Neochori to Nidhri Walk - out in the Lefkada Hills.

This is a nice long and somewhat hilly walk from Neochori which goes via Egklouvi Village to Nidhri.

This long walk totally around 25kms goes up into the mountains and is not so much a circular as maybe a Q - the walk is on tracks and small lanes and continually climbs for around 8kms all the way up to the mountain village of Egklouvi - then drops down as it loops back with a nice stop over at the Aghii Asomati Monastery before a bit of a climb back up to meet the outgoing track - back to Neochori and then a slow descent into Nidhri.
Note the total ascent is not that huge as walks can go but the first half is a constant upwards climb and considering the possible heat and that much of the way is not that shaded the walk can easily be described as strenuous. It really is beautiful up in these hills though and the walk is well worthwhile - in fact if you are not keen on walking this is also a pretty good circular for biking. Plenty of water and food are necessary and don't expect to get replenished at Egklouvi unless you arrive before 13h since the taverna there shuts all afternoon - least it does in May.
Rather than climb up on surfaced roads out of Nidhri we decided the walk was potentially long enough already so we took a taxi from Nidhri up to the end of the surfaced road by the church at Neochori.
beautiful walking track on the way to Egklouvi, Lefkada Greece. Neochori Church - Lefkas quiet Neochori village on Lefkada Lefkada - Neochori
From the church head along the narrow concrete road - this bends right passing a house (Mouseio Laografikon) and some gates - here go left up another concrete road now starting to climb. Around 3/4s of a kilometre from the start at a track junction go sharp right staying on the main track (there are red arrows and markers here pointing you down the other track - ignore them).
Egklouvi Walk on Lefkada Island, Greece. Egklouvi Walk, Lefkada Greece. Egklouvi Walk on Lefkada above Egklouvi, Lefkada Greece.
alley in Egklouvi village, Lefkada Greece. Egklouvi Village Main Square, Lefkada Greece. This track zigzags it's way quite steeply upwards to reach another main track junction (around 3.5kms from the start). Take the left hand fork and now simply stay on this track - ignoring any side tracks - as it meanders along to come out above the highest village on Lefkas - Egklouvi. After all the climbing it is quite nice to then have a walk down towards the village. The track meets a tarmac road, go left here then when the road hooks sharply back right look for an arrow on a narrow alley wall and follow this alley up into the village and the square.
Note there are meant to be two tavernas here and also a shop but we found they were closed for the afternoon so there were no drinks or food available. The village square is very shady and really pleasant to sit in for a break and to have your lunch.
Continue through the square and past the church and take the road back down to the junction at the bottom of the village. Turn left on the tarmac road and follow this around the hillside to reach another road junction. Go right now on the road to Vafkeri. This quiet road wanders along for around 2.5kms to reach the main Karia-Vafkeri road. Turn right and follow the main road for around 400 metres then as the road turns sharp left take a small road going right signed to the monastery.
Egklouvi circular walk, Lefkada Greece. Egklouvi Walk on Lefkada Egklouvi Walk on Lefkada Egklouvi Walk on Lefkada
Egklouvi Walk on Lefkada Egklouvi Walk on Lefkada Aghii Asomati Monastery, Lefkada Greece. Ruins of Aghii Asomati Monastery, Lefkada Greece.
This is a really pleasant road to walk along full of wildlife, trees and foliage - at least it was in May - quite soon the tarmac road reverts to a nice walking track. Under 2km along look out for and consider taking a side-diversion to visit the ruined monastery of Aghii Asomati. It is quite overgrown and there are lots of brambles around these monastery ruins but they are really worth the effort to look round although do watch out for snakes especially anywhere near the walls.
wide rough track into Neochori - Lefkada views, Lefkada Greece. another church at Neochori, Lefkada Greece. Back on the dirt track continue along to fairly soon climb back up to the original outbound track at a junction. Back on the dirt track continue along to fairly soon climb back up to the original outbound track at a junction. Turn left and now start the long rubbly descent back into Neochori - look out for and perhaps take a look at another previously hidden small church in Neochori just on the left by the concrete road junction. From the original start point by Neochori's renovated church continue down now on a tarmac road - this descends often quite steeply with frequent heavily zig-zagged hairpins. As you get to the outskirts of Aghios Christoforos look for a track on the left which cuts the long bend as it heads directly down to the church - rejoin the road and continue straight ahead to reach a junction by a taverna.
Nidhri coast Lefkas church at Aghios Christoforos, Lefkada Greece. Egklouvi Walk on Lefkada quiet Lefkas lanes, Lefkada Greece.
Go straight ahead with the taverna on your left and and follow the tree-lined narrow lane as it heads steeply down towards Nidhri. The lane soon flattens as it heads towards the coast - keep ahead at a junction and then shortly when the road splits (with a tree in the middle) take the left fork and continue on down to reach the south side of the bypass near a garage. Depending on where you want to be at Nidhri either go across the road down to the coast or walk back along the main road and cut back in as required.
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