Going out into the Pirghos area of Lefkada.

Walking in the Pirghos hills on Lefkada Greece.

- an "as long as you want to make it" walk done just for the sake of having a walk in the area. Again parking at Aghios Dhonatos continue along the small tarmac road however shortly take the tarmac road signposted to Chortata which leaves on the right. This simply wanders along as it heads towards Chortata - in Springtime the area is totally covered in wild flowers and wildlife and is simply enjoyable walking.
Lefkada Greece - Pirghos stone houses flowers Pirghos Lefkada fields of poppies Lefkada Greece sheep farmer and flock on Lefkas Greece
We turned back just above Chortata since another series of heavy clouds had descended on us and it was becoming a little hard to see much of anything. Around 1km back a track leaves on the right - if you want to have a bit more of a walk then you can follow this as it gently climbs further into the hills - there are lots of goats and sheep in the area. ***This track actually goes nowhere - it simply eventually stops so decide how far to walk since you obviously have to come back the same way. Return is a retrace of the outbound track since there is no loop possible that we could see - nevertheless as mentioned it is a pleasant bit of walking in lovely countryside.
heavy clouds above Chortata in the Lefkada Greece hills. Lefkas mountains stone wall terraces, Lefkada Greece Lefkas hills, Lefkada Greece
*** A change to this courtesy of Mike and Pam Merrick "Before the road begins to drop down to Chortata it takes a sharp left turn with a new safety barrier on the right hand side. Here a track climbs away from the road on the left hand side. It climbs steadily and after 600m or so there is a junction where we took the left hand turn that makes a sharp hairpin and then runs along the side of the valley for 400m or so before entering an area of cultivated fields with a clear path running between them. From here it's easy to follow the track until it eventually rejoins the road and you can turn left back to Aghios Dhonatos".

Two more things to do since you are already in the area.
Profitis Ilias Church - Lefkada Island, Greece. Looking down towards Kathisma Beach on Lefkas Greece On the way from Egklouvi to Agios Dhonatos and just before reaching that church there is a metal road signposted to the military base going off to the right - this is the way to get to the always visible church of Profitis Ilias which is perched high up on it's own hill above Egklouvi. To get to Profitis Ilias follow this road eventually passing some old military barracks on the right plus several huge concrete aerial reflectors. The road then passes an extensive excavation site which really scars the area - a little way along a narrow and very rutted road leaves on the right and goes through the excavated area - follow this to wind your way up to the church of Profitis Ilias. Return back to the junction - if you wish to go back towards Egklouvi then turn left. However if you fancy a swim and sunbathe on one of the nicest beaches on Lefkas then turn right - the road is currently marked as a track in places on maps but is in fact now metal.*** A map such as Topo is available and quite accurate and you should have one but basically around 4km from Profitis Ilias you reach the Exanthis to Pighadhisani road where you turn left to Exanthia. Once through Exanthia heading to Dhrimonas to reach the main road north of Kalamitsi, go right and follow the main road to the Kathisma junction and then down to Kathisma naturist beach for a well deserved swim and sunbathe (if it's not raining !).
*** There are two things to be aware of - firstly there is a large military base in the area and it has the usual "no photography" signs around - each time we went by we were watched by various people in the sentry posts so firstly don't forget to wave because they are probably bored stiff and secondly it's best not to ignore these no-photo signs. The second main point - black military cars from the base use the road and quite frankly these military drivers (a.k.a. idiots) drive far too fast and carelessly for such a narrow road.
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