Skopelos Greece - Moni Varvaras and Moni Prodromou.

Skopelos Greece walking out on the Island's Paths and Tracks.

Skopelos Tracks and paths walking to Perivoli, Sendoukia Graves, Old Klima, Mount Delfi, churches, beaches and Monasterys.

Note - If you are off wandering around Skopelos in the hills do take account of the heat - sometimes the weather does not feel as hot as it really is due to the wind but you do need to take a good supply of water with you plus of course a nice wide brimmed hat. n.b. We had a GPS receiver with us and some readings (WGS84) have been included with the walks in [..]'s
Cape Gourouri walk, Skopelos Greece. Cape Gourouri walk on Skopelos

B. Perivoli to a Cape Gourouri Lighthouse on Skopelos.

This is a straightforward easy going there and back walk of 7kms. If you look at a map there are several obvious opportunities to make a longer circular. For instance you could start at Glossa, head towards the lighthouse (there is a path from the track down to it but it's difficult to locate). Go on round to Perivoli and then back on the road and track to rejoin the track and then on back to Glossa. Park by the (closed) small drinks-kiosk at Perivoli then walk back up to the track junction and turn right. Now simply follow the track as it goes through a wooded area (you will find lots of butterflies and bees around here). The route goes into the open and follows the coastline round to the lighthouse where you can enjoy a drink and/or picnic and then return back the same way.
Skopelos Cape Gourouri coastline, Skopelos Greece. Skopelos Cape Gourouri Goats, Skopelos Greece. Cape Gourouri Lighthouse, Skopelos Greece. Cape Gourouri, Skopelos Greece.

Sendoukia graves and walking up Mount Delfi - a walk on Skopelos, Greece.

This walk is around 10kms and offers a look at the graves and then a wander up to the highest point on Skopelos. On the Skopelos Town to Ananias road around 1.5kms past Ananias there is a junction with a track to Pirgos, but ignore this and keep on until the tarmac ends just past this junction and park here for the walk.
Sendoukia Graves on Skopelos Greece Skopelos - Sendoukia graves Walk on up the track until you come to a very wide t-junction, take the track on the right which is the HIGHER of the two and is also marked for the Senoukia graves. fter around 1km you come to another junction and on your right you can easily see (it's marked) the track going up the side to Sendoukia. This track winds around a little and eventually arrives at the rocky top - take a leftish direction and follow the markers to the graves. [N39°08'11" E023°41'28"]. Retrace your steps to the junction and take a track almost opposite the Sendoukia path and follow it up into the Vathia Forest. Around 1.5 kms along this upward but quite easy to walk track turn left onto another track which then zigzags up for half a km.
Sendoukia graves, Skopelos Greece. Delphi mountain, Skopelos Greece. Ruins near Delphi Mountain, Skopelos Delphi Mountain Top, Skopelos Greece.
It emerges on a dip by some ruins which are on your right - the path to the mountain top goes behind these ruins and is well trodden to start with. However things become a little vague and after about half a km spot a small cairn [N39°08'41" E023°40'16"] - the mountain top is left up the slope here and not very far but you may need to pick your own route if you lose the upward path because fallen trees etc are all over the place. The mountain top [N39°08'42" E023°40'12"] and 674m high] has good views and also a disused /delapidated firemans'; watchtower which some of us - who should know better - then proceeded to climb up. Retrace your steps to your start point.

A really nice Skopelos Island walk starting from Old Klima and goes to Panormos.

We really liked this straightforward 12.5km walk and would loved to have done it's reversal if we had had the time - it also has great possibilities for extended it if you want to walk further. The walk starts at Old Klima - on the main road heading towards Glosaa find a dirt road which is signposted Delfi. [N39°09'41" E023°37'38"]
Old Klima on Skopelos near Loutraki, Skopelos Greece. Follow the main track for about 2kms - ignoring two tracks going off to the left and a footpath going to the right - until you come to a main T-junction where you go right. After around 1km another track comes in from the right but you should continue on the main track which bears slightly left here. This track then winds it's way round the base of the mountain - with views to the sea on your right and after a while also a view of Elios way down below. After about 4kms the track becomes quite rough and also turns quite sharply right and joins a very wide "white" track. Note on this junction we were really plagued by hundreds of wasps which were a real nuisance and made it impossible to stop for a breather or even a quick drink. (If you turn right on this track you could walk back down into Elios).
Klima Panormos Skopelos track, Skopelos Greece. Kastani and Milia Beaches, Skopelos Greece. Panormos Bay beach on Skopelos Island, Greece. Panormos Beach, Skopelos Greece.
However for Panormos you should turn left and go up the "white" track for about 1km until you reach a smaller narrow rubbly track going off to the right. Take this rough track and stay on it as it winds it's way down to the main road and emerges by a bus stop (Milia Beach). Turn left and follow the main road into Panormos with it's tavernas and beach.

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