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Paros Greece Coastal Walks.

A pleasant Walk on Paros Greece along the coast from Tripiti to Pounda (port)

This Paros coastal walk is again quite easy as far as gradient is concerned but in places the paths were extremely rocky underfoot so we were glad we had decent boots. The 16km walk starts off from the main road near Tripiti - there are no buses serving this location so you will need to get a taxi from Parikia to the start of the walk unless you can scrounge a lift from someone. You need to get the taxi to drop you off by the track which leaves the main road and goes to Tripiti Beach. The only certainty of finding refreshments along this walk is at Aliki - there do appear to be several other "taverna looking" buildings along the way but none were open when we did this walk in early June - far to early perhaps for the main holiday season.
The track forks almost immediately - go on the right fork and just follow this until it ends where it then changes to a walled footpath which descends on down to Tripiti Beach. This is a nice little beach of sand and shingle but there is very little shade and no facilities at all. On reaching the beach go left - you have to climb up a slope to a gate.
walled Paros path, Paros Island, Greece. rocky coastline on Paros Greece Paros Island Coast walking along the coastline on Paros Greece

The path bears right as it crosses the headland - the path is clear but very rocky in places - follow it where you have to obviously take a big detour round a rocky inlet - take a look around here because there are several large blow holes. The water comes right through and from the direction of the waves as they crash against the rocks it becomes apparent that the sea is actually underneath where you are standing. Return back to the gate at Tripiti beach - if you look across you can see a gate somewhat hidden by a wall - cross the beach and make for this gate (it is very hard to see this when on the actual beach). Once out of the beach and through the gate there is no obvious path and the terrain is quite overgrown with thorns and shrubs and is also extremely rocky underfoot. Simply make your own way across always aiming to stay to the left of the higher ground - eventually you will come out by the coast.
Paros-Tripiti-Pounda Walk, Paros Island, Greece. Paros Greece - Tripiti-Pounda Walk Gorgeous coasts around Paros, Paros Island, Greece. Paros from Tripiti to Pounda Walk

The area is now full of huge flat rocks - continue along following the edge of the sea - the coastline has become quite eroded here so you need to pick your own route always staying as close to the sea as possible - sometimes following the bottom garden walls of villas. Continue along the coast passing a small rocky inlet where several fishing boats are moored to soon arrive at Faragas Beach. This beach has a small taverna plus sunbeds etc. although it was only just opening up for the season when we arrived at the start of June. From Faragas beach the path hugs the coast - you can (as we did of course) divert across to the tip of Faragas's headland and back - else follow the rocky path which soon drops down almost to sea level and heads for Cape Mavros Kavos. This area has been blessed by quite of lot of villa-building going on but this does not spoil the walk at all.
Greek Island of Paros coastal walks Paros, Greece, coastal walks Paros walks Paros coastal walks

Stay left of the villas and walk round the headland - there is a church called Aghios Mironas marked on maps but this now appears to have been incorporated into a newly built villa's garden. The coastal path becomes very stoney as it goes along close to the sea and with walls on the right - eventually it joins a tarmac road - follow this into Aliki where there is a nice fishing harbour, tavernas and beach. Cross the beach and the path continues on the far side - you climb up and then goes via gates into and then along the bottom of someone's garden and out by a gate on the other side - (remember to close the gates behind you). Carry on around the rocky headland of Cape Makria Miti and continue along the coast - at one point joining a road for a while (which goes up into Voutakos).
Greece - Paros coastal walks Greek island Walks - Paros coastal walks Paros coastal walks Coastal walks on Paros
Pounda Port on Paros, Paros Island, Greece. Pounda coast Paros Just after passing Voutakos small fishing harbour leave the road by going ahead on the coastal path - you passing several small beaches and eventually arrive at a track. Go straight ahead on the track with soon passes by Aghios Nikolas church. From here simply follow the sandy track as it goes almost straight along the coast - there is quite a lot of beach area along here as well as wide sandy areas. As you approach Pounda you pass by several Wind Surfing centres before finally reaching the tiny ferry port of Pounda and it's bus stop.
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