Paros has beautiful countryside for Walks - Greece

Paros Greece - Lefkes to Golden Beach.

Walking from the highest village on Paros i.e. Lefkes down to the coast and Golden Beach on Paros, Greece.

This 18km walk starts at the bus stop in Lefkes and slowly descends through a beautiful valley to reach a coastal path and then ends up at Golden Beach. It kicks off on a really Lefkes to Golden Beach - Paros Greece Lefkes to Golden Beach (Paros) nice paved and walled path which wanders along the side of the valley to eventually reach the pretty village of Prodhromos. Then there is a little bit along quiet roads before continuing on a pretty hard climb up to Aghios Antonios Monastery and finally all the way down again to go on to the end of the walk at Golden Beach. There is a fairly frequent and reliable bus service from Parikia to Lefkes - get off the bus by the tavernas (the bus drivers often call out the names of the various villages on route but you can always ask him to let you know when you get to Lefkes to be sure). An alternative way is to get a taxi from the rank at Parikia - this is located near the ferry terminals and their should be a fixed rate from Parikia to Lefkes.
The bus stop is at the top of the village by a bend on the main road - follow the small road into the village - ignore a road on the left which heads steeply down towards the church far below - just continue along round the top of the village, soon pass a taverna and then a sign indicating the Byzantine Road.
Continue round the top of the village until a cafe appears in front of you, turn right on the increasingly narrow village road and then right again following the now dirt path round to a junction - here the Byzantine Road is clearly marked. Just as you start on the path have a look at some old wash houses and springs which are hidden on the left amongst  the trees.
Golden Bay Walk on Paros Lefkes to Golden Beach (Paros) Lefkes to Golden Beach (Paros) Lefkes to Golden Beach (Paros)
Paros Greece -Lefkes to Golden Beach Walk Paros Greece -Lefkes to Golden Beach Walk The next part of the walk is now straightforward - the path goes alongside the valley soon with good views back to the village and it's very impressive church, the valley and fields below as well as several windmills higher up on the right. The path dips down eventually to cross a small bridge and then climbs easily back over the next rise - then slowly drops down to the outskirts of Prodhromos. Aghios Antonios Monastery is now clearly visible perched on the coned hilltop (Kefalos). Go right into the village where you will see some direction arrows and a map. The myriad of marbled effect small streets are really pretty with plenty of flowers etc. so it is well worth spending a little while having a look round. To continue the walk - and because of the numerous small roads you can easily lose your sense of direction
Paros Greece -Lefkes to Golden Beach Walk Windmill Marpisa Paros Paros village church Marpisa Church Paros
hilltop monastery Paros Paros Greece -Lefkes to Golden Beach Walk You need to get to the far side of the village and onto the main road [N37°03'04.55" E025°14'25.91"], so if necessary just ask someone how to get to there. Turn right and follow the main road away from the village - just having passed a delightful church somewhat hidden in the field on the left (although we of course did go and look inside it before continuing our walk) take a dirt road on the left which soon heads right very steeply up hill to enter Marpisa village.
Go through the village passing a church to reach a road, go right to soon reach three windmills on the left. Take the road on the left which passes these windmills - this now becomes a concrete road which heads very steeply up towards the monastery. The road levels out a little by a fairly large concrete reservoir on the right - leave the concrete road heading towards the reservoir but almost immediately take a small moni path which goes off on the left. This really nice path is paved in places, it climbs very steeply at times as it wanders on up through trees and with great views of the coast passing the ruins of a church on the right and then on the left a small church - to finally reach the base of the monastery.
Paros Greece -Lefkes to Golden Beach Walk Paros Greece -Lefkes to Golden Beach Walk Paros Greece -Lefkes to Golden Beach Walk Paros Greece -Lefkes to Golden Beach Walk
The monastery itself may have its gates locked but if you go left along the outer wall a stone has been placed so that you can easily climb into the grounds. There is a really nice shady area for sitting and enjoying a drink and perhaps lunch but note there is no running water available here. You can walk right round the monastery walls and there are great views of the island including Molos Bay and it's huge beach and of Piso Livadi fishing village.
Lefkes to Golden Beach Walk on Paros Lefkes to Golden Beach Walk on Paros Lefkes to Golden Beach Walk on Paros Lefkes to Golden Beach Walk on Paros
brilliant white Paros church
Return back down to the windmills at Marpisa, turn left and then on reaching the main road go right soon passing the Hotel Afendakis - then shortly take a small road on the left (opposite a church).
Continue on this small road for about 500 metres - there are several dovecote towers nearbye - until you reach some derelict houses, go left in front of the houses on a dirt track and stay on this track until you reach a junction, turn left and then left again to reach a main road. Turn right and then shortly go left on the road marked to "Pounda" - follow this road all the way down to the beach area.
Turn right to join a coastal path - this takes you along past Mesadha beach to then join a road at New Golden Beach.
Carry on along the road but as the road goes right keep left along a dirt track which more or less follows the coast - there is a large hotel in front of you which appears to block the way but you can go to the left of this hotel alongside its outer walls.
Tree shaded Beach on Paros, Greece. Lefkes to Golden Beach Paros Lefkes to Golden Beach walk on Paros, Greece. Lefkes to Golden Beach Paros
Soon you pass a small church and the large sandy bay which is Golden Beach comes into view. The best place to get the bus back is to go along the beach to the far end where there are two tavernas - take the road leaving the beach between the tavernas and follow this for a short 5 minute stroll back up to the main road. On the main road there is a small supermarket next to the bus stop where you can get cold drinks etc. and sit in the shade whilst waiting for the bus
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