Skopelos Greece - Moni Varvaras and Moni Prodromou.

Skopelos Island Greece : a variety of Walks to try - with Photos.

Skopelos Beach and Hill Walks - if you enjoy visiting beaches, monasteries and churches then these Skopelos walks might be of interest.

The Greek Island of Skopelos has lots of tracks and paths up in the hills and apart from areas close to the main road between Skopelos Town and Glosa/Loutraki you do not find many houses or villages etc., just some isolated farms and small-holdings. There is quite a network of tarmac roads as well, but these are mostly very narrow and twisty country lanes, often lined by brambles and other vegetation which spills right onto the roads so sometimes it's like going through a tunnel. Also there are hundreds of birds, bees and butterflies around you whilst out walking - we only wished we had had the time to walk more of these inland lanes.
Moni Metamorfoseos, Skopelos Greece. Moni Evangelistra, Skopelos Greece. Roadmap Edition maps seemed to be quite accurate as far as tracks and country lanes were concerned but do not have all the footpaths marked, however in Skiathos you may be able to buy a TOPO hiking map of Skopelos (this relief map has paths and tracks and is gps friendly). So apart from a little dithering now and again - getting lost was not an issue on Skopelos - in fact with the accuracy of the maps, creating the walks was straightforward.
Probably the main thing to consider when out walking on Skopelos (especially between June and September) was the heat. For instance when we walked the Monasteries trail (above Skopelos Town) we ended up continuing on up to the aerial masts. (Such structures on Greek Islands are a pest in that once you spot them you just have to go up to them .. going to lighthouses is the same problem for us as well). Anyway this 10km long walk was mostly considerably up and was pretty thirsty work. Although having started quite early thus benefitting from some of shade most of the way - on returning there was very little shade and the temperature was in the mid 30s. The result was that although much easier because we were walking down the return 10km's took longer and were more tiring - in a nutshell it was screeching out there.

A walk on Skopelos from Moni Metamorfoseos to the Aerial Masts and back to Skopelos Town.

This walk on Skopelos is straightforward and simply involves following initially a tarmac road and then a gravel track for about 10kms or so and then a retrace most of the way back. We decided to take a taxi up to Moni Metamorfoseos because we had decided to walk as far as the aerial masts making the potential walk quite long. However you can walk up the tarmac road from Skopelos Town to the Monastery and cut some of the road's corners off with various paths if you wish. From the monastery continue up the tarmac road - note and remember the location of a small track on the right at a hairpin bend.
Skopelos Town Epano Panaltsa, Skopelos, Greece. The Monasteries of Varvaras and Prodromou on Skopelos Greece. Moni agh Varvaras, Skopelos - Greece.
Monastery agh Varvaras, Skopelos Greece. This is because this is the track which will be used on your return route. From around here there is a distant view of Moni Evangelistra by the way. The road eventually becomes a dirt/gravel track and winds on up high above Moni Metamforoseos. When the track reaches the top it veers to the right (there is a small track on the left which goes to the tiny church of Epano Panaitsa - quite a nice little diversion if you wish). Continuing up the main track you will eventually arrive at the Monastery of Agh Varvaras and then Moni Prodromou. Nearbye to Prodromou Monastery there are also two small churches to look at. Continuing on the main track after about 2kms there is a track down to the small church of Agh Traida but there is not a lot to look at down there really. Continue along the main track until you come to a sharp bend, where the track going to Moni Taxiarchon is marked if you wish another (longish/steep) diversion. Otherwise the track just carries on up to the Aerial masts on Mt. Palouki.
Prodromou Monastery on Skopelos, Greece. Moni Prodromou Church, Skopelos Greece. The Church at Prodromou Monastery, Skopelos, Greece. Moni Prodromou entrance, Skopelos Greece.
Up the top by the masts it is usually quite nice and cool but can be very very windy - there are very good views of quite a lot of Skopelos from here. Return the same way you came until you reach the previously noted small track on you left going off the tarmac road, take this track and follow it down - when the track forks keep right. When you pass a house on your right ignore the track going off the right beside this house (its a dead end), just go straight on until the track goes close by a farmhouse and ends.
Here you will spot a very narrow path in the undergrowth, take this as it winds down into the valley and eventually arrives at a small streambed. Cross the stream, bear right and keep on the path until you come to a junction with a wall on your right. Go on here through the quite heavy vegetation and eventually come out by a church. Go round the front of the church and then bear right and continue down the road into Stafilos Town and of course its beach.
Out in the Skopelos hills in Greece. A pleasant walking track, Skopelos Greece. Greek goats guarding a track  on Skopelos Greece. Over a Saddle during a Monastery walk on Skopelos, Greece.

