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Paxos Greece Gaios area Walks and Photos.

Several Paxos Greece walks around Gaios, Trypitos Arch, Moggonissi, Loggos, Geramonachos, Fontana, Zenolissatika, Anemoyianatika and on Anti-Paxos.

narrow walled paths Paxos
The Greek Island of Paxos is not flat, something you soon find out after just a few miles of hiking out on the island. Some of the coastal edge walks involve reasonably hard climbing as you have to go in and out of the coves - maybe it would not be quite so nice during a hot August but it was fine in a 25 degree September. As is normal with a Greek island there is always the opportunity to stop and have a chat with various people which is another of the nice things about being on holiday in Greece and her islands.

Getting to somewhere for a walk on Paxosi is quite easy with the bus generally running to schedule or you can get a taxi to your start point - the taxis are based at Gaios town square and one can be found sometimes on the edge of Lakka near the bus stop.
Having a hire car in Paxos seems rather pointless since there is nowhere to drive too really that the bus route does not cover.

Gaios - Trypitos Arch - Moggonissi walk on Paxos Greece.

Paxos Church AG Paraskevi AG Paraskevi ruins on Paxos Leaving Gaios by the bus station take the road (soon passing the Alexandros apartments ) heading towards Makratika. After around 10 minutes uphill you reach the Ozias turnoff and just past this on the bend you find a Taverna on your left. Walk through the Taverna and then the footpath is on your right. This footpath winds round behind the church and then rejoins the Ozias road. Turn right (but first maybe just go left a little and look at the ruins) and after a few yards go right again on a cobbled trail which climbs to Vellianitatika. Straight ahead at the junction go past the shrine and the campanili of the church and then you will see the church itself.
Lovely walled Paxos path Paxos - Mouzmouli view /Mouzmouli Bay Paxos Agathatika windmill Paxos
Take the alley on the left opposite the back of the church which then winds between houses, turn left at the cross track and then follow the footpath to the cliffs. Once you have had a browse around the cliffs return back the same way as far as the junction and turn right. The next bit is quite fiddly to get through - pass the houses then turn left on a dirt path circling a house with a garden, at the junction turn right along a driveway, take the first path on your right and you come to another junction which actually looks like a Square. Head right towards the coast and after about 15 minutes you reach the cliffs above Mouzmouli Bay.
Trypitos Arch on Paxos Porto Ozias on Paxos Return back to the Square-like junction and take the alley to the right and then leave this by an olive press to take a concrete lane for just a few yards uphill to some houses. On the right take a footpath which is signposted to a ruined windmill/scheduled monument. Once you reach the windmill and have had a look round and of course taken it's picture, looking from the windmill towards the coast take a footpath on the right which brings you after about five minutes to a junction by a hut with a blue door. Turn right here and then at the next junction turn right again towards Trypitos Arch (this is signposted). It is quite reasonable to climb down to the arch as long as you take care and if you are nuts like my wife you can also walk across it.
Eventually return to the junction and turn right and then there is a really fine high walled track which goes along the coast.
AG Stephanos ruins Paxos Paxos - MoggonissiBeach If you want to return to Gaios at this point take the second track left back to Ozias and then follow the road back to Gaios. Otherwise continue on the track and eventually you come across a house on your left, just past this house you come to a junction where you take the road towards Ozias, but turn off right at the next junction. At a crossroads turn right towards Ag. Stephanos ruins - continue along this track until you reach the coast at Porto Ozias. Turn right and walk round to Moggonissi beach (from here you can usually get a boat ride back to Gaios) or you can walk back to Gaios along the coast road.

Marmari beach Paxos

Gaios to Loggos Walk on Paxos Greece.

From Gaios take the New Port road along the harbour and simply continue along the coast road (stay right at the Bogdanatika turnoff) passing several small beaches until you reach Kaki Lagada beach, which is of course pebbles, has some shade with seats and is quite a nice little stopping place.
From here to Fontana you have two choices:
Keep to the main road with maybe a divert around the reservoir (on the basis that if it's there then walk round it..) and simply continue on to Fontana (there is a Taverna at the next road junction), or
At the far end of the beach you will see a large house and a path goes UP the side of this house alongside a wall and joins the track at the top. You basically stay on this track as it continues bearing right and eventually you come to a T-junction where you turn left and follow this track - ignoring any turn-offs until you reach the Fontana-Loggos road (near Ag. Jacob).
Kaki Langada beach on Paxos Paxos - Kapiada beach (Note: there is a really pleasant Taverna about five minutes along on the left).
Otherwise turn right and follow the main road as it winds it's way downhill to a road junction on a sharp bend where you will see three broad tracks - take the left-hand track which passes the village sterna and church and then at a crossroads turn right to Kapiadi beach following the signs. Return back to the crossroads and turn right and after a while you pass the Villa Chryssa - about 50-60 yards from the Villa spot a pair of round concrete gate posts, take a path to the left of these gateposts and follow along this path - down steps - after about another 30 yards you will see a path branching off to the right, go up this (more steps) alongside a garden wall and this leads you to Marmari beach after a few minutes. From here return back to the path junction, turn right and this will lead you to Levrechio beach, which has a Taverna. Walk along the beach and soon join the road into Loggos

