Picturesque Mountains and Valleys on Naxos Island in Greece.

Ano Sagri to Plaka Beach walk on Naxos, Greece.

A Walk to try on Naxos going from Ano Sagri to Plaka Beach via The Temple of Demeter (or Dimitras).

The Greek Island of Naxos has a great selection of footpaths, moni paths, tracks and trails to try out while on holiday there. There are decent maps around for Naxos but please note that due to the Greek Islanders incessant craving for sometimes damaging track laying etc. it is possible that some of these paths may have been interrupted. Therefore our walks descriptions may have become slightly inaccurate in some cases but a good map will let you make a work around if necessary.
This walk starts off at the square in Ano Sagri - which can be reached easily by bus. From the road - with the monument in the square in front of you, head to the far right of the square where you will spot a concrete road, take this road and soon find a paved path on your left which passes the deserted monastery of Agios Elefterios. You will spot a stone statue of a man with a bow tie and some steps to the right of it, take these steps and then continue on along a track in the direction of a small church on a hill.
The dirt track ends above a shed, now follow the red arrows to the right - this is a very rubbly and rough path. You can easily see the temple in the distance - there is meant to be a path but we failed to find it so we just made our way there which was easy enough. The Temple dates from the 6th century BC and is being gradually re-constructed. There is also a visitors centre which is located near the car park.
Open countryside to walk through on Naxos Greece. Hiking in the hills on Naxos Greece. Naxos countryside Naxos Greece  shrubs.
From the temple head for the road, turn right and follow it up into the hill. When the road bends sharply right you will see a dirt track going straight on - take this track and follow it as it soon passes a gravel works on the left and then goes down to a road. Turn right for about 100 metres and then left through a gap in the wall and down across some fields to pick up another dirt track.
Temple of Demeter - Naxos, Greece. Naxos ruins to visit - The Temple of Demeter. View of Plaka Beach and coastline on Naxos, Greece. Naxos Greece and Kyriaki Chapel.
Naxos track to Plaka Beach - Greece.Turn right and follow this track soon passing a farm on your right - the track goes up and bends round to the left - then bears right ahead of another farm house. The track goes between rocks and ends on rough terrain with the sea visible in the distance. Heading (carefully because the footing is very rough and full of thorn bushes and scrub) straight on make your way down to the soon visible Kyriaki Chapel - there is no clear path, you just have to make it up. From the chapel follow the dirt road as it winds round the hill. Bear left on the track with high reeds either side of you and at a main T-junction turn left and follow this track to eventually arrive at the beach. Turn right and walk along the beach to the bus stop - which you will find by a turning circle in front of a taverna.
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