Mykonos Island Photos - Mykonos Town

The Greek Island of Mykonos.

Mykonos Town - a Greek ferry leaving the harbour

Harbour and Windmill Pictures from a wander around Mykonos Town.

Scattered around this page are a few photographs from around Mykonos Harbour and Old Town which we took whilst waiting for our next ferry - on route on yet another Greek Island holiday. Since Paros and Naxos do not have runways capable of receiving jet aircraft if you are travelling / going on holiday to these and other adjacent islands you may well go via Mykonos and end up having to wait around for a ferry.
Mykonos Town is a bustling but pleasant place with a nice harbour and it's narrow typical Greek Island streets are well worth having a wander around - as is a visit to look at the windmills which watch over the harbour. One problem we found with Mykonos Town is that it is really expensive for food and drinks - two cups of fairly indifferent coffee can easily cost you 15+ Euros and the food at the harbour-side tavernas is equally expensive (well we thought it so but perhaps we are getting too old and still remember the Dracula...).
Anway we several years ago learned to make certain we already had food and drink with us whenever Mykonos was on our itinerary. Actually we also try to have food and drink with us if/when we have to use the airport there too since the food is not that fabulous and is equally expensive. The days of just leaving bags and cases in a pile by a quayside for a few hours or even overnight on a Greek Island and being certain nobody would touch them are perhaps sadly disappearing - unattended luggage is now perhaps a thing of the past. If you have several hours to kill and don't want to log your suitcases etc. around we found a place on the harbour front called the One Stop which will store bags etc for a few hours though of course it does cost a few Euros - other establishments in the area will also do this too.
Mykonos Town has some particularly nice windmills which are in pretty good condition and it's well worth the effort to go and wander around them for a while and of course take a few photos too.
Mykonos Town windmills Mykonos windmills, Mykonos Island - Greece. windmills in Mykonos Town Mykonos windmill, Mykonos Island - Greece.
Windmills spotted on Mykonos Island - Greece. Mykonos Town church Old Town Church, Mykonos Island - Greece. Lots of churches in Mykonos Old Town
ancient church Mykonos Mykonos old church, Mykonos Island - Greece. Yet another Mykonos church church perched on the sea edge at Mykonos
Anyone who has visited islands in this particular part of Greece will know about their love of having their churches everywhere - and Mykonos Town is no exception. Their are some really old churches to be found if you wander Mykonos Old Town's narrow streets and alleys. The photographs show a few of the scenes from around the harbour - there are plenty of fishing boats to admire of course - the whole area is often quite busy with people continually lugging suitcases around from one ferry point to another. There are plenty of tavernas and cafes around but as previously mentioned these do tend to be rather expensive in our view.
Greece - The Harbour at Mykonos Mykonos Old Town Harbour Mykonos Town harbour front Mykonos Town seafront, Mykonos Island - Greece.
Mykonos boats blue seas around Mykonos - Greece. Mykonos Old Town streets Pretty Mykonos Old Town alleys

Quite a few of Mykonos Old Town's narrow streets are decorated with flowers and plants and are a delight to walk around. If you do take a wander around though try and keep your bearings - it is quite easy to get lost amongst the winding alleys - and there are a lot of them.
white buildings - Mykonos Island - Greece. roads lined with flowers in Mykonos Town There are flowers everywhere on the buildings in Mykonos Town. narrow Mykonos Old Town alley

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