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Outside walls of Naxos Castle - Greece.

The beautiful Greek Island of Naxos offers lots to do including some lovely walled paths and villages to wander around or perhaps finding one or two Naxos Beaches.

Ways of Travelling to Naxos, Greece.

Although it has a small airfield the usual way for people going to the Greek Island of Naxos for a holiday is to fly into Mykonos or Athens and then board a ferry for a few hours cruise. There are also frequent ferries making the journey to Naxos which leave from Santorini Island in Greece. Our ferry was a small converted fishing boat and the trip involved a near 3 hour trip from Mykonos - this route often as not includes a short stop off at the excellent Greek Island of Paros.
Naxos windmill One thing to bear in mind when travelling too and from Naxos is that the sea is normally quite bumpy - even rough - during July and August, certainly we found it so when we went on holiday to the island. If you stay in Naxos Town then probably one of the things which might stick in your mind is the continual stream of people going to and from the ferries. Naxos is a major hub on the ferry routes and there is constant movement of vehicles loading/unloading from the frequent ferries. There always seemed to be at least two ferries in the port particularly in the evening and at times these were queuing to dock.
Walking whilst on holiday on Naxos is excellent with many paths and moni-paths available - often these paths are walled and very picturesque.
Naxos Chora Harbour inbound ferry Chora Harbour Naxos - boats Harbour at Naxos Naxos Town - Chora harbour
Naxos Town has an old and very interesting castle, typical Greek Island narrow streets and alleys, with many tavernas along the water front and lots more of them extending on up into and alongside the Town's alleys and streets as well. It might be fair to say that the best and more relaxing tavernas in Naxos Town are situated within these quieter alleys - possibly with better prices for maybe a little bit more on your plate!.
Naxos Kastro and it's powerfull outer walls. Kastro small churches everywhere you turn, Naxos Greece. Narrow alleys to wander through on Kastro at Chora - Naxos Naxos Town Naxos Town and a typical Kastro street.
The castle is located in the higher old part of Naxos Town and is well worth walking round; its quite different in that there are houses, tavernas and small shops built into the walls as part of the castle area. Actually it's quite a good idea to visit the castle during the day since it always seemed nice and cool walking along the alleys and paths.

Naxos Island Greece and it's Beaches.

As far as Naxos beaches are concerned there is a small town beach by the harbour (above which is the Portara - ruins of an unfinished temple - a very popular place to stroll around in the evening). By heading south most of the coastline is full of nice beaches and these can be reached by a regular bus service (about every 30 minutes) which goes just past Agia Anna. On our first week we found that stripping off for some sun-bathing and swimming was ok at Plaka beach but by the start of the second week the beach was being increasingly used by families and children so that was that. However there are many more secluded/isolated beaches on the island for naturists if you want natural sunbathing and swimming.

Naxos Sifones Church

Looking around on Naxos Island Greece sightseeing by car and places to visit.

Naxos Island has quite a varied and often quite beautiful landscape with lots of churches scattered around the hills and valleys and of course Naxos is famous for it's Naxos Towers so there is plenty to look at on a drive round. And of course it's easy to take lots of photos whilst out and about too. Car hire on Naxos is easily available and reasonably priced - if you want to see the whole of the island then probably this is the best way of doing so. There are fairly accurate maps of Naxos available - (Roads Edition 111 and Harms verlag (isbn 3-927468-10-x) are good and the Topo series are also very good). The roads on Naxos are mostly tarmac and you will find them to be very quiet once you got out of Naxos Town. For several ideas on sightseeing trips please see our Touring and Sightseeing guide mentioned below.
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