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Naoussa related walks on Paros, Greece

A Paros walk which visits several of Paros's Beaches, small Towns as well as churches and a Monastery.

This hiking trip is one way but since the bus service on Paros is particularly good you can get to the start of the walk by bus or of course use a taxi. Just for a change as far as walking on Paros is concerned the walk is reasonably flat however still difficult because of the distance.

This 25km walk starts off inland at Marmara village, goes via fields to the coast at Molos Bay, diverts to the end point of Cape Kratzi and then heads north back along Molos, Tsoukalia, Ghlifadhes, Ambelia, Aliki Bay and Santa Maria before cutting back across to Naoussa. Although the walk is reasonably flat it could be deemed to be difficult because of the length especially when the heat is considered with little or no shade along the entire route.
Marmara derelict windmill - Paros Greece.Marmara Church - Paros, Greece.As with most of the walks on Paros it is easily possible to use the good bus service to do these walks thus avoiding hire car costs etc.. For this walk at Parikia take bus no.1 Parikia-Drios and get off at Marmara (just past the derelict windmill and by the brilliant white and blue domed church). Go straight across the main road from the bus stop and take a narrow village road which winds round to another unusual church - this one has three bell towers and lots of bells too. Take a narrow path to the left of the church - this winds down through the village - this becomes a small road and ends up at a junction. Turn right then shortly as the road bears left by some trees go right onto a farm track. Follow this track as it goes via cane fields and passes various small farm buildings - in places there is plenty of water running and also if you look carefully you can see old pumping machinery lying around.
Marmara to Naoussa on Paros Greece Santa Maria-Naoussa on Paros Marmara-Naoussa on Paros Marmara-Molos-Santa Maria-Naoussa on Paros
When the track appears to end go straight ahead on a small grassy track (when we walked this the cane had fallen all over this track, obscuring it in places and making walking a little difficult). The track eventually comes out into a more open area - stay on it heading for the coast to emerge at Molos Bay.
Turn right along the beach road - at the end of the beach near a taverna go left at the road junction then continue along to a small fishing harbour and church. From here take the track heading steeply up then as it levels take a rough track via a barrier which goes off to the left. Follow this up and then along to the end of CapeKratzi [N37°02'58.51" E025°16'39.53"]- exploring and enjoying the rocky coastline and scenery as you chose. Return back towards the barrier but just before reaching it divert on a small rough path on the left which takes you across to Kalogheros Beach - this looked to be a really pretty beach - well worth diverting too. Walk back up and out of the beach and follow the track back down into Molos Bay - then retrace your original route back along Molos beach right to it's end (by several small buildings).
Beautiful coastline with beaches on Paros, Greece. Small church sat beside the sea, Paros, Greece Marmara-Molos-Santa Maria-Naoussa on Paros Not very wildlife wandering around on Paros, Greece.
At the road junction go right and then almost immediately left uphill, then shortly at the next junction go left again and follow the road as it goes round the hills of Antikefalos and emerges at Tsoukalia. Continue alongside the beach and look out for a shaded picnic table and seats hidden in some trees on the left - these are most welcome in the hot sunshine. The track passes houses and then as it reaches a very small fishing harbour where it appears to end - go right through a gate and continue along the cliff top eventually passing Ghlifadhes Bay and beach. At the end of the Bay the track/path joins a small metal road - go right and head towards a small church (Analipsi) - another convenient stopping place for a cool down and drink.
view looking back to Antikefalos, Paros Marmara-Molos-Santa Maria-Naoussa on Paros Marmara-Molos-Santa Maria-Naoussa on Paros Marmara-Molos-Santa Maria-Naoussa on Paros
Continue from the church steeply uphill then drop down again steeply to reach a junction - go right and follow the road along. There is quite a lot of building going round here but this does not spoil the walk at all since most of it was deserted - continue along to reach Ambela beach and it's small harbour (there are tavernas here). Stay on the road which runs nearly always next to the coastline - it dips inland a little and then hooks back going past the well hidden small church of Aghios Fanourios.
The road becomes a dirt track and continues fairly near to the coastline to finally reach a T-junction (this is about 3.5km from Ambelas). Go left and then right at the next junction*** the track then goes past some new buildings and then alongside the little inlets and beaches of Aliki Bay. Follow along this huge beach area passing a campsite on the left to eventually arrive at a main road. Go right and follow the road as it passes by a series of really large and expensive looking villas - around a kilometre along this road and at a cross roads go right to follow a narrow road down to Santa Maria beach There are several parts to the beach here and some tavernas plus beach chairs etc. if you fancy staying for a while.
Beautiful rocky Molos coastline on Paros, Greece. Paros Santa Maria Beach Marmara-Molos-Santa Maria-Naoussa on Paros Beach church Paros
Leave the beach and follow a path which hugs the shoreline and often passes the gardens of various villas - in places you have to clamber a little over rocks and possibly may have to paddle a little if the tide is high but this is not a big problem. The path eventually emerges back on the main road - follow this back to where you originally joined it at the end of Aliki Bay. You can if you wish simply follow the main road to Xifara and then Naoussa but we decided to go back along the Aliki Bay track to the previous junction***. Turn right here and follow this track across country until it reaches the main road at Xifara.
Paros - Marmara to Naoussa Small boats on the Marmara to Naoussa coastal walk on Paros Paros - Marmara to Naoussa Naoussa coming into view on Paros Greece.
Turn left and walk along the main road soon passing the power station then at a road junction turn right to walk along to Aghii Anarghiri Bay. From the end of the beach you can either continue up the main road to reach Naoussa's huge church and walk through the town to the harbour or go right, walk past the beach and holiday villas, then go left over to the coastline. The path goes between small houses and the sea i.e. seems to go through a garden - on reaching the shoreline simply go left along the path which goes in front of more houses and then via tavernas to the harbour in Naoussa.
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