Paros Island in Greece - Parikia beach

Paros Greece - getting around on the Island and photos of Places to Visit.

Apart from excellent walking opportunities there are a variety of ways to go off sightseeing on the Island ie buses, taxis, car-hire, scooters and so on.

Buses. The bus services on Paros are excellent value with many fares just costing a few Euros - and the buses do cover nearly all of the island. They are not however that frequent to some destinations during the early the early part of the holiday season (i.e. May and into early June) however the probability is that they increase services as things get busier.
Taxis. Plenty of taxis available at Parikia and several always around at Naoussa - elsewhere on the island you only have to get a tavern or shop owner to ring one up for you if you do not have your mobile with you. For being dropped off at a particular location to start a walk remember to take a map so you can show the driver where you want to go and then as always remember to agree the price. There are meant to be fixed rates for certain specific destinations for instance Parikia to Naoussa.
Hire Cars/bikes/scooters etc. Fortunately we did not need a hire car - the bus and taxi services were much better value and got us where we want to go. Scooter hire was allegedly only a few Euros a day but we think this could not have given you any worthwhile insurance cover. A popular hire seemed to be getting a Quad bikes - there were lots of people whizzing around on them so this must be the next "in" thing.
The Roads on Paros. The roads generally seemed to be well surfaced - in fact you might consider having a hire car just to have the pleasure of driving on a non-potholed road - something which you often cannot do at home in England due to the often appalling road-surfaces. The tracks vary enormously on drivability (using a car) - generally speaking if it looks pretty rough at the start of a track it will probably get much worse further in. Paros does have an extensive network of tracks many of which are not on any of the maps and some tracks just stop in the middle of nowhere after a few kms.

Sightseeing - Places and Locations which can be visited on the Greek Island of Paros.

These are a few photos from around the island's main towns, fishing ports and villages. Lots of other photos of the really scenic Island of Paros can be found throughout our Paros walks and tours topics (see below).
Paros Greece and Parikia beach
Paros, Parikia
beach area
Paros ferry leaving the harbour area - Parikia
Ferry leaves Parikia in Paros, Greece
rusty cargo boat at Parikia, Paros.
A rusty cargo boat at Parikia in Paros
Paros - Parikia Town church
Paros's beautiful churches - Parikia
Paros - Parikia Town
Parikia's beautiful alleys and streets, Paros Greek Island
Small alleys, Parikia, Paros
Parikia's small pictureseque streets, Paros.
Small streets in Parikia, Paros, Greece
Paros - Parikia alleys and streets
Paros's small alleys and streets Parikia
Paros Greece - Parikia's streets
Alleys and streets in Parikia, Greece
Small church nestled within Parikia's streets, Paros.
Parikia Church
Paros in Greece
Parikia - Paros Greece.
rocky Parikia
A church in Parikia - Paros Island, Greece.
Church in Parikia, Paros, Greece
Parikia Harbour - Paros
Boats at Parikia
One of Parikia's beautiful Churches - Paros, Greece.
Really gorgeous church
at Parikia
Parikia fishing boat - Paros
Greek fishing boat at Parikia, Paros
Paros - Lefkes
Lefkes, Paros
Lefkes on Paros, Greece
Lefkes narrow street, Paros Greece
Lefkes, Paros
Lefkes, Paros
Lefkes, Paros
Paros, Greece
Lefkes, Paros
Lefkes, Paros
Harbour front at Naoussa, Paros, Greece
Naoussa harbou
Pargos, Greece
Naoussa large Church, Paros
Paros - Greece
Naoussa Church
Naoussa Town Harbour, Paros, Greece.
Naoussa harbour
Naoussa - Paros Greek Island
Paros - Greece
Another huge church in Naoussa - Paros
Large church on Paros, Greece at Naoussa
Paros - Naoussa
Greek Island of Paros
Paros - Naoussa fishing boats.
Paros - Naoussa
fishing boats
Paros - Naoussa Town has some beautiful alleys to walk around.
Paros's Naoussa and it's beautiful streets
Paros - Naoussa
Paros - Naoussa
Paros - Naoussa
Paros - Naoussa
Naoussa Church - of
which there are many.
Naoussa, Paros
Paros - Greece
Naoussa taverna - Paros Greece
Several of the Tavernas at Naoussa
Paros - Naoussa taverna.
Paros - Greece
Greek Island of Paros - Naoussa small street
Naoussa's small streets
Prodhromos, Paros, Greece
Beautiful Prodhromos, Paros
Greek Island of Paros - Prodhromos
Prodhromos, Paros
Paros - flowers everywhere at Prodhromos.
Beautiful flowers at Prodhromos, Paros
Prodhromos - Greek Island of Paros
Prodhromos, Paros, Greece
Paros - Prodhromos
Beautiful Prodhromos, Paros
Marpisa small church on Paros
Paros's Marpisa
Marpisa - Paros, Greece
Greek Island of Paros - Marpisa
Paros's Marpisa
Paros, Greece - Marpisa
Marpisa, Greek Island of Paros
Greek Island of Paros - Marpisa scenic alley.
Paros - Marpisa
Livadhi boats at the harbour, Paros Island, Greece
Paros - Piso Livadhi
Paros- Livadhi fishing boats.
Piso Livadhi
Greek Island of Paros - Livadhi Town from across the Bay.
Paros, Piso Livadhi
Piso Livadhi on Paros, Greece
Piso Livadhi, Paros, Greece
Paros - Livadhi Town.
Piso Livadhi
Harbour at Dhrios, Paros Island, Greece.
Dhrios Harbour
Paros - Dhrios
Paros - Dhrios Beach area.
Paros, Greece - Dhrios
Dhrios, Paros - Greece
A small church at Dhrios on Paros, Greece.
Dhrios Church

Paros Flora. Even by late May the sun was taking it's toll and plants were drying up - nevertheless there were still some splendid flowers and shrubs to be seen especially high up in the hills. The hillsides must have been fantastic earlier.
Paros Greece flowers Paros flora Paros shrub Paros flora
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