Rhodes Castle and Old Town photos

Rhodes Old Town, Castle and Fort Photos.

The South Aegean Holiday Island of Rhodes (a.k.a. Rodos) lies within the Greek Dodecanese chain and is around 18 kilometres from the Turkish mainland.

The Island's capital is Rhodes and probably half of the population on the island live in the city. The Medieval Old Town of Rhodes is now a World Heritage Site and around 6,000 people still live and work in the same buildings in which the Knights of St. John once lived six centuries ago. Lots of us tourists do meander around the Old Town so it does get busy but it is very interesting to see the old buildings and workshops as you wander the really narrow cobbled streets.

The Island of Rhodes has a coastline of around 220 kilometres and the interior is quite mountainous, covered with pine forests and some cypress and is very sparsley inhabited - the highest mountain on Rhodes is Mount Attavyros which rises to 3990 feet. The island almost totally makes it's living from tourism with Rhodes being one of the Mediterranean's and Greece's most popular holiday destinations. This means that both the coasts running south out from Rhodes Town are pretty well covered with ugly hotels and similar buildings for quite some distance.

Rhodes Old Town Fort Rhodes Old Town Castle grounds Rhodes Old Town alley inside Rhodes Castle
Rhodes Old Town Castle walls Rhodes Old Town grassy areas Rhodes Old Town Rhodes Old Town Fort
Imposing Rhodes Old Town Castle Rhodes Castle Towers Rhodes alleys Rhodes
Rhodes Castle rooftops Rhodes Old Town Rhodes Old Town Rhodes Old Town
Rhodes Old Town Fort Rhodes Castle Rhodes Castle street Gates at Rhodes Old Town Castle
Rhodes Old Town Rhodes Castle Gate Rhodes Old Town Fort Rhodes Old Town
Some of the beaches on Rhodes are not too bad to use but pretty much the whole of the top of the island's coastline gets so packed with tourists especially in late July and throughout August so that it's not very "Greek Island" and our sort of thing. The area in Rhodes for beaches that we enjoyed the most are found around Reni Bay which is just north of Lindos - there were some really lovely sandy bays in this part of Rhodes although the beach at Lindos itself gets quite packed. Whilst on holiday on Rhodes we actually stayed at Gennadi - this is quite a small town but there are plenty of tavernas - however the beaches here are really stoney and not too attractive so we usually ended up heading north to the Lindos area when we wanted some sunbathing and swimming.
To find a nice and more Greek part of Rhodes you have to be much further south - here you can go off exploring the deserted hills and stoney beaches and bays and probably spot lots of snakes in the process - we particularly enjoyed the area way down at the bottom Southern tip of the island. Down on this part of the island however the roads are pretty rough to drive on.
If you are on hoiday on Rhodes you may want to consider taking what is a fairly quick ferry ride over to the quite near Greek Island of Symi for the day - Symi is really beautiful with it's famous Kali-strata, lovely port area which also has plenty of tavernas plus there are lots of old houses and buildings to look at.
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