Skopelos Walks in Greece - walking from Skopelos Town to Agnontas Bay.

The walk starts off with a pleasant stroll through the valley but then involves quite a trudge up a steepish tarmac road and at the end a steep and slippery scree-path down into Agnontas.
 Walking through the pleasant Skopelos Island  countryside. Moni Ag Riginos hidden in trees on Skopelos Greece. Starting from the harbour by the bus station take the main road out of town, past the Amalia Hotel and up to the junction, turn right and then immediately left to go alongside the streambed on a small road opposite. Keep on this road - which eventually reverts to just a track - and follow it for about 20 minutes, you will see on the right the Monastery of Ag. Riginos and also a quarry comes into clear view.
Stay on the track until you eventually join the main tarmac road [N39°06'07" E023°43'18"], turn left and now for the hard bit - follow this road as it zig-zags up the hill - after about 2km just as the road bends right see a rocky/dirt-track on your left [N39°05'40" E023°43'02"], take this track up through the trees to meet a wide gravel track, turn left here and head towards the goat station.
The path you need to go down to Agnontas is a little difficult to spot but as the track starts to bear left round the goat station your path is on the right - anyway the people in the goat station will always yell out the way since they are obviously used to people wandering around helplessly looking for the way down.
ASkopelos Greece goat station. Goat station at Agnontas, Skopelos - Greece. Agnontas Harbour, Skopelos, Greece. Agnontas Church, Skopelos Greece.
This path is quite steep in places and you really have to watch you don't slip on the scree and rocks. You come out right in the harbour at Agnontas and its tavernas, supermarket, bus stop and of course the beach.
Option 1 - C. Amarandos: Facing the beach, turn left along the road and follow it uphill out of Agnontas until you come to a wide track on the right, follow this track through the woods. It goes above the bay and sometimes very close to the sea and their are quite a few places to climb down onto the rocks for a picnic. As you walk along you will see a couple of trees on a white rocky outcrop [N39°04'29" E023°42'25"] (C. Amarandos) in front of you, when you get to a very sharp bend on the track you can climb down to the rocks and find a small path which leads along the edge of the sea to this outcrop. Return the same way back to Agnontas.
Amarandos, Skopelos Greece. Amarandos Point, Skopelos, Greece. Agnontas Bay on Skopelos Island. Limnonari Beach, Skopelos, Greece.
Option 2 - Limnonari Beach: Facing the beach, turn right along the road and follow it - guess what?? UPHILL as with knee-aching zig zags up to the Limnonari junction right on a sharp bend. There are good views of the coast on the way up (good excuse to stop and "admire the views" ) and these views continue as you walk the 1km down to Limnonari Beach. Again the return is a reversal.

Loutsa Ampidotsa Walk, Skopelos Greece. Skopelos - Loutsa Ampidotsa Walk

Perhaps after a day sunbathing and loafing around on the beach at Panormos on Skopelos.

Around one km out of Panormos on the main road back towards Stafilos/Skopelos Town there is a very sharp hairpin bend, and leading off this is a track which is where you can have a great little stroll down to the coast and back, around 3kms in all walk. Simply park nicely a few yards down the track making sure that you leave enough room for tractors and maybe fire-engines to get by, then simply follow the really nice woodland track along until it comes out in a clearing. At the far side of the clearing there is a narrow path which optionally takes you down to reach the coast at B. Amouditsa.

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GPS fixes to calibrate a map - using wgs84
Skopelos Lighthouse - N39°12'28" E023°35'36"
Agnontas - Limnonari Beach road junction N39°05'04" E023°42'24"
Aerial Masts - Mt. Palouki N39°06'20" E023°45'34"
Glisteri Beach (road end) N39°08'35" E023°43'03"
agh Ioannis N39°10'30" E023°39'05"
Skopelos's Highest point - Firemen's Hut on Delfi N39°08'42" E023°40'12"