A walk to Pedi from Chorio on Symi Greece.

This is just one of the ways to take a walk down to Pedi from the Old Town - which goes via the Symi countryside.

Also of course, once at Pedi you could also wander a little further along to visit the nice beach at Ag. Nikolaos).
From the cafe head down the Kali Strata and after a few metres turn right by Georgios taverna and follow the street and then take the next turning on the right (before reaching the Village Hotel) - this will bring you onto the main road. Turn right and follow the road soon passing a football pitch below you on the left and then a bus stop on the right. Look out for a yellow house on the left and here take a path (signposted) going downwards which passes just below a very small church. Continue along the sometimes walled path as it crosses the countryside to reach a bulldozed area - cross this and go up onto a track - turn left along the track and very soon go right on a signposted (Ancient Fortifications Drakos) path.
Pedi area walks nice walled area on Symi Symi donkey Symi's countryside
This really nice path goes between high stone walls and passes a stone shelter (dated 1909) - here there is a gate on the left which you can go through and have a snoop the other side of the wall. Symi circular walks Continue along the path eventually crossing a stream bed (where you can divert to go on to the fortifications or go right to Monastery Panagia Eleoussa).
Go left here on a very rubble track which crosses the dry streambed and then joins a wide track - go on passing a farm on the left and then reaching a newly built church** also on the left. Soon after you pass the church look out for a marked track on the right which goes through trees - just before reaching a walled garden and gate turn left and follow the path through more trees. The path swings round and then turns left by the side of a high wall and eventually comes out by a small church at Pedi.
Symi circular walks Symi circular walks Symi circular walks Symi circular walks

Symi tony church

Return by either following the main road back to Chora or you can follow the original path back to the junction after the new church ** - turn right and follow the track round the new football pitch and this will bring out onto the main road by a tiny church - turn left and follow this back up into Chora.

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