Paros Island in Greece - Parikia beach

Paros Greece - Greek Island Holiday, Beach, Walks and Photos Guide.

Paros is an excellent choice for a holiday in Greece offering good sightseeing, scenic walks to try, nice weather, many gorgeous beaches and great food.

The Greek Island of Paros is located within the Cyclades Islands of Greece in the Aegean and since the island has no jet capable airfield generally most people going on holiday to Paros get there by ferry - in fact the ferry harbour at Parikia is said to be one of the busiest in Greece. Travelling by air from Northern Europe means you land at Mykonos and then take around a 2 hour ferry ride to Paros.

About the Beaches on Paros Island in Greece.

Paros is well endowed with beautiful beaches of all times and sizes from small affairs through to huge swathes of sandy beach as can be found at for instance Molos Bay. The numerous beaches can often be reached by road or at least a dirt track but others are quite isolated so have to be walked too - please see our topics describing various walks on Paros where a beach or two is often visited as part of the route.

Walking and Hiking on Paros Island in Greece.

Paros has many tracks and also miles of paths for long and short walking trips. However quite a few of the paved paths have been smashed up where they are close to tracks and roads. This can make the paths hard to spot let alone actually access so they end up not being regularly walked on - thus nature takes over and they eventually become unusable - a vicious cycle. This is a real shame because there was obviously an extensive system of Moni-paths and other paths connecting the numerous and beautiful Paros churches and monasteries on the Island as well as walking routes to quite a few town and villages.

Where to stay plus Food and Drink on Paros Island Greece - Parikia Town.

The town of Parikia is a good choice to stay in whilst on holiday on Paros - the town has a good bus service from the port which covers just about all of the island. The food available from the tavernas in Parikia is generally to be of really good quality and value. You could get big plate fulls of food, well cooked and not expensive - and of course the bonus of the always friendly taverna staff.

Paros Greece Wildlife - for instance Snakes.

Presumably snakes were around somewhere - although we walked lots of kms on paths and tracks including high up in the hills we never did see a live one - in fact we only saw two small snakes during the entire fortnight - sadly both were ex-snakes.Paros bugParos bugs Lizards - were certainly plentiful but always seemed reluctant to hang around long enough to get a decent photograph - some of the lizards were quite large. Birds - the usual swallows, some herons, sea birds, the occasional hawks plus a few buzzards - probably plenty of other species but although we enjoy admiring birds we are not twitchers.. Bugs, Wasps, Bees and Mosquitoes - A few wasps and bees around especially near any water but they were not a problem - the mozzies certainly were out in force during the evenings though, some of them great big things over an inch across with huge fangs (almost).

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