A stone bridge on the Beautiful Greek Island of Andros.

An Ormos Walk on Andros Greece - along paved paths and partly in a Gorge.

A beautiful rocky path near Ormos on Andros, Greece.Ormos riverside walk on Andros Island in Greece.

Andros Greece and an excellent circular walk out of Ormos Harbour going via several villages as far as Exo Vouni then returning to Ormos via bits of Dhipotamata Gorge.

This really good Andros circular walk involves walking up many steps on moni-paths and village alleys and starts from the harbour front in Ormos where the river goes through to the sea. Walk a few yards into the town and then cross the river on the bridge - then follow the wide path alongside the river which is now on your left - shortly picking up the red 5 markers. When you come to the next bridge take the right hand fork to go on a cobbled/stepped path up through the southern edge of the village of Rogo. This path basically goes up and round several villages including Lardia (not named on the Road Map), after which it crosses the main road and continues via the lower part of Stavros (or Gianiseo depending on map version), and then comes to more open country side.
Walking near Ormos - Andros Island in Greece. A paved walking path near Ormos- Andros, Greece. Ormos circular walk on Andros, Greece Andros Island in the Spring is fantastic for walking trips.
On reaching the dirt track cross it slightly to the right and continue between stone walls and then drops down to cross a stream in a quite boggy area, then goes back up to reach a church. The track/wide path now heads into Mesa Vouni - continue following the markers as the path goes round the right edge of the village to meet a main tarmac road. Turn right on the road and then as the road goes sharply right take the track on the left - this is more like a goat path but it is still marked - this takes you down to a dirt road. Go left on the dirt road and follow this until you come to the steps on the right heading down into Exo Vouni. Make your way through the village to the main road.
Andros, Greece - Ormos circular walk A low walled path to walk along - Andros Greece. A really nice walking track on Andros Island in Greece. Andros, Greece - Ormos circular walk
Turn left and walk along the main road (heading in the direction of Sineti) for around 2 kilometres - with really good views of the gorge you will shortly be walking along below you. Look out for a dirt track on the right which doubles back into the gorge - this is marked with a red 3. This is initially a track running alongside the moni-path (the paved moni-path is far too overgrown just here to use) but after a short while you can join this really lovely moni-path. The flowers and wildlife down here are really good and also there are old water mills to look at. Also you can see caves on the opposite side of the gorge, other old ruined buildings plus stone walls built in quite amazing places right up the side of the gorge.
Andros, Greece - Dhipotamata Gorge. This Gorge on Andros Island is really beautiful to walk through. Part of the rugged Dhipotamata Gorge near Ormos, Andros Greece. Old watermills near Ormos on Andros Greece.
The path goes down to reach a stone bridge next to old ruined mill - cross the bridge and don't forget to have a look round the mill on the left before continuing. The stepped moni-path now heads back up out of the valley - climbing and winding around somewhat - soon you will see the ruins of the Venetian castle Faneromeni high above you. Continue along the path to the dirt road - turn right and follow this to a tarmac road - go across and then take the steps down into Kochilou. The path now takes you through this village (still marked red 3) - you then come out onto more open countryside as the path winds it's way down towards Ormos.
A stepped moni-path leaving the valley on Andros Greece Venetian castle Faneromeni on Andros, Greece. Descending into Kochilou Village - Andros Greece. The beautiful paved path back into Ormos - Andros Greece.
When you come to the next tarmac road turn left and then at a t-junction go straight across back onto a moni path - go straight across at the next road - eventually to come out on your original track by the river. Turn left to walk back to the start point.
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