Picturesque Mountains and Valleys on Naxos Island in Greece.

Several easy to follow walks on Naxos Island.

Plaka Beach on Naxos

Agia Anna to Pirgaki walk along the coast passing quiet beaches and then dunes on Naxos Island in Greece.

We had a look at the map and decided to do a longish "there and back" walk along the coast and this one seemed pretty obvious to do. The walk can either start at Agia Anna itself or you can stay on the bus a little further south of the town to where it terminates by the taverna and start from here. This is a straightforward wander along both track and then onto the beach. When the beach ends continue on the track going over the headland to arrive at Mikri Vigla where you will find a couple of tavernas. From Mikri Vigla just continue south along the coast, varying underfoot between track and beach. After Kastraki the walk is on beach only and the countryside becomes salty wetlands and dunes. You have to make your way round a usually dry lake and head for a small chapel which you pass to emerge on a metal road. Turn right and follow the road until you come to a dirt road on the left which goes to Ik. Velgon (a.k.a. Pirgaki) - there are more beaches right along here. There is a bus service back to Naxos Town from here but note they are not too frequent so check the timetables if you don't plan to walk back to Agia Anna.

Danakos walk down through beautiful countryside to the coast on Naxos Greece.

Danakos is a small village and is found by turning right off the main road between Filoti and Apirathos - there is a parking area at the top of the village which has a tap (that tap is very welcome as you might discover later) and also the village has a taverna.
Naxos Greece  Danakos Hill Village. Naxos walk through the hills. Naxos and great scenery to walk through near Danakos. Naxos Greece around Danakos.
This Naxos walk is very straightforward to do since it really amounts to simply joining a track and following it down to the coast. According to our map it is possible to find tracks back to make a circular but in our case we decided to simply retrace our steps - main reason being the heat was tremendous the day we did the walk but also there had been bulldozers at work (how unusual on a Greek Island..) and some of the tracks/paths shown on our map seem to have "gone somewhere".Danakos area on Naxos Island. Take the very steep road down into the village - at the bottom there is a heavily shaded area with seats and a spring - go left and simply join/follow the main track as it winds its way through the valley towards the sea. There are loads of goats and sheep around here - also note where gates are closed it is necessary/correct to re-close them once you have passed through. The valley is well cultivated for quite a way along and you can see the local farmers working in their small fields below you at the bottom of the valley.
We walked to where the track went sharp right with farm buildings, a fence and gates in front of us and then simply walked back.

A Naxos Island Greece short walk out in the hills which goes from the Old Town (Chora) and back.

An interesting short there and back walk out of Naxos Town (Chora) and back giving you some great views. Starting from the harbour climb up to the Portara where you get good views of the harbour and the old town.
Naxos Portara located at Chora. Naxos Greece and the causeway at Chora. Walk back across the causeway towards Chora and at the end turn left to cross the smallish beach and carry on up the track which follows the shoreline and go up to Grotta where there are apparently underground/underwater caves. Carry on through the town bearing right to cross the main road and then continue on a track opposite. This track winds its way up to Agios Ioannis Theologos - a small church clinging to the hillside which you have to climb up too. However where the track bends right instead take the left fork and walk down a few yards to see another small church nestled in the hillside below. The main track (turn right at the previously mentioned fork) continues up to Moni Chrysostomu if you fancy a bit more up where there are good views.
Naxos Grotta Chora Theologaki - Naxos Greece. A small church nesteled in the Chora hillsideon Naxos Greece. Distant view of  Chora on Naxos.
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