annex and Stravos Chapel - this is an excellent place to stop and cool down - there are some bench seats and a stone table. Ensure that you keep the Chapel's gate closed because there are lots of goats around the area.
Lipsos/Lipsi Greece - Stavros Chapel Lipsi Greece - Five Saints The Chapel at Five Saints on Lipsi - Greece Five Saints - Lipsi, Greece Kato Kimissi (Lower Hermitage) Lipsi, Greece.
Continue now on a dirt path to reach a huge church complex called the Five Saints - the entrance gate to this is to the right where all the tracks meet - it is perfectly ok to go and have a look round but again it is essential that you keep the entrance gate closed because of those goats.
From the church entrance gates take the concrete road on the left - this goes very steeply down to the sea - note there is no shade at all and obviously you will have to eventually climb up it again.
Path up to Apano Kimissi on Lipsi Apano Kimissi (Upper Herminate) on Lipsi - Greece On reaching the coast and the beach the path on the left takes you the short distance to see the Hermitage of Kato Kimisi - there is also a quite mucky spring just below the Hermitage. You can clearly see the very impressive paved path which heads from the other side of the pebble beach up along the coast - this is the way to the Upper Hermitage of Apano Kimisi. Note that this is around a kilometre and you actually end up climbing quite a way up the hillside - however there are a couple of places with some trees and a little shade. Having looked at the Upper Hermitage walk on back down to the beach and then you have the nice long hot grind of a walk back up to the junction at the Five Saints.
The path back down to the Lower Hermitage - Lipsi A Lipsi Goat on the Trail Walking downhill to look for the path back - Lipsi, Greece Back on the original outbound path by the Gate - Lipsi
Different views on the walk back from the aerials - Lipsi Greek Island The Town Beach at Lipsi This now is decision time:
If you take the main road away from the church you can walk on down to the beaches at Platis Gialos and then if you want have a sunbathe etc and take the regular mini-bus back to Lipsi Town. or
if like us you need to walk on up to a high point - i.e. the aerials take the track back towards Stravos Chapel but turn right on the dirt track which heads up to the visible aerials. From the back of the aerial site there is a stone wall - turn left down hill with the wall on the right and always keeping as near to it as possible you will eventual reach the outgoing path by a gate. From here simply follow the route back to Lipsi - obviously you can divert to one of the Town beaches once you are back on the flat.

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