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Paros Walks for Aliki, Lefkes, Molos, Tripiti, Golden Beach etc. all with pictures for the Greek Island of Paros.

Parakia small harbour - Paros Island, Greece. These Paros Walks instructions also have plenty of descriptive photos which help to show features of the routes taken as well as showing off the Island's brilliant scenery - Paros is great for walking trips both long and short whilst on holiday but if you want to go driving instead then a sightseeing tour of the island is another option for getting to know and enjoy Paros. The walks are a variety of point to points and some circulars - varying in distances from 12 to 20km in distance. Due to the excellent bus service on the island plus sometimes the use of a taxi we found it possible to do all the walks shown without having to bother using a hire-car. Even if you do not like distance walking there are plenty of photographs showing Paros beaches, villages and scenery which may be of interest for possible visiting and sightseeing whilst on holiday on Paros.
We have instructions for one short walk plus a full "Paros Walks" menu which will take you to other pages on our site describing walks you may care to try whilst on Paros. As regular Greek Island Walkers will probably know all too well paths can be "disappeared" due to someone deciding to crash through the countryside with a bulldozer whilst putting in or grading a track so our instructions are not guaranteed and you should ensure you have a decent map in case you have to make a sudden diversion etc. There are various GPS latitude/longitude readings given for anyone interested in using these - set on wgs84.

Generally about walking the Coastal Paths on Paros Island, Greece.

It is possible to walk most of the Greek Island of Paros on a coastal path - we understand that access to the coast and it's beaches must always be possible and the island authorities do seem to enforce this despite the sometimes frequent villa-building around the coasts. We walked a considerable part of the Paros coastline however at times because of erosion we found the path had disappeared into the sea - in all but one case (Faragas) we found that the villa owners have allowed access via gates alongside the walls at the bottom end of their properties. One bit we could not see a coastal path on was between Analipsi and Ambela i.e. Cape Damoulis although it may well be possible (we did not have enough time to check it out).
We used the following maps: Anavasi - TOPO Paros - isbn 960-8195-36-5 and the freytag&berndt Paros - isbn 3-85084-587-7

These are our Paros Greece Walks:-
Aghia Irini, Paros Island, Greece.

Aghia Arini beaches walk back to Parikia, Paros Island, Greece.

This approximately 7km walk starts at Aghia Arini Bay - we went by taxi from Parikia - this only cost a few Euros, however you can get the bus if you wish but then you have to walk down to the beach from the main road. Being such a short walk you probably don't need to take much gear with you - perhaps a bottle of water, towel and possibly swimming gear if you fancy dipping in the several beaches - and of course a hat. Underfoot it is mostly not too bad although the path is quite rubbly and sometimes rather narrow in places. There are tavernas on the way at the various beaches.
Aghia Marina's two beaches are not that big but are probably really nice places to be on in the summer - we say probably because when we visited in late May the tractors were still all around clearing off the heavy seaweed as they geared up for the main holiday season. The beach is tree-lined so there are places to get out of the sun as and when necessary - there is also a small taverna which was still closed but they were seemingly about ready to open up as well.
Paros coastal walks, Paros Island, Greece. Aghia Irini to Parkakia walk, Paros Island, Greece. Paros - Aghia Irini to Parkakia coastline walk, Paros Island, Greece. lovely rocks, Paros Island, Greece.
From the north end of the beach pick up the coastal path and simply follow this round what is a really attractive rocky coastline. Sometimes the path seems to disappear especially near the outside walls of the frequent villas along the way - however the path is always there sometimes on the wall edge but other times you have to go over a wall or two. You pass a small church which is conveniently placed close to the sea and has great benefits - somewhere to sit, a nice cool sea breeze and possibly some high speed ferrys wizzing by to watch. Aghia Irini to Parkakia walk, Paros Island, Greece. beaches at Aghia Irini - Parkakia coastline, Paros Island, Greece.
Having passed the small church the path dips down into a small gully and then climbs a little - watch out for a nice bit of rock on the sea edge which has been hollowed out by the sea. A little further along another bay comes into view and soon you drop pretty steeply to reach Parasporos beach. This is a large beach with all the facilities such as beach chairs and tavernas, and is also shaded as it is mostly ringed with trees.
The coastal path continues from the far end of the beach but although it was initially clear we soon found it became very difficult going with no real clear path because of heavy rock and thorns. We worked our way up the hill a little away from the coastline and picked up a parallel path which we think must have come from the car park at Parasporos. Therefore it might be better to walk up to the car park via the wooden steps and pick up a path leaving from there. As you get nearer Souvlia there has been plenty of villa building - one curious thing we found on the island was the advertising boards for the villas for sale all had the same picture - nice treelined villas and a swimming pool etc. Souvlia beach is quite small and although it has a few trees gives the impression of being a very hot little beach in mid-summer.
Parasporos beach, Paros Island, Greece. Souvlia beach, Paros Island, Greece. Souvlia beach coastline, Paros Island, Greece. Parakia coastline, Paros Island, Greece.
From Souvlia beach it did not seem possible to continue along the coast because the the edges had collapsed, therefor leave the beach on it's access road and walk up to the main road (really steep..). Turn left along the main road and around 400 metres along take a small road on the left - this takes you back down to the coast. a Parikia beach and small harbour, Paros Island, Greece. The path is wide at first but them goes along the bottom of gardens belonging to some small houses, then as the path turns right it narrows considerably and in places has nearly diisappeared where it goes alongside a wall. You need to take a lot of care just here but it is quite possible to walk safely.
This only lasts for a few metres and then the path is ok again - continue along the path which then emerges by a hotel. Turn left to walk past the hotel and then rejoin the coast path (the path on the seaward side of the hotel has fallen way completely.). Go along the path for a short distance and then rejoin the road to walk back into Parikia by the small-boat harbour and beach.
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GPS readings WGS84.
Lighthouse-Cape Korakas   N37°09'14.89 E025°13'29.72"
Beacon Cape Kratzi   N37°02'58.26" E025°16'39.54"
AntiParos FerryTerminal-Pounta   N37°02'15.00" E025°06'01.56"
Aghios Ioaiis Monastery   N37°02'39.96" E025°11'21.72"