Naxos Town (Chora) - Greek Island of Naxos.

Touring and Sightseeing on the Greek Island of Naxos.

The following are three car trips on Naxos which pick up some of the Island's towns, villages and really lovely countryside.

Naxos is a beautiful island to drive around on - the scenery out in the hills, down in the valleys and around the coastline is as good as you will find anywhere.

Naxos Greece - Galini Engares Village. Beautiful church in the fields at Engares on Naxos Greece.

Greek Island of Naxos and Sightseeing Tour 1 - Chora and the coastal road out to Galini Engares and on to the harbour at Apollonas.

Although maps may show this coast road as track it is in fact a tarmac road so easy to traverse. As you leave Chora the countryside is quite green but once you get further north it becomes very rocky with lots of mauve flora. There are also several tracks (some quite difficult to traverse) which go right down to the coast to explore. Just before you get into Apollonas itself remember to park by the roadside and walk up to one of the Kouros (7th century b.c. (huge) unfinished statues) found on the island.
View into the valley on the Chora to Apollonas coastroad - Naxos Island Greece. A Naxos Greece Tower - Ayia Tower. Naxos coastroad heading towards Apollonas, Greece. The Kouros Apollonas on Naxos Island, Greece.
Apollonas Harbour is or maybe was once just an ordinary Greek fishing village but is now at times inundated with fellow tourists - especially when round the island coach trips arrive. Therefore there are loads of shops and tavernas and so on but don't be put off going there since it is quite a nice place to visit and wander around despite being so busy.
Naxos Greece coastline near to Apollonas. View of Apollonas Harbour on Naxos, Greece. Apollonas Harbour - Naxos Island, Greece. Apollonas Harbour - Naxos Greece.

Naxos Greece tour 2. Chora - Chalki - Filoti - Moutsouna and Psili Ammos.

This drive takes you right across Naxos Island to it's sparsely populated east coast, via the Tragia Valley (including the villages of Chalki and Filoti). The route also Naxos Chora from Galanado - Greece. A small church on the Moutsouna coastroad on Naxos Greece. takes you past the old emery workings where you can still see old mine buildings and the cables and buckets rusting away on the aerial runways. When you get to Moutsouna Fising Port there is a small beach and several tavernas - Moutsouna was once very important as it was one of the ways that the produce from the emery mines was exported. From here the road (initially tarmac) heads south along the coast - when we were there more of the track was being tarmac'd - we drove as far as Psili Ammos where there is a taverna. This is a pretty muchl unpopulated and unspoilt part of the Naxos coastline and the track can take you as far as Panormos. However at the time of our trip we never got that far since the track deteriorated rapidly and was in a very poor state that was obviously too much for our little car. In all probability the entire track has now been surfaced and is driveable.
An impressive Naxos Tower in Greece.  Filoti Hill Village on Naxos Greece. NaxosGreece old  Emery Mines. Naxos Greece - Moutsouna Village on the coast.

Naxos Kouros Miloi Naxos Lionas beach

Naxos Island Greece Tour 3 - Chora, Myli, Kinidaros, Sifones, Stavros tis Keramotis, Lionas, Koronas and Koronida.

This drive round was quite long and involved doubling back a little to pick up the various places mentioned. We started off by going to Myli to have a look at another Kouros - this is found by parking just off the main road and then you have to walk down a track to the gardens. When you leave here to head for Kinidaros be aware that you drive through the marble quarries - some of them right next to the road - so watch out for the large lorries. The drive then takes you through Sifones - the countryside round here is very varied and pretty - especially with the looming Naxos mountains as a backdrop.
Naxos dark mountains Keramoti village Naxos Lionas Naxos Komiaki Naxos Stavros tis Keramotis
Naxos Komiaki Church Everyone stops off at the crossroads just after the turn off to Keramotis - from here if it's not too cloudy you can see both of Naxos's coastlines. Each time we were there it was really windy so hiding behind the really exposed church (Stavros) on the crossroads helps get your breath back. From here the road winds down to Lionas - a small fishing village which has a couple of tavernas and a small pebble beach. Back to the crossroads and you can continue through to Koronas and Koronida and even Apollonas if you wish. However if returning to Chora then perhaps go via Chalki by taking the road to Ano Potamia via Chimarros. This goes up over the hills via lovely countryside - it is a rocky area and the rocks are covered with pink Oleandras early on. It's also very green up on the top so obviously quite wet underfoot - but with refreshingly cooler air.
Naxos View from Stravos Naxos Tsikkalario hilltop road Tsikkalario-hilltop Naxos Naxos Tsikkalario area in Greece.
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