Skopelos Greece - Moni Varvaras and Moni Prodromou.

Skopelos Island - a bit of sightseeing.

Several locations to go and visit while staying on Skopelos Greece including Old Klima, Glossa, Aloupi and Loutraki.

Old Klima was destroyed in an earthquake in 1965 but people have been since renovating the houses and now there is an "Old Greek Village" feel and look there. Old Klima is well worth a visit but you cannot drive into the village - either get off at the bus stop on the main road or there is room for a few cars to park.
Old Klima - Skopelos, Greece.
Beautiful small streets at Old Klima on Skopelos
Old Klima - Skopelos Island in Greece.
Old Klima's beautiful shady streets - Skopelos, Greece.
Outskirts of Old Klima on Skopelos
Old Klima - Skopelos, Greece.
Skopelos Greece - Old Klima is excellent to wander around
Many flowers decorate Old Klima's little alleys - Skopelos, Greece.
Skopelos - Glossa Town alleys and steps. lots of steps at Glossa - Skopelos, Greece.Taking a look around Glosaa in Skopelos Glossa can be easily reached by bus - takes about an hour from Skopelos Town - the bus ride is actually a very good way of seeing the island coastline since you get really good views most of the time. If touring round Skopelos by car you can also park just outside the town - this is near where the bus stops before it heads down to Loutraki.
Looking round should get you fit since Glossa's small alleys have loads of rocky and often uneven steps.

Beautiful Glossa - Skopelos, Greece. Skopelos - Glossa Town. overlooking the roofs at Skopelos's Glossa in Greece. Loutraki - Skopelos, Greece.
The only realistic way to see Glossa is wander around the place, actually using a car inside is not really possible anyway.
There are two tavernas we found, one near the bus stop and another is in the town itself. Glossa is high above Loutraki, you can either walk or drive down via the main road or there is a very steep old cobbled path and track which cuts out the hairpins to walk down.
Skopelos - Loutraki Town itself has a few tavernas, a bus stop and is also used as an alternative ferry port.

The small church of Skopelos - Agh. Iaonnis ( shown on the first two photos below - the church is a beautiful site sitting on its rocky foundation. It can be reached easily via a very windy narrow road which starts from the main road just before you reach Glossa. This church is very definitely a don't miss trip, and if you walk the 100 steps up to it you will probably not forget it either. The second two photographs below are of two of the island's little churches called Agh. Riginos and Agh Triada
Skopelos - Agh Ioannis Coast from Ioannis - Skopelos, Greece. agh Riginos on Skopelos Island, Greece. Agh Triada - Skopelos, Greece.
On the below left are a couple of pictures of Elios which is also known as Klima) - note this is should not be confused with Old Klima. Following the two boat pictures there is a picture of Aloupi and the other photograph is of a green eyed Skopelos bee - we had trouble taking it's photo since for some reason it did not want to pose - bees are like that...
Skopelos - Klima Klima - Skopelos, Greece. Aloup - Skopelos, Greece. Skopelos bee

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