Paros has beautiful countryside for Walks - Greece

Cape Korakas and Cape Almiros - Paros Greece.

A wander around the paths and seeing the beaches at Cape Korakas and Cape Almiros on Paros Island, Greece.

Note - when we walked around Cape Korakas and Cape Almiros we several times came across naturists wandering around. This was particularly the case on the coastal path of Cape Almiros. Also the smaller beaches and small coves on that Cape did seem to be mostly naturist too - not a problem to us but possibly so if you are offended by nudity.
We took a taxi from Parikia to Kolibithres [N37°07'50.30" E025°12'51.64"] and walked to the lighthouse, wandered round the capes and finally back via Plastira Bay into Naoussa and caught the bus back to Parikia - a total distance of 12km. If you are returning to Parikia you can however pick up a bus at the stop by the Plastira Bay road junction and avoid the tarmac part of the walk of 1.5km into Naoussa. This walk is straightforward to follow and has little instructions - it's just a nice wander around the headlands looking at the splendid rock formations and shoreline as well as various flowers and shrubs - and perhaps and excuse to crash out eventually on one of the small beaches. Simply follow the generally quiet metal road north heading next to the coast towards Aghios Ioanis Monastery - there are nice views of the hills and of the coast and lots of flowers and shrubs to enjoy too.
Paros flowers on Cape Korakas Korakas Lighthouse, Paros Greece Cape Korakas - Paros Island, Greece. Nice coast near the Paros Lighthouse at Korakas
Around 2km from the start the road goes through a shipyard - there is a small beach here - and then shortly afterwards you pass Aghios Ioanis Monastery which is located a little off to the right.
Paros Greece Coastal walk on the Capes. Paros Coastal walk Paros Coastal walk The Lighthouse at Cape Korakas on Paros Greece.
Paros Coastal walkBeautiful scenery on Paros on the Korokas Cape.Shortly afterwards the road becomes a track and one track goes sharp right towards a car park and beach. However keep straight ahead - this track rises and then at the top of the rise turns into a rocky footpath which bears right towards the now visible lighthouse. Having climbed up the path now needless to say descends quite a bit before climbing backup again through very scenic rocks to reach the lighthouse at the tip of Cape Korakas. From the lighthouse go back down to the flatter area then when the path forks go left - as you head towards the coast the ground on the left is quite high with a large rock formation dominating the area - we of course scrambled up to these high rocks and trig point for the views.
Paros Korokas Coastal walk Paros Island has continuous beautiful scenery to enjoy. Paros Korokas Coastal walk Paros coastline at Korakas Cape
Continue on the path which descends to the coast and small beaches. Go left and follow the narrow path as it follows the coastline very close to the sea - often passing tiny shingle coves. Once at the headland and by a somewhat larger beach take the footpath on the left across rough ground - this path simply walks you round Cape Almiros - where you can look at the rock pools and rugged coastline - and subsequently returns you back to the beach. Follow the path all the way back along the coastline to reach Monastiri Beach (which is near the Monastery). Cross the sandy beach (which has a small taverna plus beach chairs etc.) - to rejoin the road.
Korokas Coastal walk to a Paros Lighthouse Korokas Coastal walk to a Paros Lighthouse Korokas Cape and one of the almost deserted beaches - Paros Greece. Korokas Coastal walk to a Paros Lighthouse
Korokas Coastal walk to a Paros LighthouseParos Kolimbithres Bay beaches usually fine for naturist on Paros - on the Cape. Turn left and follow the road back via the shipyard - so far along you can divert off the road and walk along the beach to Kolimbithres Bay. It is possible to still walk the beach from here but this depends on whether the tide is in or out - you may instead have to go back onto the road. In either case simply follow the coastline to eventually reach a main road junction. As mentioned previously there is a bus stop here (to either Naoussa or Parikia) or you can turn left and walk the main road uphill and then back into Naoussa.
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