A gleaming white and blue topped church on Paros Greece

Paros Church and Monastery Photos.

There are many churches and monasteries worth visiting dotted around this interesting and scenic Greek Island of Paros in The Cyclades.

Ekatontapiliani, Parikia, Paros Island in Greece. inside the Ekatontapiliani at Parikia, Paros, Greece We have been on holiday to quite a few Islands in Greece and on most we have found loads of small churches as well as old monasteries dotted around the countryside. Sometimes these are way up on the top of almost inaccessible hills and mountains or are well hidden on the sides of gorges or ravines - and of course sometimes they are located simply alongside a track or path so that you can actually get to look at them with ease. Paros certainly has it's fair share of small churches to visit whilst on holiday and fortunately many can be easily reached especially if you are out hiking or cycling. There are also several monasteries dotted around - some are mostly unused and really old looking - almost as if close to falling down like the lovely buildings of Aghios Minas, whilst others are in pristine condition and still functioning fully as a monastery.

Parikia-Ekatontapiliani Paros - Parikia-Ekatontapiliani Starting off with this magnificent

Paros main church in Parikia - the Ekatontapiliani

- this must be an essential visit for anyone on holiday or visiting Paros - hopefully our photographs will show why we think this. Perhaps the best time to visit and look round this church is in the early evening when many of the day trippers have disappeared - also it's usually a bit cooler then too. You can wander around most of the church both inside and outside - also we did ask if it was ok before we took some photographs whilst inside the church and were told this was fine. All you have to do of course is be considerate of anyone who is worshipping whilst you are wandering around.
Ekatontapiliani at Paros in Greece. Paros - Ekatontapiliani Paros - Parikia Ekatontapiliani Paros Greece and the Ekatontapiliani

Paros's Panagia Ekatontapiliani is translated as Our Lady with the "hundred doors"

and is one of the best preserved and oldest Christian Temples in Greece.
Parikia Paros (Parikia) Ekatontapiliani Parikia - the Ekatontapiliani Ekatontapiliani on Paros Island in Greece

There are to say the least one of two

Monasteries to look and visit on the Greek Island of Paros

- these are some of them.
Paros Island in Greece and Moni Aghios Minas
Moni Aghios Minas
Moni Aghios Minas on Paros, Greece
Moni Aghios Minas
Paros Greece - Moni Agh Theodhori
Moni Agh Theodhori
Moni Agh Theodhori, Paros Island in Greece.
Moni Agh Theodhori
Paros - Moni Aghia Kiriaki
Moni Aghia Kiriaki
Paros Greece - Moni Aghios Ioanis
Moni Aghios Ioanis
Moni Aghios Ioanis, Paros Island in Greece.
Moni Aghios Ioannis
Paros Island - Moni Logovardhi
Moni Logovardhi
Paros Greece - Moni Taxiarches
Moni Taxiarches Greece
Greek Island of Paros - Moni Aghios Andreas
Aghios Andreas
Moni Aghios Andreas, Paros Island, Greece.
Aghios Andreas
Paros Island - Moni Aghios Antonios
Aghios Antonios
Moni Aghios Antonios, Paros Island, Greece.
Aghios Antonios
Paros - Moni Aghios Georgios, Paros Island - Greece.
Aghios Antonios

Not content with having an abundance of monasteries on the Island,

Paros also has one or two lovely churches to look at.

Quite a few of these Paros churches are un-named simply because we could not find anything out about them. This is also the case on actual location since quite a few photographs were taken whilst we were out walking and not actually near any named location that we could see.
AntiParos Island Aghia Marina, near Paros Island in Greece.
AntiParos Aghia Marina
A Church Near Parasporos on Paros Greece
Near Parasporos
Church Near Dhrios, Paros Island in Greece.
Near Dhrios
Paros Greece - Nr Moni Logovardha
Nr Moni Logovardha
Near Moni Taxiarches, Paros Island in Greece.
Near Moni Taxiarches
Paros Greece - Near Moni Taxiarches
Near Moni Taxiarches
Paros Island, a Parikia tiny church
Small Parikia Church
Parikia church at Paros in Greece.
A Parikia, Paros Island in Greece.
Paros Greece and Aghia Georgios
Aghia Georgios
Paros church close to Prodhromos
Near Prodhromos
Aghios Artemios, Paros, Greece.
Aghios Artemios
The Church at Moni Aghios Georgios, Paros Island, Greece.
At M.Aghios Georgios
Paros church - Aghios Nikolaos
Aghios Nikolaos
Paros church - Outskirts of Lefkes
Church near Lefkes
Marmara church, Paros Island in Greece.
A church located outside Piso Livadhi, Paros Island in Greece.
Outside Piso Livadhi
church at Cape Choni, Golden Beach - Paros Greece
Cape Choni Golden Beach
Cape Pirghos, Paros Island in Greece.
Cape Pirghos
Paros Greek church at Marpisa
Paros - Marpisa
Paros Greece - Ag Nikolaos - Molos
Ag Nikolaos - Molos
Ambelia church - Paros
Church near Xifara Bay, Paros Island in Greece.
Near to Xifara Bay
Paros church of Aghia Kiriaki, Paros Island, Greece.
Aghia Kiriaki
Nearly all of the above Paros Monasteries and Churches can be found by driving around the island either on roads or sometimes tracks however all of them can be walked too as well. The Paros coastline, hills and countryside are very picturesque and this does make for some enjoyable walks. Please see our various topics below where most of these churches and monasteries are also shown as parts of walks on the Island.
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