Paros has beautiful countryside for Walks - Greece

Walking to Marathi Marble Quarries on Paros, Greece.

This Paros Walk visits the ancient Marathi Marble Quarries and the old Moni Aghios Minas.

For a change on Paros, this is just a short stroll of around 4kms (but add in 1.5km if you detour to the small church of Aghia Kiriaki) - starting off with a look round the ancient marble quarries (the Acropolis was built using marble from this quarry) and then along the valley to the very old Moni Aghios Minas before wandering back to Marathi. You need to take a torch if you intend going into the quarry and also something reasonable on your feet since the surfaces are slippery and steep. The number 1 bus from Parikia will drop you off on the road by the track which leads to the quarries otherwise you can of course get a taxi. Just follow the track by the signpost passing several old buildings - some of the quarried areas are more or less open caste but two of them involve a long slippery walk - you will definitely need a torch since after only a few metres it is pretty well pitch black and also extremely rubbly underfoot so good footwear is really necessary.
old mine buildings at the Marble Quarry on Paros, Greece. Paros and the old disused Marathi Marble quarry hidden rocky entrance to the ancient Paros Marathi Marble Quarry An entrance to Marathi Marble Quarry on Paros
Note if you are feeling adventurous it is possible to walk down one quarry and back out via the other.. The "easiest" to go down is the first one on the left - the one further along seemed far harder to get into and had far more rubble but do look at the carving just by it's entrance. This is really quite difficult to walk down since there is a huge amount of rubble lying around and in places its quite wet and therefore very slippery. Don't be put off though - once at the bottom you can wander around the now more level tunnels and look at huge chunks of marble etc.
Walking back out is somewhat easier apart from the steep climb since you get light from the entrance to help you.
Low tunnel entrance at Marathi Marble Quarrys on Paros in Greece.inside Marathi Marble Quarry The climb out of one of the tunnesl - Marathi Marble Quarry Paros Ancient Marathi Marble Quarrys and a dark tunnel - Paros Greece
Having looked around the area take a track on the left which follows a dry river bed and soon winds round to the right and after a while arrives at a track junction. The left track takes you very steeply uphill to a small church - this is a very pleasant picnic site with good views and well worth the effort. If you don't want to divert to the church then go right at the junction and follow the track up to the monastery.
Paros path heading from the Monastery back to the road. Small church near the marble quarries on  Paros rolling Paros hillside Outside walls of Aghios Minas Monastery - Paros
Paros and the old Aghios Minas Monastery. Paros countryside and a dusty track. Hillside on the far side of Aghios Minas Monastery on Paros. quiet village street on Paros, Greece
Aghios Minas Monastery is really nice - it is very old and does look like it is slowly falling apart. Someone does still live there so if you want to look inside simply ring the bell and the chances are you can be shown round. From the monastery continue on the track which descends into a valley and then climbs out again between hills - remember to look back as you get really nice views of the monastery and the countryside. Simply stay on the track - at a junction go right and follow what is now a small surfaced road back into Marathi. At the main road turn left for the nearest bus stop or if you have used your own transport turn right for a short distance back to the quarry entrance.
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