Paxos Galazio BayPaxos - Avlaki Creek

Gaios to Gaios Circular Walk on Paxos Island

. Leave Gaios on the Makratika road, continue past the Ozias turn on the left, and as the road bends sharp right you will see a track on your left between stone walls which goes to Vellianitatika. Bear right at the junction which brings you out alongside the village church. Continue past the church and join a narrow road where you turn left. Follow this lane going past the village of Fanariotatika (and it's church on your right) - carry on down this road as it becomes a stony track and when you get to the end, continue (left) along a footpath beside a wall - this will brings you out at the cliff top at Khairos Point.  Return back as far as the church (now on your left) and as you pass the village you will see a track on your left - the track starts as a stony/concrete surface but as it continues it becomes a dirt track. Continue along this until you come to Agrilas (Avlaki Creek), where the beach (at least when we visited) was quite clean and a nice place for a picnic and a swim if you so wish - the water was crystal). Return back up the track and at the end of it turn left on the road.
Avlaki Creek Bay Pantocratoras on Paxos Ruins near Makratika Paxos Paxos - Makratika - ruins
As you get to the junction (not quite back to the church) continue on along the road as it bears left and follow it until you come to a very sharp curve to the right - take the alley descending to the left through houses, and emerge on the main road. Turn left on the main road and soon come to the Venetian church of IIConde (Pantocratoras) - you are now in Makratika. Go through the campanile (but first have a good look round - lovely arches and stonework), then keep straight ahead past a hen-hut, onto a well-defined grassy lane through the olives groves - which eventually becomes a path. Reach some unusual buildings (nobody seems to know what they were used for) and take their photo. The path does continue for a little further but is just a dead end - it used to go on down to the beach but is now blocked off. Return back to the IIConde, turn left and follow the main road to Bogdanatika junction and turn right here to return to Gaios..


Gaios to Geramonachos to Loggos walk on Paxos Greece.

This walk takes you up to the deserted village (now actually being re-built and re-settled) and then to Fontana and then onto Loggos via Zenolissatika and Anemoyianatika.
At the bus station facing inland turn right to cross the water course and pass the church and head towards the British Cistern, pass left in front of this Cistern and follow the steps up to the main road. Turn right and follow the road for a couple of minutes and just as it turns to left you will see a steep concrete path on the left, take this and follow it upwards past two houses at which point it becomes a goat path. Continue up the hillside until you come to a wide track where you turn left and then right almost immediately.
Paxos Geromonaches walk to Geromonaches houses around Geromonaches Geromonaches on Paxos
A few yards along you will see a shrine on the left which looks like a porta-loo, anyway turn left here then wind your way through the deserted village of Geramonachos. It is really worthwhile spending time here to see the old sternas etc.
On the path continue along until you come to a house with a red door, bear left uphill and eventually turn left at a high stone wall, follow this path until it rejoins a track where you turn right. Fontana Vlaherena Paxos Follow this track past several houses until you reach the main road where you turn left and eventually meet the main road junction in Bogdanatika. Turn right and then keep right again at the next road junction, then as you come to a very sharp bend in the road take the gravel track ahead of you. Just before you reach some gates across the track turn left up a goats trail (bit difficult to spot but it is there). Make your way up this sometimes difficult trail until you clamber through a narrow v-shaped cleft with a pine tree in the middle, go left and after a few yards you will see a ruined building on your right and just beyond that a ruined wall, fork right and descend to the track below (which again is invisible for a while but it is there). Turn left on this track and eventually you will arrive at the main road where you should turn left passing the church and arrive at a junction with a Taverna where you could stop and have a drink.Olive Press on Paxos concrete lane on your left (there is a small shrine on the roadside here), follow this lane to the houses and where it bears right pick up a path which goes across some ground to a wall, descend alongside this wall into the hamlet of Zernatika. Turn left on the concrete lane and when this swings down to the right stay left and after a couple of minutes the path ends outside a cottage with a garden gate, go right down some steps and join another lane below where you go left and pass through Kangatika.
At the junction just past the church turn left and simply follow this lovely little road as it winds its way down to join the main Loggos road. Turn right to return to Loggos.

Visiting Anti-Paxos Island in Greece and a short walk there.

Anti-Paxos is reached by (mostly) fast boats from Gaios town harbour (Paxos Island), with the boats starting at around 10am and no real need to pre-book. Due to the lack of sandy beaches on Paxos quite a few people go to Anti-Paxos each day since it does have two nice though not massive sandy beaches. We went during our first week with the plan to go again the following week, however the weather absolutely cracked up in our second week with very violent thunder and lightning storms and high winds - to the extent that for several days even the Corfu ferries were cancelled. Unfortunately the sea conditions never did become passive enough for the Anti-Paxos boats to be allowed to operate, nor did any of the round the island boats come out to play either.
Our only walk therefore was from Vrika (the landing point on Anti-Paxos) down to the lighthouse at Akr Novoros - needless to say this is not a complicated walk since there is only one main track available. Having got off the boat at Vrika just walk to the other end of the beach and on the far side of the furthest Taverna you will find the track out. This quite rough track climbs up out of the beach, when you come to a main track on the left (this goes to Voutoumi beach (the other possible landing place by the Paxos ferry boats)), turn sharp right and continue up the hill. Just keep walking towards and through the houses and their often really nice gardens until you reach a three-way track - take the right-hand track.
AntiPaxos old watering station Anti Paxos views Anti Paxos Lighthouse Voutoumi on AntiPaxos
AntiPaxos - Vrika Voutoumi This goes between high walls and soon passes a church - you will come to a path going down to the right which is to the old British cistern, its quite a way down and hard work back up but well worth the diversion. Return back up the steps from the cistern, turn right and just keep going until eventually you reach the lighthouse. You can go round to the right of the lighthouse and pick up a well made path which takes you down to the landing point where it is very possible to swim/snorkel etc. Return the same way - but if you have time you can go down to Agrapidia port. We did not have time so we returned past the church to the junction and turned right and then left at a small shrine and followed this track to the taverna above Voutoumi beach and had a nice cold beer (or two). We then went down the steps (very steep and a lot of them too) to the beach and then took the track the other side back to Vrika.
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