Patmos Greece - Holiday, Beach, Walks and Photos Guide.

Apart from enjoying the Beaches while on Holiday on Patmos you can visit the Cave of the Apocalypse and Monastery of Evangelist & Apostle John the Theologian.

Ways of Travelling to Patmos Island in Greece.

Flying. There is no airport on the island of Patmos - there is a heli-pad which is mostly just for emergency use.
Patmos Ferries. Patmos is visited by a variety of ferry companies - large ferries like the Blue Star and G&A passenger and car ferries through to the Flying Dolphin service to the Dodekanisos Express Catamarans all arrive regularly on the island. There are also several local ferry services such as the Patmos Express which go around the immediate neighbouring islands - all in all the island is easy to get too and good for island hopping. You can visit the lovely little Greek island of Lipsi from Patmos as well as pop over and have a few days holiday on Kos if you fancy it for a few days.
Monastery of St John sat on top of Chora dominating Patmos, Greece.Cruise Ships. These visit regularly - whilst we stayed on the island we saw always at least one and sometimes as many as three cruise ships moored in and around the harbour area. The island is on their itinerary principally because of the Cave of the Apocalypse and also of course sat right on top of the Chora is The Monastery of Evangelist and Apostle John the Theologian. These cruise ship visits create a sort of split state on just how busy Patmos gets - they often arrive overnight and in the first part of the morning there are coaches and taxis and so on everywhere as the passengers are shipped up from the port at Skala to Chora. Often with the itinerary lasting only a few hours before the ships go somewhere else the whole thing can quieten down just as quickly and Patmos - especially around the port - reverts to a somewhat more peaceful state. Various day trippers also arrive from time to time from several of the neighbouring Greek islands such as Leros.

Getting Around and About on Patmos Greece.

Taxis. Beware of what you pay as far as Patmos's taxis are concerned - you really do not want to get into a Patmos taxi here without clear agreement on the fare before you take your journey. One of the taxi drivers biggest earners on Patmos is from conveying cruise ship passengers (who often only have a short time available before their cruise leaves again) up to see the Monastery in Chora and although this journey is not that far (around 4.5kms) they are liable to charge outrageous amounts if they can. We know from our own experience that this type of overcharging will be attempted by the greedy taxi drivers for any other journeys too.
Patmos Bus seen at Kambos, Patmos, Greece.Buses on Patmos.
There is a somewhat infrequent bus service running from Skala to Kambos, Kambos Beach and Grikos plus a slightly better service going up to Chora - the buses all leave from the port right by where the ferries arrive. As an example we caught the bus to Kambos which at the time of our visit left Skala Harbour at 10:30 - the bus fare was 1.40 Euros each (this almost certainly would have gone up by now of course) and although we got off at the square in Kambos Town you could also continue on down to Kambos Beach for the same price.

Roadside taverna in Skala, PatmosOne of the flower covered tavernas on Patmos Greece General Costs on Patmos. Skala - Tavernas - most of the tavernas in Skala are situated in and around the side alleys and streets although a few can also be found a little way along the edge of the quite large harbour area. Immediately around the ferry docking area where the cruise ships also disgorge their passengers and in the Square most of the food outlets are really just cafes serving fast food and drinks. The actual tavernas do have quite a good menu selection and you can get a nice meal with decent house wine at quite a reasonable price.

View of Skala on Patmos Skala Harbour - Patmos, Greece One of Skala's lovely churches (Patmos) Nice old buildings in Skala - Patmos
Skala - Supermarkets and Shops. There is a quite large supermarket just up from the main square in Skala and also several small mini-markets dotted around - there are also many shops selling clothes and of course various china and leather goods and trinkets and stuff that holidaymakers are presumed to be desperate to buy - these all mostly aimed at the cruise-ship market. When the day trips and/or cruise boats are in this area is very busy with tourists wandering around of course.

Patmos Island Greece Beach Guide with Photos.

Skala itself has a narrow sandy beach with most of the beach area in fact taken up by several tavernas which have placed their tables and chairs directly onto the sand leaving not a great deal of room for sun-bathers and so on. However there are numerous beaches on the island but we only had limited time and therefore visited just a few whilst out walking. The easiest Patmos beaches to get too if you use public transport are Kambos Beach (Kampos beach) and the beach at Grikos and then you can go on towards Petra. It's worth noting that many of the beaches on Patmos are lined with Tamarisk Trees which offer some welcome shade from the hot Greek island sunshine.
Agriolivadi Beach, Patmos, Greece.
Patmos - Agriolivad Beach
Diakofit Bay Beach on Patmos Greece
Diakofit Bay Beach - Patmos
Grikos Beach -  Patmos, Greece.
Grikos Beach
Kali Katsou Beach on Patmos
Patmos - Kali Katsou Beach
Kambos Beach view - Patmos
View of Kambos Beach
Patmos Greece - Kambos beach
Kambos Beach on Patmos Greece
Meloi Beach, Patmos Island, Greece
Meloi Beach
Petra Beach
Petra Beach
Top view of Patmos's Psili Ammos Beach
Psili Ammos Beach on Patmos
Psili Ammos Beach, Patmos - Greece.
Psili Ammos Beach
Skala Beach on Patmos
Skala Beach Patmos
Stravou Beach area
Area around Stravou Beach on Patmos
Beach with no name - Patmos Another un-named Patmos Beach = quiet and great for naturists Patmos Beach - no name known The three beaches shown here are all different Patmos beaches which we came across whilst wandering around the coastline on the Island. The middle "no name" beach was particularly nice and peaceful with beautiful water and just right for stripping off and enjoying a nice swim and sunbathe for an hour or so.

Moni Zoodochou Pigis - Patmos Greece Entrace to the Cave of the Apocalypse on Patmos, Greece Windmills on the ridge by Chora, Patmos

Chora and The Cave of the Apocalypse and The Monastery of Evangelist and Apostle John the Theologian.

These are the huge tourist attractions on Patmos and why all the cruise ships turn up. The Monastery of St. John really dominates the island in that it is perched right on top of Chora and visible from everywhere - the other thing you can nearly always see are the series of windmills which are built along the ridge on Chora's outskirts. On the other hand the Cave of the Apocalypse is halfway up the Skala to Chora road by the Moni Zoodochou Pigis and quite well hidden amongst trees although it's easy to find as well sign-posted. We have no photos from the actual Cave as photography is forbidden - the picture above on the right shows the Monastery nestled in the hill-side and the picture in the middle is of the entrance to the Cave.
Patmos - The Monastery of St John Monastery of Apostle John the Theologian on Patmos Patmos - another of Chora's really nice churches Lots of churches crammed in amongst Chora's streets - Patmos
Once you get inside the Monastery of St John you are not allowed to take photos and although you can see and wander around some parts it's obvious that a lot of the area is closed off to the public. Note that you have to be correctly dressed to enter the Monastery - generally if you are male then shorts and t-shirt is ok but female visitors have to cover their shoulders and legs - you can always borrow something to wrap round you if necessary.
The Monastery of Evangelist and Apostle John the Theologian Wandering around Chora's narrow alleys - Patmos, Greece The Monastery of St John Nice narrow alley at Chora, Patmos Narrow alleyway on Patmos, Chora
Visiting Patmos's Chora is not necessarily just about visiting the Monastery - it is actually an excellent area to wander around. There are lovely narrow whitewashed streets and alleys, beautiful old buildings and lots of flowers plus around one hundred churches or so (perhaps a slight exaggeration but there are a lot of churches around Chora.)
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