Lolandonis Bay and Beach on Paros Greece

Paros and AntiParos Beach Guides and Photos.

Paros has many and all types of beaches which you can use varying from beaches with facilities ideal for familes to naturist freindly beaches.

AntiParos Greece - Sifneikos Ghialos beach There are loads of beaches on the island varying from small pebble coves and inlets to huge sweeping sandy bays - some are shaded and some are not, some have tavernas and beach chairs/umbrellas and some are the best type - just beaches. If you wish to go nude swimming and sunbathing it is easy enough to find somewhere on Paros to do this - lots of naturists were around the small beaches on Cape Korakas and Cape Almiros for instance - though we were unaware of any "official" naturist beach on Paros. On the Southern edge of Cape Korakas i.e. between Cape Almiros and the monastery at Aghios Ioanis there are small coves and pebble and/or sandy beaches which seem to be quite favoured by naturists. In fact whilst we were walking around the Cape we saw several people walking around nude i.e. wandering around the area wearing a hat one end and a pair of flip-flops at the other.. On AntiParos there is what seems to be a recognised naturist beach - this is just a few minutes walk away from the ferry terminal on this tiny Greek Island. The photo on the right is of Sifneikos Ghialos Beach on Antiparos.

If you like really long sandy beaches you will certainly like Molos Bay on Paros - it is enormous. Curiously enough when we walked around that area the beach was mostly deserted (although bear in mind this was the end of May so very early in the tourist season). Also if you take the short track from Molos Bay over to Kalogheros there is a beautiful little beach hidden away - it's sandy and has a few rocks scattered around - the beach is a picture - and had quite a few naturists using it. Another very large Paros beach area is found near Cape Chone.
Paros Golden Beach is sandy and has all the facilities like tavernas and beach chairs and sun shades etc available. The southern end of Golden Beach has a road leading up to the main road - this is the nearest point from the beach where you can get a bus back to Parikia and Naoussa. A coastal path runs on from Golden Beach going past Dhrios and there are some nice little bits of beach to be found along here. We several times found our own bit of beach here where it was fine to strip off and enjoy the sunshine for a few hours.

Parikia and Naoussa Area Beaches to try out on Paros Greece

Krios Beach, Paros Island, Greece.
Krios Beach
Paros Greece, Livadhia beach
Livadhia Beach
Parikia Beach, Paros Island, Greece.
Parikia Beach
Paros Greece - Parikia beach
Parikia Beach
Paros Greece - Souvlia beach
Souvlia Beach
Parasporos beach on Paros Island, Greece.
Parasporos Beach
Paros beaches - Parasporos beach
Parasporos beach
Paros Greece - Irini Beach
Beach at Aghia Irini
Paros Greece - Aghia Irini Beach
Aghia Irini
Aghios Ioanis Bay, Paros Island, Greece.
Aghios Ioanis Bay
Paros Greece - Aghios Ioanis
Aghios Ioanis
Monastiri Beach on Paros Island, Greece.
Paros Greece beaches - Kolimbithres
Paros Greece - Plastira Bay, Naoussa
Plastira Beach
Paros Greece - Aghii Anarghiri Beach
Aghii Anarghiri Beach
 Paros Greek Island Beaches - Aghii Anarghiri
Aghii Anarghiri Beach
Paros Greece - Ormos Bay Beaches
Ormos Bay
Ormos Bay Beaches, Paros Island, Greece.
Ormos Bay Beaches
Paros Greece beaches - Santa Maria Beach.
Santa Maria Beach
Paros Greece - Ambela beach
Ambela Beach
Ghlifadhes Beach on Paros Island, Greece.
Ghlifadhes Beach
Tsoukalia Beach, Paros Island, Greece.
Tsoukalia Beach
Paros Greece - Tsoukalia Beach
Tsoukalia Beach
Molos Bay Beach, Paros Island, Greece.
Molos Bay
Paros Greece - Molos Bay Beach
Molos Bay Beach
Paros Greece - Kalogheros Beach
Kalogheros Beach
Paros Greece - Piso Livadhi
Piso Livadhi Beach
Paros Greece - Logharas Beach
Logharas Beach
Pounda Beach, Paros Island, Greece.
Pounda Beach
Mesadha Beach on Paros, Greece
Mesadha Beach
New Golden Beach, Paros Island, Greece.
New Golden Beach
Golden Beach, Paros Island, Greece.
Golden Beach
Paros Greece - Golden beach
Golden Beach
Boudari beaches, Paros Island, Greece.
Paros Greece - Dhrios beaches
Dhrios beach, Paros Island, Greece.
Dhrios Beaches
Dhrios Bay, Paros Island, Greece.
Dhrios Bay
Lolandonis beach, Paros Island, Greece.
Lolandonis Bay Beach
Lolandonis Bay, Paros Island, Greece.
Lolandonis Bay

Paros Beaches which can be found along the South Coast of the Island - Tripiti, Aliki and Vaghia.

Tripiti Beach, Paros Island, Greece.
Faragas Bay beach, Paros Island, Greece.
Faragas Bay
Aliki beach, Paros Island, Greece.
Aliki Beach
Aliki Beach on Paros Greece
Aliki Beach
Paros Greece - Aliki Beach
Aliki Beach
Cape Makria Miti beach, Paros Island, Greece.
Cape Makria Miti
Par Voutakis beach, Paros Island, Greece.
Par Voutakis Beach
Vaghia coast beach, Paros Island, Greece.
Vaghia Coast

A few of the beaches which can be found on AntiParos Island in Greece.

Ghlifa beach, Paros Island, Greece.
Ghlifa beach
Paros Beaches in Greece.
Antiparos North Coast
Paros Greece - north coastal beaches
Antiparos coast
Panagia Beach on Paros, Greece
Panagia on Antiparos
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